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Sometime, there is just some things that is needed to be kept as secrets rather than telling people about it. Life is not what you think it is. It can get better everyday but not for those who were born as Werewolf. There are promises that are meant to be broken and hearts that need to be mend. And Werewolves were meant to be Fairytale for Humans. But as for other Supernaturals they're meant to be extinct.

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Niall's Pov

"But Mum please. I just want to see my baby sister please. Tell her to visit me just one last time" I begged my Mother while talking to her over the phone. She's been telling me that the sister of mine does not have time to visit me or something. That's childish and so is Mum. Well, Mum can be really childish sometimes. Ugh, I really miss my sister. What on earth is up with that damn sister of mine.

"Okay fine I'll persuade her for you my little Irish baby boy. I miss you, anyways I have to go to pack my things so your Daddy and I can leave" She said, I can her squeal in excitement. Seriously Mum? Still squeals like a damn teenager in loved. Wait what? Did I hear right? They're leaving?

"What do you mean?" I asked with a high toned voice and I heard her whispered something to someone whom I assume my father at the background. And I just literally rolled my eyes for a second.

"Oh I forgot to tell you, that your Dad and I are going for 7 months holiday in Hawaii just to make up our minds because were very busy in our business-."

"But Mum what about my sister and Greg are you going to let them stay by their own there? What if someone murder them or what?" I asked, I can see a lot scenario in my head. For goodness sake.

"Oh dear my baby stop thinking like that, I'm going to drop your sister in her bestfriend's house Clifford Lee and she'll be staying there for 7 months until we're not yet back and your brother is nowhere to be seen, his been very busy for something with his girlfriend" Mum explained as if it's a normal thing for a girl to sleep ALONE with and in a guy's house.

As much as I would like to argue but instead I sighed in defeat knowing I really can't do anything about it. I mean I don't even understand why my Sister or Brother won't visit me. Well, I do understand why Greg doesn't have time since he's been running a big company. But that sister of mine which is, Christine by the way is not doing anything. Not that I know of anyways.

"OK, bye mum enjoy your vacation!" I said trying not to made a sad voice still rolling my eyes.

"Bye my dear and of course I'll try to convince your sister to visit you, and I can't connect or maybe talk to you or your sister either Greg for 7 months because your Dad and I want some peace just the two of us" She said shakily on the phone.

I let out a big sigh.

"Okay fine Mum, just enjoy yourself and don't stress yourself out too much and Dad too. I'm going to miss you so much. I have to go now. Take care and I love you both" I said hanging up the phone call as fast as I can. Leaving them no room for a response. I'm upset so what?

I placed my phone over the desk and went out from my room to talk or see if the lads were here.

"Guys are you here or what?" I yelled in living room. And apparently I recieved no response at all.

Silence. No signs of 4 stupid idiot lads.

'My brother is an Irish cute lad just like me and he never stop loving me ! I love ya Niall I love ya Niall'

I heard my phone rings and I know that ring tone came from my sister whose calling.

"Hello there my dear sister of mine. I was just wondering why you've never call or visit me. Are you going now here?" I asked excitedly over the phone and laughs.

"Calm down Nialler, anyways Mum told me to visit you l. Sorry but I real-."

"Please Chris.-"

"I cant Niall .. I really cant be.-"

"Because what! Am I a bad brother to you that you can't even dared to visit me!" I shouted and tears starting to stream down my cheeks.

"Niall please .. because .. ahrgh .. no ... Okay fine am I going to drive by my own or I'll just ask Mum to drop me off there?" She then asked with a sighed and my world just lights up.

"Yay! Maybe just drive by your own" I said and I can hear her sighed again. I can feel there is something bothering her but didn't ask her.

"Okay Nialler, I'll be there maybe in about 3 or 4 hours" She said.

"Okie Dukie see you love you" I yelled again and she laugh. How I missed that laugh.

"See you then leprechaun. Love you too bro" She responded and hanged up.

-- 4 hours later --

"Were home!" The lads yelled from the living room.

I ran downstairs happily.

"Wow wow seem so happy Niall eh. Wht up?" Zayn asked clueslessly just like the 3 idiots.

"The sky is up" Harry tried to joke but I just rolled my eyes.

"Ahrg Zayn. Just get use to it. Our Nialler is always happy" Liam spatted and he rolled his eyes playfully.

"My sister is g.-"

"Lets eat and watch movies and th.-"

"Zayn shut up .. Niall is saying something so can you please try to shut your mouth?" Harry said but Zayn stick his tongue out.

"My sister is going to visit me!" I shouted and jump up and down while they're cheering.

"When ?" Harry asked.

"It suppose to be now. Because from Scotland to Manchester was just about 4 hours driving" I said getting worried.

"Maybe she just.-"

Knock Knock Knock Knock

"I think there she is" Liam said running to open the door.

Liam opened the door and smiled.

"Hi Chrissy!" He shouted and hugged her.

"Hello Liam" She said shyly.

She change a little bit her hair is now blonde like mine but before it was chocolate brown, and its curlier now but last time it was Straight like a ruler. She is now taller than before. And last one her eyes were now Blue but it was Green last time.

Why its look like she change a lot?

"Hey my little sister! You've change a lot?" I asked and her smile dropped.

"Yeah Niall is right. The most I was confused was your eyes. Are you wearing a contacts? Not that is bad anyways it looks hot" Louis asked her then winked. Ew. Seriously Louis?

And then she lowered her head then I sighed.

Now what?

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