The Kingdom of Endor

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Chapter 11

With good weather conditions Sir Henry arrived at the palace of Endor in three weeks. Soldiers and knights surrounded Henry and the knight in charge yelled

“Halt!!! State your business at the palace”

“I am Sir Henry knight of Bree and I am here on the orders of Prince Rohan of Bree, a loyal knight of Endor with a letter for Sir Fredrick” replied Sir Henry.

“Sir Rohan’s a prince? I’ll be damned, follow me please” said the knight. They walked their horses through the gates and into the court yard where a stable boy ran up and took their horses.

“Be kind to my dear friend, he as rode many leagues and as fast as he could with me on his back” said Sir Henry.

“I will” replied the boy as he walked off leading the horses.

“Trust him, he is the best stable boy around, he loves horses.” said the knight

“Ok” replied Henry as they walked into the Great Hall by a side door. Sir Fredrick and King Edmund where discussing matters of the family.

“Richard has been training for a month now with the Elves of Westsire, and we have yet to hear a single rumor about Sir Rohan” said Sir Fredrick.

“I have been thinking about making a quick trip up north to Bree with Aubrey, to find out what is going on in Bree” replied Edmund.

“My Lord, please excuse me” interrupted the knight.

“What is it?” replied Sir Fredrick

“This is Sir Henry of Bree, my Lord and he has a letter for you, from Sir Rohan” replied the knight.

“Sir Henry, is it?” may I have the letter please?” asked Fredrick.

“Yes, Sir” replied Henry as he handed the letter to Sir Fredrick. Sir Fredrick opened the wax seal and unrolled the parchment and read. After reading and rereading the letter twice he looked up at his son with tears in his eyes.

“Father, what is wrong?” asked Edmund worried.

“Happy tears my boy, now read” replied Fredrick as he handed the letter to Edmund. Edmund read the letter and looked at his father and spoke slowly

“Rohan is my brother?”

“I am just as shocked as you are my son, I had no idea” replied Fredrick.

“Father, will you care for my Queen and children?” asked Edmund

“Yes, my son but why” replied Fredrick.

“I need to go see my brother in Bree” replied Edmund “Have a safe trip, my son” said Fredrick.

“Sir Henry, will you fly with me?” asked King Edmund while turning to Sir Henry. “Fly, my lord?” asked Henry confused.

“Rohan hasn’t spoken of Aubrey” asked a surprised Edmund.

“No sir, who is Aubrey? Replied Henry

“Follow me” said Edmund as he walked out into the court yard by the same door that the knight had lead Henry through from the court yard. They stopped in the middle of the court yard and King Edmund spoke out loud to the air “Aubrey it is time to go see Rohan, your brother” in an instant a huge blue dragon landed with a roar in front of them, making the ground shake.

“My friend and brother, who is this young knight with you?” asked Aubrey.

“This is Sir Henry of Bree and he is an old friend of our brother Rohan and he needs to get back to Rohan, so we will take him back to Bree”

“Of course I miss my dear friend Sir Rohan” replied Aubrey.

“She doesn’t know about Prince Rohan?” asked Sir Henry

“Prince Rohan?” asked a surprised Aubrey.

“I will explain it later” Edmund said to Aubrey as he climbed up onto her back with Henry close behind. Once they were seated on her back, Aubrey took off and flew north towards Bree…..

Two days later they saw the palace of Bree on the horizon. They flew nonstop and fast because Aubrey was really excited to see Rohan again. Because Bree was now mostly populated by the people of Endor they had no fear of trouble so they flew right to the palace and landed in the courtyard to hear shouts of

“Hail, King Edmund of Endor and Aubrey Queen of the skies.” The next thing they knew Rohan ran up to them and threw his arms around Aubrey’s neck and exclaimed

“Aubrey, my sister I have missed you”

“And I, you my brother” replied Aubrey as the king jumped down and threw his arms around Rohan

“My lord” said Rohan

“No, my brother” replied the King happily.

“How is father?” asked Rohan.

“He is wonderful, really happy to have you as a son” replied Edmund. “Good, good now let’s go inside” replied Rohan happily.

As they entered the palace a beautiful young woman ran up to Rohan and hugged him

“My brother King Edmund of Endor, I would like you to meet the lady Andrea, my fiancée” said Rohan.

“My lady, it is a pleasure to meet you” said Edmund. Andrea bowed to Edmund, but he pulled her up gently and exclaimed

“No, my lady!!! You are family, because of my brother Rohan and you are not to ever bow to me.”

“As you wish, my lord” replied Andrea.

Just then Queen Brionna walked over to her son and King Edmund and exclaimed

“My Lord, you look so much like your father did when he was younger.” “Thank you, my Lady” replied Edmund

“How is your father, my dear? Oh how have I missed him” asked the Queen. “My father is great, your highness” replied Edmund

“Perfect, perfect and now you must enjoy the rest of your stay no more questions from me, goodbye young king, go and talk to your brother the prince because I know that he has some answers to your questions” said the Queen as she walked away.

“As you wish, my Lady” replied Edmund.

As he turned and walked with Rohan back out into the court yard they found Aubrey drinking from the water fountain that was decorated with angels on top of it. As they approached her she stopped drinking and exclaimed “Rohan, your mother is a sweet lady”

Rohan started to chuckle and replied

“Yeh your right Aubrey.”

“Now brother I need to know why you never told us that you were really the Prince of Bree?” asked Edmund

“Because, my dear brother I believed that my family and past life had been destroyed, please don’t be angry” replied Rohan sadly.

“I could never be angry about that, my brother. I just had to know the truth” replied Edmund.

Rohan nodded in thanks and then asked “When are you planning on returning to Endor?”

“Soon my brother, as soon as Aubrey is done drinking her fill” replied Edmund.

“But why so soon?” asked Rohan

“Because I have matters to take care of in Endor” replied Edmund.

“Like what my brother?” asked Rohan

“Sir Lucius and his army of outlaws are attacking small towns and forcing the young men to enlist into their army so they might try to resurrect the war” answered Edmund.

“Well Bree will be ready for your call to arms” announced Rohan proudly.

“That is all that I ask” replied Edmund as he climbed onto Aubrey’s back and flew back south towards Endor…

The End of Book I

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