The Kingdom of Endor

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Chapter 8

The early morning light was blinding after flying all night, by the time the palace came into view all of them were dead tired. They flew to the well-constructed “dragons loft” without making any noise or even a sentry noticing them. When Aubrey landed, she looked around at the inside of the “dragons loft” and said

“Very nice, looks comfortable”

“It’s your home now” announced Edmund

“I like it” replied Aubrey sleepily

“Goodnight, sleep tight and don’t leave until after I speak to my people regarding your safety” ordered Edmund

“Goodnight, my sister” said Rohan

“Good night my brothers” replied Aubrey. With that they walked out into the throne room towards Edmunds private chambers and Rohan to his own. Once inside, Edmund lay down quietly on his sofa and passed out. Three hours later he was awakened by his lovely wife who kissed him and said

“Why are you out here? My love, go to our bed and sleep”

“Because my dear, I didn’t want to wake you and I am in need of a bath” replied Edmund.

“Oh Eddie, my love go to our bed and get some sleep” ordered his wife. Edmund kissed his wife tenderly and obeyed as soon as his head hit his pillow he passed back out. Around lunch time he was awakened again by his wife

“My love, wake up and take a bath, your father needs to speak to you about your journey” said Elizabeth

“Ok I am getting up, but tell my father that NO ONE except Rohan enters the throne room until I meet with them” replied Edmund.

“Is it a dragon?” asked Elizabeth with excitement

“Yes, my love” replied Edmund

“I will tell him only what you have asked me to” announced the Queen turning to leave.

“Wait, how is Vincent and Selena? Asked Edmund

“They are growing strong and they are the most wonderful children in the world” replied the Queen.

“I want to see them and Matty as soon as I am done bathing” said Edmund

“Of course, my love” replied Elizabeth as she left her husband to bathe.

Edmund walked over to the mirror in his bathing room and looked at his face in the mirror. It was tanned except for his scar on his right cheek, it was white. He trimmed his goatee and hair then he climbed into the pool of water that was used for bathing and washed himself. Twenty minutes later Edmund was fully dressed in a silk baby blue tunic and black pants with a cleaned “fire sword” strapped to his hip. He placed his crown onto his brow and walked out of the bathing room and into his sitting room to find Matty sitting on the floor playing with his children.

“Matty” exclaimed Edmund softly

“My Lord” exclaimed Matty jumping up to hug him.

“They are healthy, smart for two children of three years of age” said Matty

“I can’t believe that it has been this long since I left” replied Edmund sadly. “Children, your father’s home” announced Matty to the children. The children got up and looked at their father

“Good morning, your highness” said Vincent while bowing.

“Daddy” screamed Selena while running up to him, Edmund simply bent down and picked her up, while holding her he said

“I missed you so much my little princess, oh how you have grown.”

“Daddy can we go on a picnic?” asked Selena

“Yes, but first daddy needs to speak to grandfather and uncle Rohan first” replied Edmund gently setting her back down on the floor and turned to Matty and Elizabeth

“You two and the Children need to be their too” said Edmund.

“As you wish, my Lord” replied Matty

“We will be there, my love” replied Elizabeth as Edmund hugged Vincent and walked out towards the throne room. A few minutes later, he entered the throne room which was empty except for Rohan who was fussing with large drapes that he had put up over the doorway to the “dragon’s loft.”

“Just as I was thinking” said the King suddenly.

“Ed you startled me” replied Rohan.

“Your niece and nephew have grown so much. They will be here soon” said Edmund.

“I can’t wait, I have missed them as much as any uncle would if not more” replied Rohan. Just then Matty, Elizabeth and the children walked into the throne room followed by Fredrick.

“Hello father” said Edmund.

“Hello my son, it’s been a long time, how is your brother?” asked Fredrick.

“He is happy, the palace and village are all completed and he is to wed the lady Mary in the spring” announced Edmund.

“How lovely” replied Fredrick. Rohan instantly ran up to the children and introduced himself while hugging them.

“Now I have a surprise for everyone” announced Edmund.

“Well what is it” asking Fredrick with a smile.

