Roa: An Unexpected Bond

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The Hawthornes had been the rulers in Roa for centuries. They each bore a dark secret in their lineage. Swore to be an unbroken vampire lineage, they were all cursed to have only one child for every generation, keeping the rules that only a Natural vampire shall be king. If they were to have more children, they will all be consumed by death itself. Andersone Jake Hawthorne bore a long-forgotten curse when he was born as a human and turned into a vampire. The prince and the next heir to Roa's throne was unexpectedly hunted down by a group of werewolves. Bearing the orders of his father, King Ellist, he raced out into Durel Far, also known as The Dark Forest to kill the Alpha only to meet a huge turn in his life. While Roa recognized their vampires as Naturals and Evolves, Andersone found himself known to none. He wasn't even in between. Seeking out the truth while he lives, Andersone journeyed to a few different kingdoms only to figure out the deepest and darkest secrets his family bore. Along the way, he found new allies, gained new knowledge and came across an old ancient breathing relic who was only say to exist in history. He began to challenge Roa's rules on its own. With a bounty over his head and a catch price, Andersone began to doubt his own capabilities to overthrow the one he once called his Father. Picture by: Celia Rodriguez, A Mythical Kingdom

Fantasy / Adventure
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A Guideline In Roa

Roa with Rules before Love!

As the last strand of petal floated into the skies and the sound of horns were blown, the Hawthornes retreated back from whence they came. They returned with no music and their flags draped flat across the rider’s steed signaling the rise of a new era.

Roa’s Insignia

The insignia of Roa is a lion with two colours printed on a yellow flag. The lion is separated into two colours of green and orange, bearing the marks of the vampires in Roa.

Green represents vampires that are being born into the family. They are known as the Naturals who have stronger control on bloodlust. Naturals have green eyes.

Orange represents vampires that have undergone The Gyrate. They are known as the Evolves who have stronger lusts for blood during the first two months of their turning. Evolves have orange eyes. Evolvers must register themselves in Roa through their owners or else they would be sentenced to death without mercy.

The red colour that separates both the colours signified the similar characteristics of both Naturals and Evolves. They co-exist in the same kingdom with similar beliefs. Those who fight against each other would be required to face the Arbiters.

The Blood Tapestry

Lines that had been maintained shall be broken,

Centuries-old curse would be lifted,

The Division collides with the Golden Hands,

A guardian shall rise within the ranks,

Those who were separated would meet again,

The cursed lands would be bonded again,

And while Malion shines, Natrius will dims.

This book is a work of fiction. Any reference of issues, historical events, real people, or real places are used fictitiously. Other names, characters, places, and events are the products of the author’s imagination; and any resemblance to actual events or places or persons, living or dead is entirely coincidental.

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Name: CShiauJing / author

Title: Roa: An Unexpected Bond

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