The Kingdom of Endor

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Chapter 5

The next morning, Edmund woke up early and rolled over and kissed Elizabeth gently on her lips and quietly got up out of bed so he wouldn’t wake her up, he silently dressed and strapped on his sword and silently walked out of his room. He walked down to the throne room and found it empty. He went to turn around and leave when he noticed the faded tapestry behind the throne. He walked over to it realizing it was the same one that Sir Vincent had moved aside revealing, a “door to safety.” He stared at tapestry of the Dragon before he moved it aside and found the secret door then he heard his father.

“So you found it” said the king.

“Yes sir, without this we would be dead” replied a saddened Edmund.

“How did you and Lady Elizabeth sleep last night” asked a concerned father not as the King.

“It was like Heaven” replied Edmund.

“I am glad, I believe that she’ll make a glorious Queen one day soon” replied King Fredrick.

“But she is a peasant right?” asked Edmund.

“No, my son she is the daughter of a Duke, she is of noble blood” replied the King gently.

“I never thought about it that way” replied Edmund. “Have you asked her to be your wife yet?” asked the King.

“No, sir but I will” exclaimed Edmund happily.

“Here take this, it was your late mother’s” offered the King as he handed his son a little baby blue velvet box, Edmund accepted the box and slowly opened it, to find a ring made of white gold, the band was inlaid with tiny emeralds and twenty-four karat diamond on top. It was the most beautiful thing he had ever seen except for Elizabeth.

“Thank you, father” exclaimed Edmund in excitement.

“You’re welcome my son” replied King Fredrick while hugging his son.

“If you would excuse me father but I have an important question to ask a very beautiful young lady” exclaimed Edmund while walking out of the throne room leaving, a very happy King.

Edmund walked back to his room as fast as he could. When he arrived at his door he gently pushed it open to find Elizabeth laying on the bed smiling up at him and she asked “where did you go? I have missed you terribly.” He sat down next to her and leaned over and kissed her tenderly.

“Lizzy, darling I have a question for you” said Edmund.

“What is it my love?” replied Elizabeth

“Will you marry me, my love?” asked Edmund lovingly while putting the ring on her finger and saying “this was my mother’s ring.”

As her face lit up and her eyes sparkled she answered “Yes, Yes my Prince” as they made love until afternoon, when there was a loud knock on the door, Edmund covered Elizabeth’s nude sleeping body with a blanket, And put his pants on before he spoke, “Enter.”

Richard came in exclaiming “Maddox is coming, he thinks he can end this war now.”

“send him a chellenge from me!!” ordered Edmund.

“What are you talking about?” asked Richard.

“We will end his rein of terror once and for all!!” replied Edmund.

“How?” asked Richard.

“We will send him a challenge!! The two of us against his best sorceror and himself, Winner takes all. Set the date one month from today” answered Edmund

“Ok but why?” asked Richard

“Because little brother, we don’t want anymore blood shed, now do we? And I want to avenge my future wife’s pains and misery caused by that murdering traitor” replied Edmund.

“Future wife? You old scoundel you, when is the big day? asked Richard. “Well next Friday, to be exact” answered Edmund proudly with a grin. “Next Friday? You mean its on Sir Vincents birthday?” exclaimed Richard “Why yes” replied Edmund “What about the arrangments?” asked Richard “Well its going to be very small of course” replied Edmund.

“But Ed, who will be invited?” asked Richard.

“Well theirs you, father, Matty, Rohan and Sir Charles and a few Knights” replied Edmund.

“Very small indeed” replied Richard

“Will you send the challenge and stand with me against Maddox?” asked Edmund.

“Yes to both of your questions my brother” replied Richard.

“Oh and one more thing!!” said Edmund.

“Yes what is it?” asked Richard

“Inform the traitor that his lovely daughter is marrying Prince Edmund of Endor, if you please” requested Edmund.

“As you wish, Ed” replied Richard happily as they noticed Elizabeth lying on the bed quietly smiling.

“What is it my love” Edmund asked her.

“Thank you for my wedding present” she replied as Richard walked out of the room to write up the Challenge. This is what he wrote on a piece of parchment:

Maddox Duke of Anglesire,

I, Edmund Draco Prince of Endor and my twin brother Prince Richard hereby challenge you to a duel to determine the victor of this god forsaken war because we feel that it has gone on far to long and to much blood has been spilled over the years. You are aloud one sorceror as your second. The day of the chellenge will be held one month from today. If we defeat you in hand to hand combat I, Prince Edmund will spare your life, for we will be family because I am marring your daughter a week from tomorrow.

Yours truly,

Edmund Draco Prince of Endor

Once he was done writing the Chellange for his brother Richard went up to a scout and handed the letter to him and told him to bring it to Maddox’s camp and give it to him. About two hours later a messenger walked into the great hall where everyone was enjoying dinner and talking about wedding plans.

“Excuse me your highness” said the messenger to Princess Edmund.

