The Kingdom of Endor

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Chapter 3

Richard woke up early the next morning, to find Matty talking and eating with Edmund, about everything that was spoken of the night before.

“How do you feel brother?” asked a worried Richard.

“Much better, now that I know our father is still alive” replied Edmund.

“Hey where is Rohan” asked Richard.

“He is in the inner chamber sleeping” replied Mattie.

“When can we travel” asked Edmund

“As soon as Rohan wakes up, we can start out for Endor” replied Mattie.

“You’re coming? But how we only have three horses” asked Richard.

“Rohan, found another horse and picked up your belongings from the farmer’s place” stated Matty

“Good thinking” replied Richard.

Two hours latter Rohan woke up and packed his things and they rode away continuing their journey east. About a week later they came upon two Knights who were arguing with as Edmund thought the most beautiful woman in the entire world.

“You have to return to the castle my lady” ordered the first knight;

“I shall never return there, my father is evil and deserves to die” replied the woman.

“You shouldn’t speak that way about the Duke” roared the second knight as he slapped her. At that moment Edmund drew his sword and dismounted in a blink of an eye and yelled

“A noble knight should NEVER strike a young lady” as he stepped closer and both knights drew their swords as well, looking both nervous and scared at the blue sword that was glowing blue in Edmund’s hand. They attacked at the same time without speaking. Edmund parried the first knight’s blade while the other knight’s blade slashed a deep slash down his right cheek bone, splashing blood everywhere.

“You’ll pay for that” replied Edmund as he stabbed the first knight and wheeled around to the second knight and swung his sword and loped of his head. And then turned to the young lady and said kindly “My Lady are you ok?” “I…..I…..think…” she stuttered. “What’s your name” asked Edmund gently

“My name is Elizabeth and yours kind sir” replied Elizabeth without taking her eyes of from Edmund.

“A worthy name for a Goddess” Edmund said to himself, but replied to her “My name is Edmund, my lady and this is my brother Richard, and are companions are Rohan an ex-soldier and Mattie who is a healer” replied Edmund softly.

“Let me have a look at that wound, my prince” requested Mattie gently.

“Ok” replied Edmund obediently as he let Mattie look at his face. “I’ll heal it for you my Lord” said Mattie.

“No, it will remind me of this wonderful day I met a beautiful Goddess” replied Edmund while turning red in the face, because he heard Richard and Rohan chuckling about what he said.

“Prince?” asked Elizabeth in shock.

“Yes, my brother and I are Princes of Endor” answered Edmund with kindness.

“The lost Prince’s?” asked Elizabeth with surprise.

“Yes, mam” replied Edmund followed by their story of their life’s.

“Wow, I can’t believe it, I have been rescued from my evil father’s knights by a long lost Prince of Endor, If my father finds out, he’ll have us all killed” exclaimed Elizabeth.

“And who is your father and why did his knights want to harm you?” Interrupted, Rohan. Elizabeth finally took her eyes off from Edmund and replied

“My father is Maddox Duke of Anglesire and he sent his knights to take me home or kill me” “Maddox” replied Richard in anger.

“Easy Brother” ordered Edmund.

“But,” started Richard. Before, Edmund interrupted him.

“Her father wants her dead like he does the rest of us, so we need to protect her” said Edmund smiling because he had taking a liking to Elizabeth.

“You’re absolutely right” replied Richard

“Excuse me” exclaimed Rohan

“Yes, Rohan what is it” asked Edmund

“I think that we should get under way soon, before someone finds us with these bodies and tries to cause us more problems” replied Rohan

“Your right, my friend, we should go, Elizabeth will you ride with me, until we find another horse for you to ride” asked Edmund.

“Yes, your highness” replied Elizabeth with a bow. They climbed onto their horses and continued riding east. During the ride Edmund was deep in conversation with Elizabeth.

“So why do you hate your father?” asked Edmund

“Because he is evil, and he sends innocent boys and men to their deaths in this stupid war he is fighting, and he killed my mother” replied Elizabeth.

“I understand now” replied Edmund sadly.

“I hope you kill him” said Elizabeth

“I intend to and then if you don’t mind I’m going to come a courting you” exclaimed Edmund

“is that a threat or a promise?” asked Elizabeth, happier then she has ever been in her miserable life.

“A little of both” replied Edmund with a big grin.

“I hope so” said Elizabeth. After a few minutes of silence Elizabeth spoke

“I am sorry about your cheek.”

“Don’t worry about that, my Lady it’s just a symbol of sacrifice for a beautiful lady that I would do over and over again” replied Edmund. Elizabeth rode along in silence hiding her flushed face from being flattered. Then Edmund stopped his horse and spoke

“we have ridden a good twenty miles since the encounter with the knights and its late we should camp here”

“I agree” replied Rohan. They dismounted and picketed their horses and unpacked their bedding and cooking supplies. Edmund gave Elizabeth an extra blanket and said

“Elizabeth take this”

“Thank you” she replied

“Your welcome” said Edmund.

“I’ll light a fire” said Richard

“I’ll cook” said Mattie

“I’ll scout around” added Rohan.

Within minutes, Richard had the fire blazing and Mattie had roast mutton sizzling over the fire and she cut up chunks of corn bread and poured some dark mead for them to drink.

“Edmund, how do you expect your father to react once he reaches his castle in Endor? Do you think he will believe you and Richard, about who you are?” asked Elizabeth.

“I don’t know” answered sadly because he nor Richard had thought about it before now, What if their father didn’t believe them? Just then they heard a horse approaching in the darkness. Just as Edmund drew his sword they heard Rohan’s voice speak out of the darkness

“Don’t kill me, you’ll have a need of me before your battles are over.” A moment later Rohan walked into camp guiding a horse. It was the most beautiful creature anyone of them had ever seen.

“A beautiful white mare, for a Goddess” said Edmund to answer everyone’s silent questions. Then Mattie spoke

“Let’s eat” as she handed out plates of roasted mutton and corn bread and cups of dark mead. “We are getting low on meat and we still have many leagues to go before we reach the castle” stated Mattie.

“Rohan and I’ll go hunting in the mourning” replied Richard.

“Good idea” said Rohan

“We should turn in” suggested Mattie while watching Elizabeth doze off. Richard and Rohan took turns on watch.

Early the next morning before the sun started to rise, Richard walked over to where Edmund and Elizabeth where sleeping. After standing there watching them sleep with a smile, enclosed in each other’s arms peacefully thinking to himself, “He couldn’t have picked a more beautiful woman.” He bent down quietly and gently shook his older brother’s shoulder awake while whispering.

“Ed be careful, were going to go hunting now, keep an eye on the camp”

“Ok I am awake” replied Edmund while gently sliding out from under Elizabeth and strapping on the fire sword.

“I am proud of you, big bro” exclaimed Richard.

“Why is that” replied Edmund

“I am not blind you know, I am glad that your finally happy you found a Goddess” replied Richard.

“Just go get some meat you big lug” retorted Edmund with a grin.

Richard picked up his bow and turned to Edmund and said while handing him his staff, “Protect Vincent until I return ok” as he walked out of camp towards Rohan who was waiting just outside of camp. Three hours later Richard and Rohan returned with four skinned and butchered deer and requested to start moving on, in which they did.

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