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The Return

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Warning this is the sequel to 'Nerdy to Badass Werewolf' so if you want to read this book you gonna have to read the first one. Book 2 of The Rejection series Theo James Black always knew he was different compared to his Uncle Steven. Finally after a year of searching for his true family he finds them, but he's not so innocent as he lets on. He's hiding something from his family, something they will soon learn that turns everything around. Will Izzy be able to figure it out in time to save herself, Theo and his family or is it to late? This will be The Return.

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Darkness is all I see. Its all I ever see when they're not here. Sometimes they reward me with sunshine for a couple hours if I have done something correctly. It rarely happens though, I always mess up somehow.

I wish I was with my family, sure they weren't my real family but they were family none the less. I remember that night so clearly it haunts me every time I fall asleep.

The blood, the screams, the tears, and all I could do was cower away into a corner wishing somehow it was all a nightmare and none of it was true.

That was the night 'Father' told me I wasn't his real son. I figured that out by myself when I turned into a wolf. I always thought I was a late vampire. He told me the truth about my real family. I made a promise to myself that I would find them.

That promise went down the drain when they found us. Steven which was his real name died protecting me. He yelled for me to hide over and over again. If only I would have listened then maybe I might not have been captured.

I was the reason they all died and I hate myself for it every single day. My brother watched our little sister being torn apart. Then it was his turn. No one dared to touch me. I tried to use it to my advantage but it just made eveything worse. 'Mother' oh how I adored her.

Even when I wasn't her own, I was not blood related to one of them, they all still treated me like I was.

I'm brought out of my thoughts at the sound of the metal door slamming open. The light temporarily blinds me but I still enjoy what little I can get.

I look at them to see the evil smirks that remain on they're faces each time they come in here. "You ready?" She asks, I have no choice in the matter and its always a rhetorical question.

I stay silent not answering or looking at them anymore. "Answer you piece of shit!" He yells and whips me with his favourite whip. It has metal spikes on the leather.

I have so many scars on my body I don't even remember how it looked before. I'm skin and bones they don't feed me, I'm to disrespectful to have food.

"No I'm not going to do it." I whisper loud enough for them to hear. Another strike hits me but on the face. I cry out in pain and clutch the side of my cheek.

"Bring it in." She says and stands more towards the wall, while he steps out and brings in the new victim. It's a little girl this time. She has tear stained cheeks and she looks like she's taken more than one beating. She sees me tied to the wall and unfortunately think I'm safety to her.

I feel the pain going through my body like it usually does when they want me to become the true monster I am. I smell the little girl as she crawls closer to me. She's a human girl.

"P-Please help m-me." She calls out to me. I feel myself loose the last bit of control I have. The true monster coming out. "Come here I'll protect you." The voice says to her. I just sit inside my head watching it all happen.

This is how it always happens. He charms his prey into thinking he is they're saviour but he, no we, are they're demise. She gives a small smile and crawls into his lap. She hides her face from they're view. That poor little girl just made the biggest and last mistake of her life.

I see what he thinks of doing. I get a moment to try and reach out. "Get away from me quickly!" I yell at her with my voice and push her off. She listens to me and tries to crawl away. He takes control again and in a blink of an eye, the little girls body is mutilated. Theres blood everywhere, her insides are outside and he prides himself by planting a kiss on her dead lips.

He does that to all his victims, apparently shows respect to his prey. He is my wolf but they changed him, we were friends when I first spoke to him but after that one night he was gone and something else replaced him.

I get control back and I just sit there, no tears fall. I haven't cried in a full year, they broke me long ago and they know it. "He's never going to be ready if he can still sometimes take control back!" He yells. I ignore them and just stare at the dead girl in front of me. The guilt always eats away at me, knowing they died by my hands.

"Thats why I made this my love." She says and gives him a kiss. She holds up a silver medallion. Its has a moon on it and it shines from the light that hits it. "What will this trinket do?" He asks her while taking it from her.

"This will keep him trapped forever. As long as this is placed on his neck his wolf will have full control." She says while smirking at me.

I crawl into the corner scared more than I have been in a long time. "Well now that is good. Put it on him." He says and hands it to her. I scream, kick and thrash trying anything to get her away from me.

She did something that made me freeze in place. She puts the medallion around my neck. I unfreeze and feel a pull in my head. I try to resist the pull feeling my wolf coming through. I eventually loose all my strength and it happens. He becomes me, I become him and he must follow a revenge based plan.

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