“I would like you all to meet Aubrey, our new friend and half our force in protecting the realm.” Announced Edmund

Just then Rohan pulled the drapes down to reveal the biggest bluest dragon any of them had ever imagined. Elizabeth gasped but the children who were wild at heart like their father and ran forward for a closer look, then stopped.” Then Fredrick asked the question that was troubling everyone

“By half you mean there’s another dragon?”

“Yes father there is another one, his name is Brock and he is a red dragon” replied Edmund,

“But where is he?” asked Fredrick.

“He is with Richard his dragon Ryder of course” replied Edmund.

“Speaking of Richard this letter came for him from the elves yesterday” said Fredrick handing Edmund the letter. Edmund read the letter in minutes and then turned to Aubrey.

“Aubrey please take this back to Burka to King Richard and then rest for two days, then fly back here” said Edmund.

“As you wish my brother” replied Aubrey taking the letter in her talons and flew off.

“Wow daddy you know a dragon, a real live dragon” said Selena.

“Yes my dear she is a good friend” replied Edmund gently.

“Finally” exclaimed Matty

“Finely what?” asked Edmund

“Finely the dragons will live again” replied Matty,

“The dragons will answer their true calling once again” exclaimed Fredrick.

“What now?” asked Rohan impatiently?

“I am taking my family on a picnic and that includes the whole family, meaning you and Matty” replied Edmund.

“Why me?” asked Rohan.

“Because you are one of my brothers” exclaimed Edmund.

“I’m very grateful you think of me as a brother” replied Rohan. They walked down to the court yard were they found a carriage and three horses saddled and waiting while Fredrick and Rohan mounted their horses Edmund helped Matty Elizabeth and the children into the carriage and then spoke to the driver, “you may proceed Edgar.”

“As you wish your majesty” replied Edgar, when Edgar started moving the carriage Edmund climbed onto the saddled horse and rode to the front to lead the way. They rode through the village and down to the lake. Once at the lake the children and the women went swimming while the men talked.

“How have things been since I left father?” asked Edmund.

“Well we have had problems with some outlaws, who want to keep the war going” replied Fredrick.

“Outlaws?” asked both Edmund and Rohan together in shock.

“Yes, some of Maddox’s people” replied Fredrick,

“But how many and how serious is this problem?” asked Edmund.

“I’d guess more than half his armies, they are being led by their best and strongest knights who has been trained to kill and has killed since he was twelve years old” replied Fredrick.

“What’s his name?” demanded Edmund

“His name is Sir Lucius” replied Fredrick.

“Will this war ever end?” asked Rohan.

“We can only hope” replied Fredrick.

“Tomorrow Rohan shall go forth to Bree, to find any survivors and to resettle it. If he finds the Queen, try to convince her to come under the protection of Endor, because we will need all of the forces we can muster together when the time comes” said Edmund.

“As you wish, brother” replied Rohan.

“If I don’t receive word from you, I will come to Bree myself with Aubrey and we will find out why” said Edmund.

“Why all this for me?” asked a shocked Rohan

“Because you are a knight of Endor and most importantly you are my brother” replied Edmund with a grin. Rohan set quiet while they all ate and then rode back to the palace, by then it was late so he went to bed. The next morning Rohan woke early and bathed and ate. He then went out to say goodbye to his new family. Before he rode off with his troops and farmers and the women that were going to make Bree their new home, he spoke to the King

“My Lord, my brother, I shall not fail you” he promised.

“I know you won’t, my brother, and my loyal knight” replied Edmund smiling. Then they rode down the road with Rohan in the lead, riding north, towards Bree. After Rohan and his caravan were out of sight of the palace, Fredrick turned to Edmund and asked

“Do you think that he will be able to find any survivors?”

“Knowing Rohan, he will never give up until he does” replied Edmund.

Two days after Rohan left, Aubrey returned from Burka, with news from King Richard. As soon as she landed inside the “dragon’s loft” she exclaimed

“My Lord, your loyal brother has set the date for next week, he will stop here in two days and spend time with his family before going onto Westsire to learn from the elves.”

“Excellent” replied Edmund then he turned to a servant

“Joel, prepare King Richards chambers for his arrival” ordered King Edmund.

“Yes, my Lord as you wish” replied Joel with a bow.

“Who is he leaving in charge in Burka?” asked Edmund

“Why the lady Mary” replied Aubrey.

“I see, well get some rest, my dear friend” said Edmund before turning and walking out of the throne room.

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