“Go ahead” replied Edmund and the messenger unrolled the parchment in his hand and read out loud:

Prince Edmund,

I, Maddox Duke of Anglesire, accept your challenge to a duel between my chief sorcorer and myself and you and your brother Prince Richard. As for my daughter, my wedding present to her will be your head on a golden plater after I cut it off in battle.

Yours truly,

Maddox, Duke of Anglesire

“What is this nonesense?” demanded the King angerly.

“I am going to save thousands of lives with my brother’s help, that is” replied Edmund.

“But why do it this way?” asked King Fredrick.

“Easiest way to kill him and have true peace” answered Edmund.

“I understand, my son” replied King Fredrick sadly.

The week had gone by faster anyone had intisapated with the wedding plans, and the hard enduring training for the princes. Yet everyone was happy and looking forward to the wedding. The King, the Princes were in the kings private apartments with Sir Rohan and Sir Charles getting ready for the wedding. While Matty was helping Elizabeth prepare in her and Edmunds apartments.

“You make me a proud father” King Fredrick anounced to Edmund.

“Thank you father” replied Edmund

“I have a gift for you, my son and Richard agrees” anounced King Fredrick. Edmund looked from his father to his brother, who were both smiling brightly. “What is it father” asked Edmund.

“well” begain King Fredrick before pausing.

“Well what?” replied Edmund

“Once your married, I am passing my crown to you, my son” answered King Fredrick.

“Oh, but what about Richard?” asked Edmund.

“We have discussed this and he wants to guard Burka because it is a scaried place and he feels that its his true home and sadly I agreed on one condition, which is he takes with him one thousand men and women, five hundred each” replied King Fredrick. Then Sir Rohan started smiling at Edmund.

“Now what?” asked Edmund

“Your friend Rohan is now my apopted son and with my blessing will return to Bree with another thousand men and women to rebulid and protect the kingdom of Bree until Queen Brioena returns, and once she is back on her throne, we will make a treaty of friendship and Rohan as a Knight of Endor can come back to either of the Draco kingdoms or remain in his home country as an embassador of peace between Endor, Burka, and Bree” stated King Fredrick.

“Wow, king? What a gift!!” replied Edmund while they walked into the chapel to await Matty and Elizabeth. A few momonts later they arrived, Matty stopped at the door and urged Elizabeth forward towards the King and Edmund and Richard who was acting best man. Then Matty set down next to Sir Rohan and Sir Charles. Elizabeth walked slowly in her white gown up to Edmund. Edmund thought she looked like a Goddess. Elizabeth thought that Edmund was handsome in his baby blue tunic and black tousers and around his waist was the fire sword freashly ploished and shining brightly.

“May we begin?” asked the King

“Yes please do” replied Elizabeth.

“Do you, Prince Edmund of Endor, take this woman Lady Elizabeth of Anglesire to be your wife?” asked King Fredrick.

“I Do” replied Edmund

“Do you, Lady Elizabeth of Anglesire take this man, Prince Edmund of Endor to be your husband?”

“I most graciously do” replied Elizabeth happily.

“I now pronouce you Prince Edmund and Princess Elizabeth Draco of Endor” announced King Fredrick. Edmund and Elizabeth stared at each other while holding hands when King Fredrick said happily, “you may kiss the bride and that’s an order.”

Edmund took Elizabeth in his arms and kissed her passionantly and wispered “I love you lizzy”

“I love you eddie” replied Elizabeth.

Edmund turned to his father and said “I am ready father.”

King Fredrick took off his crown and while placing it on Edmunds brow said “I hereby hand the throne of Endor and the Kingdom of Endor over to my eldest son prince Edmund Draco, from this day fourth he will be known as King Edmund Draco of Endor and his Queen Elizabeth Draco” taking a crown out of his tunic and placing it onto her head. To shocked to say anything Elizabeth just cried.

“Now, King Edmund should finish” said Fredrick as he turned to sit down. “Richard, my dear brother and closet friend, I hereby bestow on you the powers and right to be King over all of Burka” anounced King Edmund while taking a crown from a hidden compartment in the wall next to him and placing it on Richards brow.

“Thank you, my brother” replied King Richard while clasping Edmunds hand.

“Now, if you would excuse us, Your King and Queen need to have sometime alone” said Edmund as he escourted Elizabeth to their private chambers. Once inside the door Edmund bared the door. They spent five whole days and nights in the chambers together and alone. On the sixth day King Edmund woke up early because his queen was feeling ill, so he summoned the only healer he trusted.

Matty walked into their bed chamber and immeditly examed Elizabeth, while Edmund went to the throne room to meet in council with his advisors, he only had four that he appointed just before the wedding and they where his father,King Richard, Sir Rohan and Sir Charles. But he had to cancel this appointment because Matty ran in as they were starting and yelled “My Lord, the Queen is with child!!”

“This is great news, I will go and see my Queen, now.” Replied King Edmund

As Edmund ran into his chambers he said “Lizzy, my darling are you happy?”

