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My King Mates

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Werewolves and vampires took over enslaving all humans that they thought were worthy of staying alive. Once a year Werewolves and Vampires come together to buy a human slave. What no one expected to happen at this auction was for the Werewolf King and Vampire King to both find their mate but what no one expected was for them both to have the same mate.

Fantasy / Romance
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Chapter One

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“Psst… Psst Amber” a voice whipsters. I open my eyes and look behind me to find Selma staring at me. “What?” I ask while closing my eyes again. “Guess what day it is,” she says with excitement in her voice. I let out a yawn “what?” I ask wanting to go back to sleep. “Auction day,” she tells me.

I roll my eyes. Our “teachers” romanticized being sold. I will admit at first the thought of being sold to Werewolves and Vampires would be amazing. I’d be free from here. But one day after dinner we all found a book under our sheets. The book was called the truth.

After that, I found out the real story. Some of the girls laughed at it and threw it out while some other girls me included open our eyes. The “teachers” found out and tried to brainwash us again but it didn’t work.

“Yes, I know. Let me soak in these last few moments of freedom” I tell her. Selma snickers “What freedom? We’re locked in cages like animals. Our freedom is when we are bought.” I let out an annoyed sigh “I don’t want to start this again Selma” I tell her.

I close my eyes once again wanting to soak in these last few moments. The thought of being sold to Werewolves and Vampires scares the shit out of me. But I have to be strong and show no fear. Only the strong survive in this world now.

“Amber” the sweet voice of my caretaker breaks me out of my daydream. I open my eyes and look towards her. She sends me a sweet smile “it’s time dear” she tells me. I take a deep breath and get off my bed. I look into the other cell and notice Selma is already gone. Even though she bothers me I hope she goes to a good Master.

Sally leads me down the long concrete hall with now empty cells. I grew up with this group of girls. It’s going to be weird walking down this hall seeing them every day to being with a controlling Master who’s going to make me do who knows what and never see these girls again... Unless the Master who buys me also buys another girl. Sally and I reach the end of the hall of cells where the open bathroom is. “I’ll be in my room. Don’t take too long” Sally tells me. I nod my head. Sally heads down the hallway that connects to the bathroom and the hallway of cells. Which looks like a T and I walk to the back of the line for the showers.

As I wait I look around the bathroom watching girls rush out of the showers in towels and girls rushing into the showers. Two guards are standing by watching the girls in the towels with hunger in their eyes. Yuck but this is how it always is. We’ve just gotten used to it.

A shower finally opens up and I walk towards it. I open the shower curtain and step in. I undress and put my clothes down the laundry shoot. I wash my hair and body with the standard lavender sent. Over the years I’ve grown to hate the sent and I swore when I’m out I’ll never have anything smelling like lavender again. Once I’m finished I turn the water off and wrap a towel around my body.

I open the shower curtain and step out. A girl rushes past me and into the shower closing the curtain behind them. I wrap the towel tighter around myself and walk out of the bathroom and make my way towards the caretaker’s hall.

I count the doors till I reach the 10th door which is Sally’s room. I open the door and walk in. “Everything is on the bed. Once your done getting dressed sit on the stool so I can do your hair and makeup” Sally tells me. I walk over to the bed and drop my towel. I pick up the black matching bra and panties. I slip them on when I pick up the black long sleeve dress with a deep v-neck and black heels with an ankle strap. I put the dress on then I walk over to the stool Sally told me to sit.

Sally comes over to me and tells me to close my eyes. “Sally I have a question,” I tell her. “I might have an answer” Sally replies. “So I’ve been hearing this around and I wanted to know if it’s true or not. Do the caretakers give birth to the girls they take care of?” I ask. The room fell silent for a moment before Sally spoke up “no. That rumor is false.” Sally tells me.

I already knew it wasn’t true but deep down I was hoping it was. When the Werewolves and Vampires took over they ruined everything. Sally was 30 years old when this all happened. She would tell me stories about her husband and daughter. Sally is now 65 years old.

