Broken Nightmare

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Chapter 22

Derek sunk into my side as we sat on the couches in the family room. I looked back at the thick glass and wished I could see something that could give me some sort of reassurance. It has been three hours now since they left, and everybody was getting really worried. Where were they? Did something happen?

Derek had woken up just a little bit ago, frantic about Nathan and I getting kidnapped. I guessed he had seen the scene with the Vampires chasing me though the forest and freaked. After a half hour of reassuring him I was okay and Nathan will be fine, he finally calmed down. I thought about what was going to happen to him and how we can help him right now. I doubt all of this stress is good for his health, especially at such a young age.

As soon as the others left, Stephan came bounding down the stairs as a red-black wolf and chased after them into the forest. I just hope he could do something to help this mess.

Blake and Jules sat across from us, Blake trying to do some homework and Jules in a deep study, but on her hair and nails. They looked so casual, just sitting without another care in the world. As if this kind of thing was normal. That thought scared me.

Lydia came into the room with a tray of mugs, each one containing what I guessed to be hot chocolate. I took one and nudged Derek lightly with my arm, handing him the mug. He sat up and grabbed the cup with two hands, but didn’t drink it. “Elana?”

I looked at him as he took a sip and continued. “What is going to happen?”

I looked forward, not wanting to have to look at his eyes. “I don’t know,” I said honestly.

Jules peeked at us from her nail file, rolled her eyes, and continued working on her nails. I thought for a moment what Stephan would say about Derek’s living arrangements. He was ticked at me, which is understandable seeing as though I don’t really respect his authority as the others do, but would he really turn away a hopeless boy?

The sliding door squeaked open and I jumped to my feet, nearly spilling Derek’s hot cocoa all over the stainless plush carpet. Nathan stepped in the door, only a gray pair of sweats on, with Claire in his arms, who only had a shirt on. Claire’s arm and leg were bleeding tremendously, leaving a puddle under where they were standing. My heart stopped beating.

“Claire!” I heard someone shriek as I bounded to my feet. Somewhere in the back of my mind, I realized that screech was me, but I really didn’t care at the moment.

“Put her on the couch,” Trysten ordered gently, as if this kind of thing was normal. I never even realized he came in. But then again, I didn’t really realize when anybody else came in either.

Nathan carefully strode over to the couch with Claire still in his arms. Hyene came in next and followed us to the couch, her own arm looking like it was going to fall off.

I willed myself to move. I yelled at my feet, cursing them for being so immobile. My whole body was petrified. Oh my gosh, there’s so much blood. I never thought there could be so much blood is such a small body.

Nathan marched from the couch after placing Claire down, heading right towards me. At first, I thought he was going to yell at me or slam me against the wall, but he slowed down and gently brought me to his chest instead. It was only then that I realized I was crying.

My skin erupted with tingles, making me dizzy. I’m so upset, though, I don’t pull away. Even when I realized I looked weak and helpless yet again. I let him pull me into his chest, but kept my face to the side so I could see Claire.

Trysten crouched next to her, pulling her own hand in his, and closed his eyes. Her open skin started to close up, the only reminder that something happened was the dried blood now crusted thick to her arm, face, and leg. I continually pushed tears from my face as I tried to focus on what was happening to my best friend.

Trysten swayed for a little bit before he put his free hand on the couch to stabilize himself. All of Claire’s skin was sealed shut, but Trysten remained glued in his spot, shaking. Hyene took a couple of steps closer, holding her injured arm tight against her body for support. “Trysten? Are you okay?”

Hyene placed her good hand on his shoulder and he jumped up, spinning on his heel to face us. “This is all her fault!”

I was taken back by his outburst. Trysten had always been so calm, so collected. Then I realized he was talking about me. He thought everything that was happening was my fault.

“Watch yourself, Trysten.” Nathan’s chest vibrated from the deep voice that came from him. I lifted my head from his chest, but didn’t pull out of his arms. They were the only safe thing I had right now.

“You’re telling me to watch myself?!” He shrieked, taking a step towards us. I felt Nathan tense, but we didn’t move from our spot. “Everything was fine until she came here! Nothing happened, we were happy, and helping people! Then she comes into our lives and destroys everything we have built! And you’re telling me to watch myself?!”

Nathan moved me slightly, so I was more next to him instead of in front of him, his arm never leaving my back. “Yes, I am.”

Trysten scoffed and paced the floor, then came to a stop in front of Nathan’s face, which looked as hard as steel. “How well do you know this girl, Nate?”

Nathan flinched slightly from the harsh tone Trysten held. Or maybe it was his words making sense to him. That thought made me feel sick.

Jules stood up and came to Trysten’s side. “I think he’s right. For all we know, she can be working for Dr. Jackson or some other Keeper. How are we supposed to know what side she’s on?”

I stepped out from Nathan’s arm, getting closer to Trysten and Jules. Nathan’s grasp went from my waist to my hand, actively trying to keep contact with me. “You think I’m that much of a monster? That I would have some part in helping to torture or destroy you guys?”

Trysten tore his cold eyes from Nathan and looked into mine. Jules folded her arms over her chest and responded for the both of them. “Yes.”

I stood frozen, not really expecting that answer from them. I know Jules never liked me, but I didn’t expect this from Trysten. Here he was, the guy who saved my life many times, and he was blaming me for all the mishappings that have been going on. But then I thought about it, and I really couldn’t blame him. Nothing had happened until I showed up, and now everybody’s lives are so much harder because of my appearance.

“Guys,” Hyene said, pulling us out of our quarrel. “Let’s get Claire safe and rested, then we can figure this out.”

I detached myself completely from Nathan, coming to Claire’s side. Spencer followed me and lifted Claire into his own arms, heading to the stairs. I followed him up the steps and into her room, just a few doors from my own. He laid her on her back while I pulled a chair from the hallway and took a seat next to her.

I thought back to my most recent dream and wondered suddenly if Spencer could help me figure out what happened with the faces. “Spencer?” He stopped by the door and faced me. “I think I saw Derek’s mom die.”

“You saw Derek’s mom die? Isn’t he already an orphan?”

I nodded. “It was strange, though, because the first time I dreamed it, their faces were all fuzzy and stuff. But, when I saw a picture of her, the faces cleared up and I was able to see them.”

Spencer moved from the door frame to the edge of Claire’s bed, perching on it in front of my chair. “Your abilities are emerging. Your power is sensing you can deal with what you have already been given, so it’s sending the next ability. It seems like now you can see the past.”

My head spun. “The past? How many more abilities am I supposed to have?”

“All Foreseers are different, but you probably won’t have another one.”

My head cocked to the side and I lowered my voice, remembering where we were. “Why not?”

Spencer looked at me, as if deciding he should tell me. “Foreseers usually only get one or two abilities. It’s either tenses or something else, like auroras or emotions or something like that.”

I straightened and looked ahead. “Spencer, how do you know so much about Foreseers?”

Spencer stiffened, obviously uncomfortable with my question. “I just knew some people that were Foreseers before Stephan took me in,” he said casually, but I knew it was not something he was comfortable talking about. I let that answer slide, knowing he must not be comfortable talking about his past.

Instead, my head finally spun with the one question I have been avoiding for days. What am I going to do?


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