“Yes, my love” replied Elizabeth while holding him. Edmund spent the whole day with his wife, because he knew that the following mourning he had to train for the up coming duel that was fastly appouching. The next mourning Edmund woke early, dressed and kissed his wife and walked down to the court yard where King Richard and Sir Rohan and Sir Charles were waiting for him. They trained all day, everyday for the next couple of weeks. The Day of the duel arrived and King Edmund joined King Richard out on the battle field. Maddox and his sorcorer walked up to them and asked “rules.”

“Just one” replied King Edmund.

“Which is” sneered Maddox

“You are not to use magic, and if you do, you instantly forfeit and are arrested and hung” replied King Edmund.

“Agreed” sneered Maddox angerily as he prpared himself by drawing his sword as King Richard and the sorceror left the field to awaiting their turn if they are needed to finish the duel. Edmund likewise drew his sword. Maddox swung his sword like an old man, weakly and without skill, Edmund blocked the blow and swung the fire sword and loped of Maddox’s right arm above the elbow, with little effort because of how sharp the fire sword is. “Agh” screamed Maddox in pain while falling to one knee.

“Do you yield?” requested Edmund

“Never” screamed maddox leaping to his feet with blood barley dripping from his wound because the blue flame from the fire sword partly sealed the wound, Maddox paried slowly and Edmund moved aside so fast he looked like a blur to maddox, and stuck out his foot and tripped Maddox. When Maddox rose to his feet he looked like a crazied, mad man who only wanted to see people die. “I give your head to my daughter on a golden platter!!!” screamed Maddox angerily.

“I regret that you won’t live long enough to meet your grandchild” replied King Edmund sadly.

“What?” demanded Maddox as he lowered his sword in shock, just enough so that Edmund so that Edmund could swing his sword and lop his head but he didn’t. “My Elizabeth is with child?” asked Madox with more shock.

“Yes, and all my Queen and I want is peace” demanded King Edmund

“NO PEACE, but I will kill you and then sell her into slavery like the whore she is, and then bring the bastard child up as my own” retorted Maddox without even rising his sword, instantly like a flash of lighting Edmund angerily swung the fire sword with all his might, and loped of Maddox’s head.

Instantly happy and relieved shouts of “the wars over” over and over again from the crowd. Fredrick and Richard ran over to King Edmund.

As Fredrick appouched his son he asked “are you alright my son?”

“No father” replied Edmund

“Why, whats wrong? Are you hurt?” asked a worried Fredrick.

“No, not hurt, just sad” replied Edmund with tears in his eyes.

“Why sad?” asked a curious Fredrick

“Because I had to kill a member of my family” replied Edmund.

“It’s a sad thing, I know but it had to be done, my son” replied Fedrick.

“Ed my brother, Rohan and I will deal with this, go to your Queen” ordered King Richard. Still saddened with grief Edmund walked back inside the castle and went to his chambers.

As he entered he noticed his wife and spoke “Lizzy, I am sorry you married a weak man.”

“What do you mean? Asked a surprised Elizabeth

“I showed weakness today” replied Edmund sadly.

“How” asked a confused Elizabeth

“I offered your father a chance to surrender for the babies sake, because we are now family and he refused” replied Edmund.

“My sweet dear King, that was not cowardice, that was proving how much of a great and caring King you really are” said Elizabeth praisingly as she held him in his arms.

A week later Elizabeth and Matty cornered Edmund and asked him for help with a name for the baby.

“What, about Vincent?” asked Edmund

“Strong name” replied Elizabeth.

“Sir Vincent, would be proud” anounced Matty

“It’s settled then Vincent Draco” said Edmund happily. Just then Elizabeth colapsed onto the bed holding her stomach and screaming in pain.

“What’s wrong my love?” asked a scared Edmund who was starting to panic.

“The baby is coming” yelled Matty

“What should I do?” asked a scared Edmund.

“Leave us alone, I will deal with this” ordered Matty.

“Alright Matty” cried Edmund while slowly backing out of the room. Two hours later, King Edmund was having a conversation with his father and Rohan when Matty walked out of his chambers covered in blood, Edmund looked at her and asked “how is my Queen and my child?”

“Which one?” asked Matty.

“What do you mean, by which one?” asked Edmund

“My Lord, you have a son and a daughter, your son is ten minutes older then his sister” replied Matty.

“Twins? How are they?” asked a happy Edmund

“The twins are in great health, but the Queen is weak and teird, you may enter if you would like too” offered Matty.

“Thank you Matty” replied Edmund as he walked into his room. He walked over to his bed happaily.

“How are you my love?” asked Edmund

“Tierd Ed, but we need to name our daughter before I go to sleep” requested Elizabeth. Edmund looked down at Vincent and the baby girl and thought of a name.

“what about Selena” suggested Edmund

“What a beautiful name”replied Elizabeth

“Matty would you like the job of being Prince Vincent’s and Princess Selena’s nurse like you were for my father” asked Edmund.

“With all my love and ability” anwsered Matty happily as she carried the twins into the adjoining room where there nursey was set up, to put them to bed.

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