“Okay, I’m done with your makeup,” Sally tells me. I open my eyes and look at myself in the mirror. “I went with a natural look. I don’t want to hide your natural beauty.” Sally tells me. I look up at her through the mirror with a smile on my face. “I love it.” My makeup is very simple. From what I could tell she didn’t add any foundation. A bit of blush, light shimmery eyeshadow, eyeliner to the top and bottom of my eyes, and a little mascara. Even though there’s a little bit of makeup I love how I look. I feel beautiful. Never have I ever felt this way about myself before.

“Good. Now let’s get started on that hair. We don’t have much time left” Sally tells me. Sally walks up behind me and grabs my hair. I try to watch her movements to get an idea as to what she’s doing but there’s only so much I could imagine from the little I can see.

“I know what your trying to do child. I would stop if I were you. Your going to give yourself a headache” Sally tells me. Me being well me I ignored her. Ha, I won’t get a headache. But a few seconds later I did. I closed my eyes from the annoying pain in my head. Sally chuckles and continues working her magic. I hate it when she’s right.

“Alright, I’m all done,” Sally tells me. I open my eyes as she turns the stool around so my back is facing the mirror. She then grabs a handheld mirror and holds it up in front of me so I could see how my hair looks.

“This is a half updo. It was my daughter’s favorite hairstyle and I thought it would go with your outfit. I gave you some soft beach waves. I pulled some of the hair from the sides of your face and pulled it back into a ponytail so you don’t have to worry about your hair getting into your face” Sally explains.

“Thank you” I whisper to her trying to hold back my tears. I don’t want to ruin the amazing work she’s done to my face. “Don’t worry about it, dear. Now we better get going. The auction is about to start any minute” Sally tells me.

Sally sets the mirror on the stool and holds her hand out for me. I take it and we walk out of the room. I’m grateful to have Sally as my caretaker. I don’t think I would have last if I didn’t have her.

This place is a maze and I know it was designed like this in case someone tries to run away they’d get lost. The only hallways we’re allowed is our cells hallway which leads past the bathroom and to the caretaker’s hallway which is at the T of the hallway and if you go straight you get to the lunchroom but if you keep going down the caretaker’s hallway that’s when it gets tricky.

Sally along with the other caretakers knows this place by heart. The only places they don’t know are the exits since those are I guess hidden. They could be in plain sight but if you don’t have a badge then you wouldn’t know it’s a door.

I was shaken out of my thoughts when I started to hear chatter and some crying. Sally and I didn’t utter a word to each other as we walked down the hall. But the louder the chatter and crying got the more nervous I got.

“Afternoon Sally. Your girl is counted” a guard tells Sally. She thanks him and we walk past him. We continued walking down the hallway until we reached the line.

“Hunny this is where I have to leave you,” Sally tells me.

I let go of her hand and pull her into a hug.

“Thank you for taking care of me all my life. I know I’ve been a pain most of the time and I never expressed how much I love you but Sally you are the best mom I’ve ever had and thank you.” I tell her. I feel tears drop onto my shoulder.

“You’re making me cry, hun. I can’t stay any longer rules are rules. But be good and do as your told. I can’t bear thinking about you being hurt. Goodbye, sweet girl” Sally tells me. She kisses my forehead and leaves. I stand there at the end of the line watching Sally walk away until I couldn’t see her any longer due to other girls and their caretakers blocking Sally from my sight.

I take a couple of deep breathes and turn around. Today my life will begin. No more cells. I hope. No more guards, no more being alone.

I hope I can get along with the other slaves Master buys and already owns. “Hello and welcome Werewolves and Vampires to the annual auction.” A voice booms. I didn’t realize you’d be able to hear anything through these thick walls.

I slip into my favorite daydream as I wait for my turn. My secret world that no one but myself knows about it. I call it my secret superpower. A power where I can block out this nasty world and create my own. In this world, where there are no Werewolves and Vampires are taking over. Humans are free and live as they please. Create friendships and fall in love. Have loving families who love and know their children.

But sadly it didn’t last very long. I was knocked out of my daydream when someone shoved me from behind. “It’s your turn” a voice whispers. I mentally shake my head and take a quick deep breath before walking onto the bright stage. I’ve never seen a room this bright before. It hurts my eyes.

“This young lady is” but before he could say my name I hear two voices yell mate.

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