The Hero's Apprentice

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Ch. 11 New Plan

As Rye entered the castle, he noticed Drey was wearing a much finer outfit than he had ever seen her wear. What was the occasion? Didn’t matter, maybe she had just changed? Rye was more concerned about what she was about to have him do in regards to Walter and Cro. If he was sent on a search for them, then he would’ve gotten rid of the second of his three obstacles. And best of all, obstacle two would be pushing him to the third and final one. Dreys’ first question came as no surprise, Rye had had just enough time to practice for this.

“Rye, Cro and Walter disappeared from the castle.”

“Shall I locate them?”

“How will you do that?”

That was a valid question. Rye had not found the circle of dirt where Cro and Walter had vanished. Partially because moments before there had been fish all over the ground, and he had been called to the palace before he could search the grounds by the castle. Rye also then realized that he was gonna be lower on magic cause now he wasn’t getting some much needed sleep. Rye soon realized that the best plan was no plan. If he went searching if Drey suggested it, he’d deplete more power. And if he stuck around not looking. Drey would get restless and worry. Rye needed a diversion. Something to buy him the time he needed to rest and recover. The king and queen were out of action for the time being. But there were still Drey who was bait, and Cro and Walter who could be anywhere doing anything. He hoped they had problems wherever they were cause he hated being in Ando for the first time in ever. He needed a distraction that didn’t involve magic or his services. The fish problem wasn’t quite dealt with yet so Rye tried using that.

“I noticed there are fish everywhere, is Walter behind it?”

“I don’t know, but the villagers are dealing with it, and I’m worried that magic was involved. Could you research this incident and bring me word on what you find.”

Perfect! thought Rye. I’ll pretend to research the fish incident, but in reality be replenishing and researching the runes of Walters’ world. Rye bowed and said he would be surveying the landscape to see if there were any spies or dark wizards in the area that had caused the downpour. Drey asked if he’d like the guards to go with him. Rye assured her he could conceal himself, and that if he needed help, he would return swiftly. With that being said, Rye was overjoyed to have an excuse to not be around.

Rye didn’t go home, he had the scribbled sheet of runes with him, and had no intention of going home where interruptions of all sorts were sure to continue. Rye went to the academy. He loathed how he was going to get bothered there for sure by some rival student. But he had no choice, it was a place where he could regenerate faster, and even more important he could hide there in the library for quite some time. The moment he stepped on the grounds, Rye could feel the energy flowing into him. The books of countless mages, the hours of practice on the field. And the millions of spells that had been performed in the buildings. This was the place to be in his weakened state. Walter had kept him away from here too long. Sure Cro suggested going into the forests and hills and drawing strength there, but Rye was done with Cro. Cro had tried to teach him, and always always Cro talked about his master. Whoever this guy was I really don’t care. If he was so powerful why did he abandon you then? Where is he right now? And that was really the question. Ever since the story of the mage who had grabbed a tree branch and vanished had been witnessed, Rye had wanted to know. He admired the legend. The rumors that he had learned magic from the forest, rescued Cro, and then disappeared after putting Cro in his place back in the day. The story had certainly inspired Cro who had been a part of it and had made his way to being headmaster and castle wizard. Rye had the same aspiration but he had not been there. Why hadn’t he been trained by this master? If he had, maybe he would’ve had this situation resolved by now. That was the thought that entered Ryes’ mind that got the wheels turning. Research this wizard. Find out everything about him, and if possible locate him and obtain if not steal his power. But if Cro hadn’t been able to do it, how was Rye going to? Didn’t matter, Rye needed something to do while he replenished. And he wasn’t going to search for Cro and Walter until he was at full strength. Let Drey worry, look for him. Hate him when we went as missing as Cro and Walter. Hopefully Cro and Walter would get back first, and she’d vent at them before having just as nasty things to say to Rye.

Rye went to sleep after finding the dormitory and making sure it was an empty one. He didn’t want to be found and he certainly was too tired to do any research there and then. So Rye finally relaxed his mind and went to sleep. In the morning there would be no king and queen, no Drey, and no more distractions. Rye would be in the one place where his only obstacle would be any mage dumb enough to challenge him to a duel. He’d steal the fools’ magic just so it wouldn’t be another waste of time. Rye was certain his troubles were over. And to his content, nothing did occur that night.

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