Seduced By The Vampire King

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King Markus The king of all vampires. A man who never takes no for an answer. Strongest and wisest vampire. Centuries years old. Mates to a woman not even half his age. But when she rejects him. What is to happen to the kingdom. Will it crash and fall as he has. Or will one woman make this ruthless king find love once and for all? Do you believe in second chance mates? Carter A. Jackson A hybrid. Half wolf, half-vampire. Never attends the balls the king throws. But she must attend this one. All unmated females must attend. The king only wants her. Will she make his life a living hell or will she deal with the life that was chosen for her

Fantasy / Romance
Tallulah Bell
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“The King’s ball is tonight and you need to attend” Ash said raising his perfect eyebrow. ” I will” I said knowingly. Because I knew I couldn’t skip this one like I have the past. “Your dress has already been set out on your bed, father had it made for you” he said once more. I really didn’t want to go but seeing as it is required this time. “Go get ready” ash said pushing me out of his room

You see, this ball is for all the unmated females. I am indeed unmated. My mate died in the hands of a wretched human. A human who didn’t want the immortals to live within them. The king, was rejected by his mate. A worthless women, he couldn’t save herself for her mate and ended up pregnant by a different man. A human man. The king is looking for a women fit to be a queen. A women to mate and create offspring.

As I got ready for this stupid ball, I thought of why a women would reject this king. I don’t pay much attention to him. But he is indeed good looking. One cannot help but wish to be his. Not me of course. I rather stay alone. I feel as if I’m betraying Cullen. When I finished getting ready,before I put on my dress, I texted Maison. Maison is a Lycan. We met after my father brought her family over for dinner. They have been friends for awhile and didn’t let that they are different species get in the way. Or the fact that werewolves and vampires shouldn’t be friends. But what can I say Maison is mated to my brother Ash. Yeah I know what you thinking but my dad USA Lycan and my mother was a vampire. We are a mixed species. Hybrids. Instead of having a human and a wolf side. We have a vampire side and a wolf side. There is a small pack or hybrids. I knew I wouldn’t be picked I’m a hybrid. And he is a Full bread Vampire. But of course, my father is making me go. I walked to my room and there lays my dress on my bed. My dress is a emerald green. The slit right up my thigh. The back cut out, the dress front cut low. All in all a beautiful dress. I’m surprised my dad had this made for me. He is very strict with what I were.

Nonetheless I did a like makeup. Mascara and put some Chapstick and I was finished. I was not gonna over do it. Next I did my hair. I put my hair in a tight bun at the top of my head. I then grab my dress and slide it on before stepping into my heels. My favorite pair of heels. I grab my clutch that holds my Chapstick, and phone. Once I look myself over once more, and I knew I was good I walked down the stairs. When I reached the bottom step, Ash’s best friend Kent wolf whistled which got him two slaps on the back of his head. One from dad and one from my brother. “Bro that’s my sister” Ash said with a grunt. “So she’s hot” Kent replied before looking at me and saying ” You’re hot Carter ” I couldn’t help but laugh before saying “thanks Kent” which caused my dad and brother to say “quit egging him on carter and go” giving me the shooing motion with their hands. Which only caused me to laugh more.

I climbed into the car that was awaiting me. Only one other girl in the car with me Calista. She is the only other female hybrid who is of age. She rejected her mate the day she found out about this ball where the king is going to choose a women. I couldn’t understand why she would do that. I would never reject my mate. Mine was hunted and killed by humans. And she just rejects hers because she thinks the king is going to pick her. When she sees the king pick someone else. I know she will go running back to her mate. Which I hope won’t take her back. She is a power hungry hybrid. She wants power and money. She’s a gold digger.

Anyways when I climbed in Calista gave me this disgusted look before saying. “What are you doing, you’d never have a chance with him. ” I smirked before saying. “I’m here cause my father made me. Unlike you who rejected her mate because she is a power hungry whore. Now are we done?” I said raising my eyebrow. She didn’t dare to challenge me I was the betas daughter after a all. Her mate is the alpha’s son,Lucas Shaw. I didn’t understand how women can reject their mate unless they do something unforgivable.

“My mate is the soon to be alpha so if I were you I’d watch your back. ” when she said that I literally died laughing. “Honey did you already seem to forget, you rejected him to go to the ball hoping to be picked by the king. ” She just scoffed before typing on her phone. I on the other hand watched the trees fly by as we make our way to the castle.

She didn’t say anything else to my on the ride there. She knew I was right. I still couldn’t wrap my head around why she would do that to her mate. He isn’t a bad guy. Yes he has dated other girls but that is besides the point. She slept with the entire school. They are mates. Chosen by the moon-goddess herself. If I could be with my mate I would. But now I have to attend this stupid ball that I loath.

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