The Kingdom of Endor

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Chapter 4

Five weeks later

“According to the map and Mattie we will be at the Castle within the next two hours” exclaimed Edmund.

“Finally” replied Richard. Just then four knights and six soldiers’ rode up to them on horseback.

“Halt there, and state your purpose” ordered an ancient looking Knight

“And who would you be” snapped Edmund with his hand on the hilt of his sword.

“His name is Sir Charles and he is Sir Vincent’s brother” interrupted Matty, who uncovered her face from a scrawl she used to keep the dust from her mouth and nose.

“Matty” exclaimed Sir Charles shocked from the appearance of the King’s healer thought to of been long dead.

“Yes it is I, and you should watch your tongue to these two indicating both Edmund and Richard, for they are the lost sons of King Fredrick” replied Matty.

“The lost princes of Endor” praised Sir Charles and instantly all the Knights and soldier’s jumped down from their horses and knelt with their heads low and exclaimed, “Hail Prince Edmund, Hail Prince Richard, we are saved, the war is now at an end”

“Please stand and take us to our father” replied Edmund respectfully.

In a blink of an eye they stood up and jumped back on their horses and Sir Charles replied “follow us your highnesses.” They rode hard and fast, they finally came to the outer walls of the castle, which were closed. Sir Charles yelled up to a soldier in the battlements “Open for Endor” and the gates suddenly rose up, until they safely ride under the gate. They rode down the main street of the city and into the castle court yard were Sir Charles ordered “Dismount” and everyone dismounted and then he said “your Highnesses please follow me.”

Before Edmund followed Sir Charles and Richard he turned to Rohan and said “take care of Elizabeth and Matty will ya,”

“Yes I will with my life” then he followed Sir Charles and Richard into a set of huge double doors and up a spiral stair case. At the top of the stairs they found their way blocked by guards who ordered “Halt.”

“Move a side for important Endor business” demanded Sir Charles. The guards looked confused at the sight of the two huge and muscular men standing behind one of their commanding officers, but moved aside. Then they started walking down a long hallway when Sir Charles finally spoke out loud “This is the day the King is in the chapel alone praying for your mothers soul and for your highnesses safe return and he does not like to be disturbed, but under the circumstances we might, just might be safe” The Princes didn’t say anything, because they were studying the layout of their real home. They came to another set of double doors, the same size as the last except there were little gold crosses on each door. Sir Charles swung the door open and exclaimed “My Lord, please pardon this intrusion but this is important Endor business, and I know if I didn’t bring it to your attention first hand you would have me executed”

“My Sir Charles what are you yelling for, just tell me my old friend” replied the King semi-angry.

“My Lord, may I present to you, you’re …….” Sir Charles started to say before the King interrupted “Sons” finished the King with joy.

“Yes father” replied Edmund.

They set down in the chapel and told their stories and how they came to be at the castle. Then the King spoke and order to the sad Sir Charles who had just heard the fate of his only brother Sir Vincent.

“Bring Matty, Lady Elizabeth and Rohan this instant”

“As you wish my Lord” replied Sir Charles sadly. Within minutes Sir Charles was ushering their companions into the chapel. When the King saw Matty he was instantly over joyed.

“Matty, my dear Matty” exclaimed the King as he ran over to her and hugged her tightly “Oh how have I missed you my old friend” said the King happily.

“I have longed for my old nursery brat prince for twenty-one years my Lord” replied Matty happily. The King blushed and explained that Matty was once his nurse maid when he was a child and when he found out as king that she could heal people and was a sorcerous he invited her back home as his chief healer and sorcerous. Then he asked “Why did you stay away for so long my dear Matty?”

“Because, my Lord I too thought that you were dead until three months ago, I heard the truth” answered Matty.

“All is forgiven, my oldest and dear friend” replied the King. Then he turned to Elizabeth and was instantly mesmerized by her beauty and asked her to step forward and she did shyly. “Don’t be afraid, my dear” said the king in a soft voice.

“But, my father….” begun, Elizabeth.

“Your Father is my enemy, you are not” interrupted the King gladly.

“Thank you, your Majesty” replied Elizabeth walking closer to the King.

“Now let me ask you something” said the King.

“As you wish” replied Elizabeth shocked from how the King was showing her such kindness.

“Do you pledge your loyalties to the Kingdom of Endor” asked the King. “No, not to Endor, but to prince Edmund, because I love him” replied Elizabeth.

“And that’s all that I ask” replied the King with a big grin. “But why” asked Edmund in shock.

“Because, my son her love for you we’ll turn into love for your kingdom” answered King Fredrick

“Oh I see” exclaimed Edmund.

“Now Rohan, please step forward” asked King Fredrick.

“Yes, sir” replied Rohan as he stepped forward

“Young man where are you from?” asked the King.

“I am from a faraway land known as Bree, far to the North where I was a soldier, until Maddox came with his army and ripped out all of my people except me and our queen, Queen Brianna who escaped with a few of her surviving Knights. But where they are no one knows” replied Rohan.

“And where does you loyalties lie” asked the king.

“Nothing against you, you highness or the mighty Kingdom of Endor, but my loyalties lie with my Queen and your sons.” Replied Rohan respectfully.

“Ahh that is great news” said the King. “Ladies please follow Sir Charles to your rooms to freshen up while I do what I need to do here with my sons and Rohan” requested the King. They waited for the doors to close before the King spoke “Edmund give me your sword” ordered the King. Edmund slowly drew his sword and handed it hilt first to his father. “The Fire Sword? But how?” exclaimed King Fredrick in shock.

“Sir Vincent before he died” replied Edmund sadly.

“It’s been missing for over two thousand years along with Merlin’s staff” exclaimed King Fredrick in awe.

Just then Richard unwrapped “Vincent from a blanket he had wrapped it in to hide its appearance and exclaimed “I hold Vincent, Merlin’s staff in my hand”

“But how?” asked King Fredrick in disbelief.

“They were hidden in Burka in a cave that Sir Vincent had found when we were young” replied Edmund.

“Amazing, now we can win this war easier than before.” replied the King still holding “the fire sword” After a few moments he asked his sons to kneel in which they did and then while tapping each of his son’s shoulders he spoke “In the name of Endor I King Fredrick Draco pronounce you both …..Sir Edmund Draco and Sir Richard Draco Princes and Knights of Endor, you may raise” as they stood up King Fredrick handed the “fire sword” back to his son and turned to Rohan and spoke to him, “It’s your turn, step up to your Prince” ordered the King.

“Yes sir” replied Rohan as he knelt at Edmunds feet. While tapping Rohan’s shoulders, Edmund spoke

“In the Name of Endor, I Prince Edmund Draco pronounce you Sir Rohan knight of Prince Edmund and Prince Richard, please raise Sir Rohan of Endor.” As Rohan rose to his feet Edmund and Richard hugged him as a brother with delight.

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