The Hero's Apprentice

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Chapter 26 The Memory

Walter came back after sending the special operation squad home, and a few other trips to get them their paycheck. Drey asked of course and Walter had to be vague because dinosaurs, carbon 14 dating, ebay, and UPS wouldn’t really make much sense to her yet. Walter had one last visit to make and asked Drey if she would wait for him. Drey said yes and Walter went back three years. Walter relaxingly made his way to the castle and found that Drey was in her room crying. Walter managed to enter the castle through the servant door, bringing a barrel of wine in as his excuse. He managed to knock on Dreys’ door and she said to come it. Walter locked the door with magic and Drey got up because she wanted to know if it was her parents or a servant.

“I’m finished.”

’With me?”

“No my quest. I have to go back to three years from now and marry you publicly. Is that alright? You wont see me much.”

“Drey rolled to her side and Walter got on the bed next to her. Drey was nervous.”

“Want to hear the whole story? Well most of it?”

“How long could it be?”

“I don’t want to spoil what you haven’t experienced yet, but if you really want to know I’ll tell you. Even the embarrassing and funny parts.”

“Will you hear mine?”

“You told me already, in three years you’ll tell me everything I’m about to tell you.”

“Are you certain?”

“I’m only certain that I love you, the rest is just to prove or disprove that one fact. And based on opinion and choice that changes, but not that one fact. It’s the one that is always true, and will never be otherwise unless I want this me to stop existing. I don’t want that. But if it means you’ll be happy, I’ll let you erase my history and write your beautiful history in mines’ place.”

“Can I hear what I have the power to not allow to happen?”

“Of course.”

Walter spent most of the night talking, Drey asked for details sometimes, and other places she wanted it not told so she could be excited or surprised. When Walter finished Drey was speechless. But finally spoke when her feelings couldn’t bear it.

“You’re real. I thought it was a dream because you always disappeared. I thought you were some trick or some horrible ploy to torture me. But you’re not. You’re my deepest wish. I thought you lied in Gant because you just wanted to have me and then move on. But you have the smell of the forest. The calluses that prove you have walked long and hard to find me and find your way back. And you always return like you promised. This time I truly believe you. In three years we’ll be married. I believe you love me and I believe I love you.”

“Wishes become real only if we wake up and do something about it. And although we must sleep and dream again, there’s the small chance that we may think a bad dream is real or that a good dream isn’t possible. But the good dreams don’t have to be dreams only. We nourish them until it has no choice but to become what we are thinking and saying.”

“You’re leaving me one last time?”

“Pretty sure, the future is the future again, I can’t tell you what happens for you here or the Drey who I promised to go back to a while ago. But some other Walter might, he’ll be ahead of me though. But only because he loves you too and wants you as safe as I.”

“So my other self is to blame for your disappearances. We both need you, and you love us both enough to include us both in your dream.”

“You’re both the same person, so it doesn’t matter that I love you both. And whether your past or future, I love you in the present. And as long as I love you in the present. The future and the past will have just as much love for you to visit, and love to look forward to.”

“Before you go can you do one last thing for me?”

“If it’s to come back I’ll have to tell the other you.”

“I want you to tell her something for me.”


“On this note. You are not to read it.”


“I’ll be waiting for you Walter.”

“It’ll be no time for me. But when you told me what’s on this paper before, it had the desired effect.”

“What? You know what it says?”

“Does it say, “If you wont love him I will.”

“How did you..?” Walter vanished with a smile. Drey swore she’d get Walter back and keep him here the next time. There was always a next time.

Back at the castle Drey was tapping her foot waiting to send Walter back again. When Walter showed up she ordered him to go back and unlock the hexed door in the other Dreys’ room. Walter did so and when Drey saw him back she thought she had willed him back but then Walter undid his spell and said he was really going for the last time and it was his fault. Drey clung to him as he did his spell and appeared with him in front of the other Drey. Drey talked with her three year younger self and said if she wanted they could switch places. Drey said no because she wanted to meet the young clueless Walter so she could love and convince him. Walter finally took her back and she cried because Walter promised under pain of death he would not pull this prank anymore. She said it was ok to slip up or sneak in once in a while. Walter said he’d ask the other Drey. She said she’d say it was ok. Walter finally asked if she was really ok with this happening from time to time.

“You said it doesn’t make a difference.” Drey hated saying it though.

“But do you?” Walter remarked.

“Just a little, if you come back again tell Drey I’m sleeping with you even if we’re not married yet.”

Walter laughed at the joke because it wasn’t and finally disappeared and told Drey what young Drey had just said.

“Too bad for her.”

“You mean?” Drey pulled Walter to her room where she already knew what was going to happen.

The second but public wedding was a great distraction as the villagers repaired the academy and village. Walter and Drey were especially glad that they were given time for themselves. Drey and Walter loved their children that were born through the years and Walter had Cro and Ber teach them what they had taught him. Cro and Ber passed on as legends of Ando, and Gant even respected the warrior who had returned finally to his place of birth. When Walter and Drey became king and queen, the realm prospered because the king was skilled in fighting, magic, and many varied topics that the academy all soon taught. Walters’ sons and even daughters loved the mystic and fighting arts. And every story that pertained to them. Walter and Drey had the hardest time explaining how they met and how they fell in love. So they stuck to the fragmented version of things, and the children seemed satisfied. They grew up always wondering about mother and father and why they were so much in love. The story soon rivaled the green hero legend and the others like the Dragon of Ando and the Fogdocroaken. One scholar who studied the stories found commonalities in the older versions of the stories and compiled them into a volume that made a lot of fame and fortune. His true intention had been to find the locations and any evidence that the stories were true if any parts. But many centuries had passed since then and he couldn’t think of way to do it.

However he did attend a lecture that suggested that there were multiple dimensions beyond time and space. The young student studied his whole life trying to break any if all of the speculated planes of existence. When he made his first prototype nothing happened. Eventually he decided he’d just try once more and this time something happened. A beautiful young girl clad in armor and wielding a staff appeared out of the gateway his prototype had created. When she saw him she clung to him and kissed him passionately. The scholar wasn’t sure how it happened, but she said she was his wife and that she had met him before. He was unsure how she could speak English and how what she had just said was possible. He was pulled through the vortex before he could ask for the answer. But that was ok, the answer would come, it always did he soon learned.


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