The Kingdom of Endor

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Chapter 7

At first light the next mourning, Edmund,Richard, and Rohan took their little group and rode to where they new was the best place to build the castle. On top of a huge cliff that was about three miles long by four miles wide that had a couple tunnels that were level with the ground that led to the underground lakes in which would make perfect passageways down to the lakes. King Richard explianed to the Engineers what he wanted the new palace to look like and then they marked of places in they valley below for houses and other buildings.

“We should go”anounced Edmund finally.

“Lets go” replied Rohan.

They swung back onto their horses and rode the four hundred yards towards Sir Vincents old cave and dismounted and walked into the cave. Richard lite the toarch that was in the handmade bracket on the wall by saying “firga” and then handed the torch to Edmund who knew the way to the cave they seeked.

For he alone ventured these numerous caves and tunnels in these mountains while still young. “follow me, and Rohan stay close to us” said Edmund as he started walking down a tunnel at the other end of Vincents cave. They walked from tunnel to cave to tunnel to cave,deeper and deeper untill they came to a lake that Richard had never seen before.

“Rich, this is it, look over there” said Edmund. Richard looked past his brother s pointed finger up a head of them their was a tiny opening about half their height. They walked to the opening slowly. They had to bend over to enter the tunnel that led to the forbidden cave. The tunnel was long it took them twenty minutes to reach the end. At the end of the tunnel it opened up into a cavern. The cavern was huge and had carvings of dragon’s in the walls.In the middle of the cavern was a poteum of stone , and on this poteum where two eggs about the size of wagon wheels in size but egg shaped. One egg was bluish in color and the other was a deep redish color. Edmund appouched first and touched the eggs and spoke

“It is time to hatch”

At first nothing happened, then the bluish egg started to vibrate and crack open. Not a little crack but a crack that went half way around the circumfernce of the egg and spider webbed.

“That’s right, my little friend, come out of your shell” cried Edmund.

Instantly the egg fell apart and from inside came a little blue baby dragon. A cute creature with a blue body and blue eyes.

“Don’t be afraid, my little friend” wispered Edmund while causisly reaching out with his left hand to pet the little dragon, When his hand touched hits back to pet it, the dragon asked

“Are you King Edmund of Endor of the Draco line?”

”Why yes I am and whats your name? replied a shocked Edmund. The dragon jumped into his arms and replied

“I have waited a long long time to meet you, my name is Aubrey” answered the dragon.

“Aubrey? So you are a girl dragon?” replied Edmund.

“Excuse me, but I must awaken my little friend too” inturrupted Richard.

“yes, please do, because Iwant to see my nest mate” replied Aubry. Richard immediantly walked up to the stone poteum snd spoke like a true King with honor,

“I, King Richard of Burka, decentant of the Draco’s of Endor request that his new friend and brother awaken and come fourth from his egg that has held im captive for so long and live free from its mellenium old prison. Instantly the egg exploded in a cloud of dust and when the dust cleared away there stood athe reddest dragon he had ever seen, even from old paintings this was the reddest one. “You have summoned me, Richard, after so long you have actually summoned me?” replied the red dragon.

“What is your name my little friend?” asked Richard respectfully.

“My name is Brock” replied the red dragon. Brock looked around and asked Richard who is campions were.

“The man on my right my brother King Edmund and he is holding ur nest mate Aubry and the other one behind us is Sir Rohan of Bree and loyal knight of Endor” replied Richard.

“Blue one, lets go find something to eat, I am starving” said Brock “ I would love to, if its ok with Edmund” replied Aubry.

“I don’t mind at all as long as you stay close to this side of the mountains untill we explain to our people that you two are are friends” answered Edmund. At that the two dragons flew off through the caves to find their way to the outside world, leaving the three men alone.

“So, now we need to figure out how we are going to keep them safe” said Sir Rohan.

“We shall learn from each other and teach each other” replied Richard while they slowely walked back to the surface. Days past into weeks and weeks in to months. By the fourth month the palace and the village by the use of a lot of magic on Richards part with a added “dragon’s loft” as Richard calls it, in the throne room. It was big enough to house two fully grown dragon’s and have penty of room to spare with an open wall so the dragons could come and go as they pleased. Edmund sent plans back to endor to his father for a “dragon’s loft” to be built and also a signed letter to the elves to request that they live up to their ancient pact with the dragon’s and human’s to teach King Richard of Burka and Brock the dragon. That was three and a half months ago and now the dragon’s have grown, They have grown in size, and are now very strong. Edmund and Rohan planed on leaving the next day on Aubrey’s back and flying home but not before stopping in Anglesire to rest and checking in with Sir Charles. The next day they said their goodbyes . The goodbyes, where long and sad but they received beautiful news from Richard.

