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This is a simple tale of two misfits in a fantastical world of magic.

Fantasy / Erotica
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Chapter 1: The Misfits

I walked into the Gothic school, expecting a normal day of sitting around in boring classrooms, learning boring things. The only interesting things were seeing human's faces when they saw it wasn't a normal school. There were demons, angels, magical creatures, vampires, demons, fairies, zombies, anything that you can imagine. I was pretty normal looking compared to some that went to the school. I had nine, long white tails covered in soft fur with red tips at the end. I also had large fox ears, covered in the same fur as my tails with the same red tips. I had long, slender legs. I had sharp fangs and amber eyes that seemed to glow. I was busty, or so told by some boys at the school. Weirdos. Anyway, no actually remembers, or even seems know the school's actual name. We all just call it Misfits. I looked around as everyone looked UP at me. I was the tallest in the school, except for a few strange hybrids wandering the school grounds. I leaned against a pillar, waiting for Dot, a zombie friend of mine. She wasn't the brightest, but she was sweet. I sighed and fiddled with my my nails as I waited.
"Hi! Hi Skala! HEEEEEY!!"
I heard Dot's idiotic voice ring out from behind me. I turned and saw her running, or at least trying to, up the stairs. She felt flat on her face in no time, but got back up. I sighed as I watched her flail her arms excitedly as she ran up the steps. I gave a little wave and started walking to class. When she finally got to the classroom the teacher was already talking.
"Sit down, Dot. Do try and be more on time next time, please." He said with a grimace.
I snickered and pointed the empty desk next to me. I sat in the back because I was too tall and my tails and ears were to big to see past. She plopped down with a strange squish. She reached under her and pulled out a half-eaten peanut butter and jelly sandwich. I rubbed my temple, trying to figure out why she was so dumb. She took a huge bite and chewed noisily. "Want some?" she asked with her mouth full, "It's really good."
"No thanks, I've had breakfast today." I said as calmly as I could.
She shrugged and continued munching on the sandwich. I was more excited to meet the new kid that had come to the school. I heard that girls were already all over him, trying to flirt with him. Personally, I didn't care for love. It had never gotten me anywhere. I just wanted to make friends. I didn't have many at this school, and having ANYONE brighter than Dot wouldn't hurt. I zoned out as the teacher rambled on and on about anthropology. At last, the bell rung.
It like this for a while until lunch, and after that I was back to zoning out and waiting for the sweet, heavenly sound of the bell. At last, the last period of the day arrived. I was a little downhearted. I hadn't seen the new kid all day, and I had gotten -over-excited to meet him. I walked into English and took my usual back seat. Dot flopped next to me. I spaced out again until I saw a flash of black in front of my face. I jumped back as I was smacked in the face with a soft cloth. I looked over at the person that had just past me, and my ears perked up. He had a tall figure, shrouded in black and red. He had on a strange mask, one even I didn't recognize. I leaned over my desk and felt myself nearly fall. He sat down at a desk near me and Dot, one row in front of us. Dot looked over, her usual derpy expression brimming with glee.
As the teacher started talking, Dot waved her arm in the air, at what I supposed was the new kid. The new boy turned and looked her, giving a little wave in return. She repeated the same flailing wave and he waved back. I felt a surge of jealousy at the zombie. How did she make friends with the new kid without even trying? It was irrational thought, but I didn't care. This went on for a while until the teacher forced them to stop and pay attention. After the bell rung, I decided to try my luck at the new boy. I walked over to him, tails swaying and tips brushing the ground.
"Hello!" I said with a bright and cheery voice.
He looked at me, the mask's empty eyes focused on mine.
"I saw you waving at Dot during class. Glad to see you made friends with her. Say, would you want to come to the club later with me and Dot? Should be fun." I said, my voice excited.
"Sure. After school, I'll meet you there. But don't expect me to be any fun." he said.
His voice was soft and melodic, ringing through my ears like a siren's song.
"Great! I'll see you then!" I said as I walked out with Dot, who was currently trying to eat her hand.
I sighed. This was a small thing, but deep in the pit of my stomach I felt something bigger coming my way.
I waited as patiently as I could to go to the club. I wondered why he said that he wasn't much fun. I shrugged to myself as I slipped on my favorite leather jacket, the spikes in the shoulder gleaming under my florescent dorm light. I walked out, my skirt rustling against my leather pants. I didn't wear shoes, but that was normal for me. The claws would ruin the shoes. Besides, I loved the feeling of ground on my feet. As I stepped out of the red dormitory, I teleported to the doorway of the club. I ducked down into the tunnel leading down to the dance floor. I walked up the stairs to the bar and sat down on one of the red-leather stool. I laid my head on the table as I waited for Dot and the new kid. All too soon, I heard the incessant yelling of Dot coming down the tunnel. When they reached the bottom, Dot was looking ahead and rambling. The new kid simply nodded and mumbling, "Yes, of course" occasionally.
I stood up and waved my arms to show them where I was. Dot ran over quickly, face-planting multiple times on her way up the bar stairs. The new kid walked up and took a seat next to me. Dot climbed over the counter to be the server. It was her shift, anyway. I looked over to the kid, who still had his eerie mask on.
"So, I never caught your name. The English teacher doesn't do role-call, either so..." I said.
"Damon," he said, looking ahead, "And your name?"
"Skala. Nice to meet you, Damon!" I said with a wide smile painted on my face.
I looked over at Dot and she was giving us this goofy look. "So," she said with a dorky tone, "Can I get you anything to drink?" She said.
"Just the usual." I said, still happy.
"I'll have a Bloody Mary, please." Damon said, overly politely.
I looked at him solemnly, and a wicked idea popped in my head. I tensed my tails excitedly.
"Damon... would you feel comfortable taking your mask off?" I asked as sweetly as I could. I tried to smile innocently, but I felt it turn to a devilish grin.
"Sure..." he said as he hesitantly reached up and took off his mask.
Before I could even get a glimpse of his face, I smacked him with one tail and rested the other on his head. I laughed as one tail fell and the other simply stayed on his head. When I finished laughing and finally caught my breath, I looked over and my eyes widened for two reasons. One, he looked pissed and annoyed. I thought he might gut me alive. The other reason was that he was... well, handsome! Don't think bad of me, I didn't like him because of his looks, it simply shocked me. I was expecting a disfigurement or a strange amalgamation of things. Instead, he had beautifully shaped face and dark black hair. But the thing that caught my attention most were his eyes. Currently, they were narrowed in annoyance, but Gods help me I could fall into them. They were an crimson sea glimmering in the lights.
"What was that for?!?!" he yelled, snapping me out of my trance.
I flustered, and the struggled for words for a moment.
"I felt like it. It was tempting, you can't blame me." I said as I smirked at him, my fangs gleaming in the club lights.
"Really? You FELT like it? Well then, that justifies everything." he said sarcastically.
I burst out laughing again, and lost my breath for a moment. He huffed and took a drink from his Bloody Mary. I heard a song come on, and my ears perked up and I jumped up in a flash. I grabbed Damon's hand and he gave a startled yell as I ran down the stairs.
"C'mon, let's dance!" I yelled. He shook his head, and I continued begging. He eventually let out a sigh and gave up. Me, Damon, and Dot all danced for a while. When it was time to go, we all agreed to do this again sometime. I smiled to myself as I walked back.
"Best night of my life." I thought to myself. I gave a little skip as I walked back to my dorm, enjoying the moment too much than to simply teleport.

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