Talons & Teeth

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A child grows up in the Fae Lands, with only her aunt watching over her. All her life, Eve has been told that one day, she would be reunited with her long-lost parents. Just when Eve and her aunt are about to embark on their journey home, they are attacked. The ruthless Dragons of Egavas invade their village and their home, destroying the only life Eve has ever known. Separated from her family, Eve enters an unknown world full of dragons, revenge, and love. As she drifts further and further from home, she must learn to survive on her own. A task that would be much easier if she were not forced into the care of the savage and handsome Athens, the greatest warrior to have ever lived. Join Eve and Athens on their journey in Talons and Teeth. More adventure. More romance. More dragons.

Fantasy / Romance
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Hello, lovelies!

First things first, this book is the second in the "Wars and Wings" Series. While you should be able to read this book as a standalone, I highly recommend reading the first book to avoid any confusion and to familiarize yourself with the characters, setting, and general plotline.

To any returning readers, hello and welcome back! I know some of you are confused as to the abrupt ending of the first book. In all honesty, I had planned to write a whole bunch more of Claws and Kisses (and who knows, I still might), but at some point, I realized that I was ready to move on to another story. The more I tried forcing the story forward, the less I enjoyed writing. Plus, CAK wrapped up to be a whopping 107,000-word story!!! That's crazy! That's longer than MOST debut novels in YA literature.

Anyways, long story short, I ran out of energy writing CAK and wanted to do something new. However, the plot of CAK overlaps with this one A LOT, so it's not the end of Avel, Wendy, the Inner Circle, and the rest of the CAK's world as you know it. I pinky promise that you will enjoy this book (if not more) than CAK.

If the Prologue or even the first few chapters of the story confuses you, please do not fear. It's supposed to be that way.

Additionally, please hold off writing any reviews of this story until you have read enough of it to give it your careful consideration. I absolutely adore and treasure the reviews you guys write (even the constructively critical ones), so please do not write a review until you have given TAT an honest read.

As far as schedules and updating go, there is nothing planned. I am going to see what works best and update you guys with when I know more.

Thank you for reading! Your comments, votes, reviews, and feedback make my day. I cannot believe I have the support that I do. You guys are the best!

Okay, I'm going to stop now. I hope you guys enjoy, and are excited for the upcoming adventures!


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