“You’ll be happy to know that I am in love and am going to be married in the spring” anounced Richard.

“Who is the lucky lady” asked Edmund excitidley.

“Why it’s the Lady Mary of course” replied Richard. The Lady Mary was Sir Vincent’s daughter, she was born three days after he ran with the boys.

“He would be honored if he was still with us” said Edmund. They climbed onto Aubrey’s back and she jumped into the air and cried out

“good-bye Brock we’ll see each other soon, I know it.”

“Take care my friend and protect your human” replied Brock sadly. Aubrey could fly fast, so fast that when they landed at night fall in a clump of trees they were about thirty miles east of Anglesire.

Edmund gathered wood and built a fire and Aubrey lite it with her fire breath and then she went looking for a few deer to eat. Rohan went out to find something to hunt with his bow and arrows, leaving Edmund to unpack their bed rolls and cooking supplies. By the time he had everything settled, Rohan had returned with the best cuts from a 330lb bear cub and offered it to Edmund to cook while he settled down to rest.

“I’ve been thinking” said Rohan suddenly

“of?” replied Edmund turning over a huge bear steak

“Aubrey” said Rohan.

“What of her” replied Edmund, “What will they do once we arrive tomorrow morning when they see her?” asked Rohan.

“Well if they try to hurt her I’ll kill them all as tratiors” promised Edmund. “I’ll help, because Aubrey has become like a sister to me” agreed Rohan.

By then the bear steaks were ready and they ate in silence. Aubrey returned and looked at Rohan with tearful eyes

“whats wrong Aubrey?” asked Rohan worriedly

“you” replied Aubrey.

“Me?” asked a confused Rohan

“yes, I heard what you said to Edmund and I feel the same, my brother” said a happy Aubrey.

“How did you hear me?” asked Rohan

“I can hear through Edmund” replied Aubrey.

“I see” said Rohan

while Edmund thought and said “I thought you knew Rohan, that she and I are connected?” replied Edmund.

“Not that connected but this is a good thing” said Rohan. They soon fell asleep. They woke up early the next morning and ate left over bear meat and then packed their few belongings and then took to the air on Aubrey’s back.

They flew the last thirty miles to Anglesire. When they arrieved they heard horns blowing peaseants and soliders yelling and screaming, Then they came upon a couple knights of Endor who recongized their King, they bowed down but had the look of surprise on their faces, from seeing their King on a dragon, a real live one at that.

Aubrey landed in the palace court yard of the Duke of Anglesire and Edmund jumped off of her back closely followed by Rohan, when Sir Charles ran out the door exclaiming

“your Majesty, Sir Rohan” while droping to his knees and bowing.

“raise my friend” ordered the King repectfully.

“My Lord, I see you found what you were looking for?” replied Sir Charles looking at Aubrey, while standing up.

“Two Dragons actually, Sir Charles Duke of Anglesire, I would like you to meet Aubrey, one of the last dragons and my life mate” announced Edmund.

“Two, my Lord?” asked Sir Charles while scanning the skies for the second dragon.

“Yes, the other dragon is in Burka with King Richard” replied Edmund while chukling because he thought that the sight of Sir Charles scaning the skies was amusing.

“Sir Rohan” said Sir Charles bowing slightly in respect to a fellow knight.

“Duke Charles” replied Rohan nodding his own head.

“So how is everything” asked Edmund.

“Wonderful, just winderful, everyone wants peace my Lord” replied Sir Charles “Good, I expect that you will remember that the people of Anglesire owe their taxes in a months time” announced Edmund

“I do remember Sire” replied Sir Charles.

“We will be heading home, but I have wonderful news to tell you” said The King “Yes, my Lord” replied Sir Charles

“My brother, King Richard of Burka and the Lady Mary of Endor are getting married, this spring” anounced Edmund.

“Very good news indeed, my late brother would have been happy at the match” replied Sir Charles happily. Edmund and Rohan hugged Sir Charles goodbye and climbed on the back onto Aubry’s back and she flew off continuing their journey west to the palace.

“We should be home in the mourning” said Edmund happily.

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