The Awakening: Bloodlust

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A year has past since Sabastian has taken the throne with his mate, Violet. All that reside in the palace, the army, and in the city has had their wolves wakened. King Sabastian builds and strengthens his royal army to prepare for the transition to wake the other packs in his Kingdom. Fifteen of the mates of the new Alpha generation has been found and wolves wakened, through their medium, Tiki. The rest are still unaccounted for. News comes to the King that some of the future Alpha's mates have been captured and sold into the black market as pets to vampires and sorcerers. He has Leo send in his best spies for a search and rescue. Leo can think of no one better to lead the team than his one any only child, Amber. Her mother an alpha's daughter of the pack in the United Kingdom Territory. She can easily slip in under cover and begin the search. She is captured by one of the best team of hunters lead by a vampire, Hunter McCoy. His world is flipped upside down in his first encounter with Amber. Although he hates the werewolves for killing his brother, he can't resist the lure of Amber's unique personality and aura. His pride and reputation blind him or his true feelings until he can't deny it. Follow Amber on her journey behind enemy lines as a slave to a hunter with blood lust.

Fantasy / Erotica
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Awakening Series

Ok so far I have first book completed but I got a few ideas for sequels.

This is book two. It can be read without reading the first.

This takes the point of view of Amber, a spy/assassin sent in to find missing werewolf females sold to Vampires.

The other book I just started, Spellbound, takes the point of view of two of Amber's teammates of assassins searching for the missing werewolf females sold to sorcerers.

Here's the Awakening Series:

The Awakening: The Beginning

The Awakening: Bloodlust

The Awakening: Spellbound

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