REIGN (Book 2)

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Book 2 in the Crown Series. Sequel to Alpha Elijah. Estelle gave her self up to King Richard for Lilian to be returned home safely. She is tested with who she can trust and who she can't. Will Elijah come to her rescue after he gets Lilian back or leaves her to die at the hand of King Richard. Read to find out......

Fantasy / Romance
Tallulah Bell
4.6 28 reviews
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I ran and ran and ran until I finally made it to the border of the Royal Lands. I guess this is it. I thought to myself. I changed back into my clothes before slowly stepping over the land and when I did the guard just popped up as I expected them too. “Estelle we have been waiting for you” I saw the one man I wanted to kill more than anything standing in front of me. King Richard.

“Where is she?” I asked. Getting impatient. I kept looking around before I heard her yell my name “E” she tried to run to me. “Let her go and you can have me, a deal is a deal,” I said honestly. No funny games. They gave me Lilian and I gave them to me. “She leaves when you come with us” Roan spoke up coming out of the shadows. I stood there shocked; wasn’t he supposed to be my best friend. How could he betray me like this? That makes me wonder who else betrayed me.

Before I knew it they pushed Lilian my way and she ran into my arms. “E” she sobbed into my arms. “Lilian you have to run. Run as fast as you can okay? Do you hear me? Do not stop for anybody. I love you and your daddy okay” I said as a couple of tears dripped onto her shoulder before I kissed her forehead and pushed her towards the border. “Go,” I said before watching her cross the line. Only to see Alex reach out for her hand. I nodded my head at him. I didn’t realize he was following me. I looked up to the heavens, “Please let them make it home safely.” I begged before I was yanked. “WALK” Roan yelled at me.

“Why are you doing this Roan, I thought you were my friend?” I asked quietly as he continues to push me ahead of him. “You thought wrong” was all he said. I kept turning back to look into his eyes but all I saw was darkness. I couldn’t even see that man, that I once told everything to or the man who would always take me out to get ice cream. Now, all that stood in its place is the ghost of a man.

While I kept walking, I couldn’t help but think; this isn’t Roan. He would never do this. He loves me. But then there is also another part of me that understands that it is his duty to serve the Royals. Meaning following King Richards every word. If King Richard wanted me dead then by fault Roan wanting me dead. That caused heartache to my its way.

Soon enough we made it back to the castle. However, they didn’t lead me through the castle much like I expected. Instead, they lead me straight to the dungeon where no doubt they are going to torture me before killing me.

Next thing I know I am shoved in a cell with a person who is very thin and beaten to an unrecognizable state. Hair is so matted and dried with blood it looks as if it is dreaded. I can’t tell whether it is female or male I can’t smell anything either. Normally I would be able to smell whether it was a rogue or someone in the royal territory? Or even if it was from a different pack. They all have different kinds of smells. So the question is what did they do to get in here? Is he or she a witch? They won’t lookup. So it is hard to tell anything.

I stood at the cell doors as Roan walked away. How could he do this? It is me we are talking about here. I can’t help but wonder if James and the rest are involved too...

I looked around the cell and noticed a little girl probably aged 2 or 3 huddled up next to the man or woman. What is she doing in here? It is the law that children cant be placed in the dungeons and they can’t be tortured. This little girl has already gone through so much at such a young age.

I heard moaning and screaming from further into the dungeon and the sound of whips hitting flesh. I could smell the fresh blood.

I finally sit down. My wolf is on edge, but she is in the dungeon somewhere she has been a couple of times, she just never was the one in the cell getting tortured. She was the torturer.

“Estelle” I heard very quietly. Again the voice said my name. After 2 more times, I finally looked around, If the person hadn’t lifted their head I probably would’ve thought I was imagining it. There in front of me was someone who I ever expected to see. Queen Sydney. She was beaten to a pulp one eye swollen completely shut, dried blood on her face. Dried blood everywhere. She was dressed in ragged clothes stain with her blood. But as I got closer I really saw her. My mother. My Queen.

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