The Kingdom of Endor

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Chapter 1

And The War raged on…………

Twenty-one years later in a land far far away from Endor.

A place where no a soul would dare to live, because of the extreme temperatures of one-hundred degrees and higher. A land, were very few trees and animal life could be found. It’s the land called Burka. This was the ancient home of the dragons, before they all died.

The mountainous land is black and made from ancient molten lava, the whole mountain range has uncounted caves and tunnels that lead underground to huge underground lakes. In this land you will find an old man named Vincent, who was once a knight in King Fredrick of Endor’s court, and two young men who just happen to be the King’s twin sons. As you may know Vincent after believing King Fredrick died, took the twins and disappeared from society to protect them and train them for their day of “revenge” and the day they take their rightful places as rulers of Endor. For the last twenty-one years, Vincent has watched over the boys and trained them in the art of war, and how to act like noble men. With the proper educate and manners of true Kings. Vincent had also told them how their father King Fredrick was brutally murdered by the evil Duke Maddox. Now an aging old man, Vincent who had once muscular and young looking is sixty years old and dying.

He calls the princes into his cave he calls home and with his last few minutes councils the young men that he has grown fond of over the years and felt like they were his own sons. “Edmund, since you’re the eldest, I’ll start with you” he said painfully.

“As you wish, sir” replied Edmund sadly.

“You have learned much from my teachings and since I know that the sword is your best attribute, and that you are the deadliest swords men I have ever met, I give you this gift. But beware it has much power made into it. Since it was made in the days of old by……” Vincent coughs and gags before continuing. “The greatest of all sorcerers Merlin and dragon flame, it cannot be broken, dulled or even chipped” said Vincent faintly. While handing Edmund a broad sword and sheath. Both hilt and sheath were increased with rubies and diamonds of many colors.

“Thank you, sir” exclaimed Edmund in awe, while slowly drawing the sword from the sheath. He immediately notices that the blade glowed bluish in color. “But where did you get it?” asked Edmund in surprise.

“It has been waiting here in a secret cave for over two thousand years, waiting for you the chosen one” coughed Vincent.

“But what are these strange markings on the blade?” asked Edmund curiously.

“They are dragon runes, which means Fire” answered Vincent.

“Fire? But, why a blue blade and glowing?” asked Edmund.

“Because, blue flame is the hottest and most powerful, your highness and that’s what kind of flame that helped make this blade” said Vincent respectfully but weakly.

“Oh” replied Edmund dumb founded because he felt like he should have known the answer.

“Now Richard, please step forward” said Vincent weakly.

“Sire” replied Richard as he stepped forward.

“You also have learned much from my teachings as a warrior and much on your own, learning to use and control your magic was hard for you without another sorcerer to teach you. I am proud of you” exclaimed Vincent painfully.

“Thank you, Sir” replied Richard sadly because he knew that their beloved guardian was indeed dying.

“For you, I give the magic staff of the great Merlin” announced Vincent weakly handing Richard the staff. A staff about four and half to five feet tall, that was black in color and a sliver dragons claw holding a crystal ball on top of it. “This staff will expand your powers one-hundred fold as long as you keep it in your hands” coughed Vincent painfully.

“Does it have a name as well” asked Richard. “No it was never named, so it is up to you to name it, if you want to name it” replied Vincent.

“Then I will name it after you my Lord” exclaimed Richard with respect.

“Thank you, for a wonderful life, you two are like my sons and I love you both” coughed Vincent. “There are a few more things for me to say” said Vincent in more pain than before”. “Here is a map to show you the way back to Endor your kingdom, go straight to the Castle and make me proud” said Vincent weakly while handing Edmund the map. “And secondly, more than likely you’ll come upon an old healer named Mattaline, befriend her and tell her who you are, and she will help you along the way, for she was a dear friend and chief healer and sorceress of your fathers” chocked Vincent. “Thirdly, once you get revenge for your father and restore peace to your kingdom. Return here to Burka, and explore, the cave that I always forbidden you to enter” coughed Vincent.

“Why, Sir” exclaimed Edmund and Richard together.

“Because you will find deep within the cave, the last……” Vincent starts coughing and gagging again.

“Last what, sir?” asked Richard when Vincent stopped gagging and caught his breath.

“The last weapon of peace, the last two dragon eggs in existence. That have been hidden of over three thousand years” Vincent replied weakly.

“What do you want us to do with the eggs, sir” asked Edmund.

“You are to hatch and protect them from any and all danger” Vincent replied weakly.

“But why us” snapped Edmund.

“Because the two of you, are the last of the Draco’s and it is in your blood to protect the dragon’s at all costs as your ancestors have done in the past and much more” choked Vincent. In between coughing and chocking he said “make me proud my son’s. That was the last words Sir Vincent royal knight of Endor ever spoke. For his lungs and heart gave out on him.

“What are we going to do now” exclaimed Richard sadly to his older brother.

“Bury the only father, that we have ever known and then we are going to hunt down the biggest traitor of our kingdom whose name is Maddox the Duke of Anglesire, or should I say the false King of Endor, and kill him” replied Edmund. It only took three hours to bury Sir Vincent. On his grave stone they engraved this:

Here Lies Sir Vincent Pendragon Knight of Endor


A loving and devoted father figure, friend, brother, knight

Then they packed up what food and weapons they had and they started walking east towards Endor which was about three-thousand leagues away.

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