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Nerdy to Badass Werewolf

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Chapter 2

Once I was by the courtyard, I ducked my head and began making my way to the front of the school. My family wasn't so aware of what happened when they dropped me off here. I couldn't tell them though. I need to just deal with it by myself. Well, it's not like I'm alone in this place.

As I was about to walk up the front steps I heard someone call my name. I stopped and looked around me, searching for the person. I knew who it was, considering only two people in this school called me by my actual name.


We've been friends ever since we started high school. I still remember when we first met, I was eating lunch and him being the weirdo that he is, decided to try and steal my lunch. I may have punched him in the face, causing him to tackle me to the ground, ending with us both having detention. Having detention with him was interesting, I never knew that a person could shoot a spitball so well, that it hits the inside of a sleeping teachers nose. I don't know what I'd do if I ever lost him as a best friend.

"Happy Birthday Sky!" He yells out as he pulls me into his embrace, hugging me tightly. I wrap my arms around his neck, smiling. He pulls back before dramatically bowing down and holds out a red velvet cupcake with oreo icing. Yum.

"Thank you Dylan." I say as I give him another hug before taking a small bite of the delicious cupcake.

"And here is your present-"

"Dylan, I told you I didn't want a present." I whined, pouting up at him while crossing my arms over my chest, still holding the cupcake.

"Yes you did, but when have I ever listened?" He makes a good point. No matter how many times I've told him to not buy me presents, he always did. I put my hands up in surrender, playfully glarring at him. He smiles before reaching into his bag and pulling out a small black box. He opens the box, causing me to gasp. Inside was a small bracelet with half a heart on it reading, 'Best...'

"Dylan it's beautiful. Thank you!" I say as I put it on my wrist before hugging him tightly again. I pull back and ask for the other half. He winks before pulling out his car keys and showing it to me. I smile as I see the other half of his is in a keychain form, this one reading, 'Friends'

He then proceeded to put both halves together, showing the whole thing, 'Best Friends'

"I love it. Thank you so much Dylan."

It had honestly been one of the best gifts I have ever received. Dylan and I always had this thing to out do each other in giving presents. It's seems like he's winning at the moment. I need to up my game.

"If you ever miss me you can just look at that, and remember that I'll be here waiting for you, when you return." He says sincerely as he puts his keys away.

"I could never forget you Dylan. You'd unfortunately make sure that I never forget." I say teasingly as we hear the bell ring. We look at each other before walking up the stairs and entering the school. We walk to our lockers, grabbing our books before heading to our separate classes. Walking by myself is slightly difficult. I'm not a 'weakling' but I just choose not to fight against someone, but by saying that people shove me around all the time. Only when Dylan's not around.

I finally reached homeroom and saw that I was the first person here. I roll my eyes, knowing that it's not shocking. I take my seat in the front and wait for the bell to ring. I look to my left and stare out the window, seeing a fancy car pull up. A guy steps out and I instantly recognize who it is. Soon to be, Alpha Kyle Black. Even I can't deny that he's a good-looking guy but unfortunately he knows that too. He'll sleep with anything that walks and has breasts. And that's a fact, not an opinion. I turned away from him as I heard the bell ring.

People started to walk into the class, followed by the teacher. I scratched the back of my neck as I felt my wolf begin to jump around excited. It's odd though, I can feel her inside of me but she hasn't said a word yet, I don't even know her name. I just shrugged it off, not wanting to deal with this crazy wolf at the moment. The teacher did rall call before the bell for first period rung. I got my stuff before walking out the room and heading to my first class. It took a bit longer since I was tripped twice by a group of jocks. I just ignored those morons before walking into the class.

I took my seat, which was surprisingly in the back, and waited for the teacher to start the lesson. As everyone filled the room, I just shrugged off the rude comments they threw at me, being use to all of it by now.

When will these people grow up? Is that too much to ask?

The teacher finally entered the class and began the lesson, discussing something we had already learned about. I still don't understand that. You always move onto a new grade but they basically teach you the same things over again, sure not every class is like that, but most are. It's becoming extremely annoying. Can they not teach us something different for once?

I immediately stopped ranting inside my head when I smelt the most delectable scent ever. It was a combination of mint and chocolate. My two favourite smells combined. Then my wolf said the one word that I had been dreading from the moment I woke up this morning.


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