The Kingdom of Endor

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Chapter 6

The next mourning King Edmund met in council with his father, King Richard, Sir Rohan and Sir Charles and were discussing he future Plans for the kingdom.

“I think that we should name a new Duke of Anglsire” suggested Fredrick.

“But who can we trust” asked Rohan

“I know of one” replied King Edmund

“Who Ed?” asked king Richard.

“Why Sir Charles of course” replied Edmund

“Me my King?” asked Sir Charles in shock

“Yes, Sir Charles, you and only because you desearve it more then any other knight in the Kingdom. You have served my father well and I know that you will remain loyal to me no matter what happens” replied King Edmund.

“Thank you, for this honor my Lord” said a happy Sir Charles

“Know, Rohan before you go to Bree you need to help my brother and I when we return to Burka” anounced King Edmund.

“Return to Burka? Why both of you?” asked a shocked fredrick.

“Father Richard and I have to full fill a promise we made to Sir Vincent your best friend” replied King Edmund

“What promise?” asked Fredrick

“There is a cave deep in the mountains of Burka, in this cave is the last two dragon eggs and we promised Sir Vincent that we would help them hatch and protect them and to live up to our ancestory. At all cost, even if it means our lives and I believe that’s is why my brother wishes to live in Burka and rule it under the banner of Endor, so he can protect the last of the dragons” replied King Edmund.

“There is more to our anchestory then you know” said Fredrick while he was walking over to the throne, sliding away a secret panel that revealed a compartment with books. Fredrick removed the books and walked back over to the group. He handed the books to Edmund. Edmund read the titles of each book: The Life of Dragons and the second was Healing Dragons and the third was called Dragon Ryder’s and the gift’s they process and the fourth book was entitle The Ancestory of Dragon’s and Their Ryder’s, all in fancy gold lettering. Edmund just started at the books after he read the titles.

Then Fredrick spoke “You and your brother are the chosen ones, I just wish that we knew of the eggs before now. Then I could of started training you back when you first came home to Endor” said Fredrick

“We must set out at once”said Edmund

“Not yet my son” said Fredrick “But why not, father?” asked Edmund

“Because you must make arrangments for someone to watch over your affairs here” answered Fredrick.

Edmund thought about it for a few minutes before he spoke “Father you’re the only one who could, would you watch over my Kingdom and family until I return” “I shall with all my strength that I have let in my body” answered Fredrick

“Thank you Father” replied Edmund

“We must pack and prepare the soilders, knights and farmers and women and the supplies that we are able to take with us” ordered King Richard and they all started to leave to prepare for their journy to Burka. “Ed, take the books you and Richard can study them on your way to Burka” requsted Fredrick

“I will father” replied Edmund as he picked up the books and walked out of the throne room, towards his private chambers to pack and to explain to elizabeth why he must go. As he opened the door he looked at his Queen, his love and realized that he would miss her deeply.

“My love, I am sorry but I must leave in the morning”….. begun Edmund before Elizabeth cut him short.

“But why, my love”

“To keep a promise and more” replied Edmund

“More?” asked Elizabeth.

“Yes, my love to protect our ancestory” replied Edmund

“But how?” asked Elizabeth.

“The Dragon’s need the Draco’s help again and”…. Began Edmund before Elizabeth inturpted him again

“My love, the Dragon’s are dead, they have been for a million years.”

“No my dear, there are two Dragon eggs in Burka” replied Edmund with pride.

“Oh how wonderful” exclaimed Elizabeth with excitement.

“That is why I must return there with Richard to full fill the promise to Sir Vincent” stated Edmund

“I see, just be careful and come home to us saftly” ordered Elizabeth.

Edmund grabbed his wife gently and looked into her eyes and promised her “I will come home to you and the children.” The next mourning, before they left Richard, Rohan and Edmund took turns passing the twins around saying tearfull goodbyes to everyone. Edmund kissed and held Elizabeth and said to her “I love you, my love, I’ll return” then he got on his horse and they all rode off to meet their caravan of knights, soliders, farmers, and architects and women and wagons of surplies. They rode west towards Burka. Their were two groups, one was King Richard’s and the other group was Sir Charles the Duke of Anglsire. Once they go so far they will say their goodbyes and split up, one group continuing west and the other turning south towards Endor’s southern city of Anglsire.

Every night in their tent Edmund and Richard would read the books of Dragons and learning new things, like how dragon ryders were either warriors or Sorcerors or sometimes both and that the sorcorer and his dragon had to go and train with the elves to become strong in the ways of magic together and the warrior trained for war with his dragon.

“Well, I guess I’ll have to make a trip to Westsire” anounced Richard.

“When I get back home, I will send a messenger to westsire and request they live up to their calling and train you” replied Edmund. After a few minutes Richard gasped

“What is it?” asked Edmund

“Its says here that the only way for a dragon to hatch is for its ryder to ask it to” stated Richard.

“Sounds easy” replied Edmund, Just then they heard Rohan outside the tent ask for permisson to enter.

“May I enter brothers”

“Yes” replied Edmund who noticed as Rohan entered the tent that he looked sad. “What is wrong?” asked Richard

“I had a dream that distrubed me very much” replied Rohan

“please tell” replied Richard

“please do” replied Edmund.

“Well, I dreamed that my solider’s and I where wondering the halls of the palace in Bree, when we found my mother very much alive, when she saw the banners of Endor that some of my men were carring she asked me “How is your father King Fredrick” said a shaky Rohan.

“Well what do you say about that Rich?” asked Edmund

“Maybe it’s a preminition” suggested Richard.

They fell asleep after talking half the night about dragons, ghosts, Bree and Endor and Burka. The next day made three months of being away from the castle and it was time to say good bye to Sir Charles and his caravan.

“Good bye my loyal Duke” said King Edmund sadly

“Good bye my King” replied Sir Charles tearfully, when everyone was done with goodbyes they started south while Edmund, Richard and Rohan and their Caravan continued west. Twenty miles further they came to the village by the lake, where they found the old farmer. They kept themselves promise about fixing part of his barn, They acyually rebuilt the barn. It only took three days with all their men to rebuild it. Then they continued on their way, proud of thems selfs for keeping another promise even though they did more then what they promised. One evening a month later Sir Rohan came to the Kings tent.

“What is it Rohan?” asked Edmund

“I just got back from scouting ahead and I found burnt Mountains and extremely hot tempertures just over the next pass” replied Rohan.

“We have reached Burka” anounced Richard.

“We will take four knights and four soliders and four engineers with us” said Edmund “And we will set up the preimitures of my palace and land for my people and then we will leave the engineer’s to start building and the soilder’s and the knights will stand guard” said Richard.

“We need to at least twenty more to start the laboring” suggested Rohan

“True” agreed Richard

“Then its settled, we will go at first light and in three days we will send for everyone else” said Edmund

“But first we should get some rest” said Rohan.

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