Beauty And The Dragon King (Falling in Love With A Dragon: Book 2)

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Chapter 12: The Sorceress Leila Returns


After having that nice picnic in the fairy forest, Dominic walked me home. We held hands on the way home and we both have smiles on our faces.

"I really enjoyed today, can we go back to the forest again?"

"Maybe the next time you visit us, yes."

Dominic spun me around and then he dipped me making me laugh.

"You're being awfully romantic all of a sudden."

"Maybe it's because I'm in a happy mood and I got to spend the afternoon with you," Dominic spoke with a smile on his face.

Dominic held me up and then we got back to my place. I sighed a little and I said to him.

"I wish this day doesn't have to end."

"Don't worry, it's the weekend tomorrow, right? you can go back to Krotlas and maybe I can take you for a ride on Scorch's back and we might go back to the enchanted forest and I can show you some more magical creatures."

"I would like that very much."

I spoke with a smile and then Dominic stroked my cheek before leaning closer to my face. I knew where this was going and I couldn't wait. I closed my eyes and waited for his lips to touch mine, however...

"Amelia! is that you out there?" Grandfather shouted.

Dominic and I jumped away from each other and then Grandfather opened the front door. He looked between us and asked us.

"Did I just interrupt something?"

"What?! no! absolutely not! Dominic was just walking me home and he was just saying bye to me, right?"

"Yes that's right," Dominic spoke with a fake smile and I didn't blame him.

"Okay...well, thanks for bringing her home, I'll see you later," Grandfather spoke as he got in between us and giving me a gentle push back into the house.

"Oh! bye Dominic!" I called out to him before Grandfather closed the front door.

I glared at Grandfather and I asked him.

"Did you have to push me back into the house like that?! how rude can you get?"

"Can you blame me? I don't like the way that guy was looking at you."

"He was being a gentleman, ever heard of that?!" I shouted in an angry tone.

"I know he is but, I still don't trust him, he's hiding something."

I rolled my eyes at him and then I headed back to my room. Once I got there, I looked in the mirror and as much as I hate it, I had to take down the plaits and the flowers. I took a quick selfie and then I started undoing my hair. There was a knock on my door and I told them to come in and it was my Grandmother and she has a mug of hot chocolate in her hand.

"Hello sweetheart, how was"

"It was brilliant," I spoke with a smile before I sat down on my bed.

"Oh Grandmother, he was such a gentleman! he had a little surprise in store for me. He took me into the forest and he had organised a picnic for us!"

"Oh, how romantic and who did your hair? I noticed you had tied it back and there were some flowers in it.

"Just a friend of mine, she wanted to practise styling my hair for a Princess cosplay and when Dominic saw me, he wanted to keep it like this for a while."

"Aw...he is a gentleman."

"He sure was but, we were this close to kissing until Grandfather ruined the moment."

Grandmother sighed annoyingly and she told me.

"For goodness sake, I told Johnny not to bother you but, did he listen? no, he didn't."

I shook my head a little and I asked her.

"I know he's supposed to be the fatherly figure in the family but, don't you think he's taking his role a bit too far?"

"I know how you feel but, can you blame him? you're his only granddaughter and you're growing up so fast."

"*Sighs* I wish my mother was here, she would have liked Dominic," I told her as I played with the locket in my hand.

"She would have wouldn't she?" Grandmother asked with a smile before kissing my forehead.

"Don't stay up too late, sweetheart."

"Good night, Grandmother and thanks to the hot chocolate."

I told her before she closed the door behind her. I smiled a little and then I stood up from the bed to get changed in my PJs.

Outside of the Saumox Household

I stood in the shadows and I watched the once-ruthless King Dominic take that woman back to her home. When I heard about this woman that Dominic had fallen for, I had to see her for myself. I hid in the shadows of Kortas and I've been watching them spend time together. My magic was telling me that she's the King's mate.

When I looked at her face I realised that she looked like someone that I once knew. Once Dominic left her home, I teleported into her room and I managed to stay quiet as possible. I quietly approached the sleeping girl and she did look beautiful. I hovered my hand above her and then an illusion of the person I met many centuries ago. This woman is the reincarnation of Queen Elizabeth, Dominic's wife.

'I don't believe it...heh, who would have thought this woman is Elizabeth's reincarnation and Dominic's mate. Looks like Dominic got lucky with this one and she's not afraid of him...unlike the Elizabeth, I once knew...'

Centuries earlier...

I got to Whitebrook Castle after cursing the King. I broke the news to Queen Elizabeth and she burst into tears. The Knight Sir Igor planned to arrest me for cursing their King but, she stopped him and the other soldiers from doing so. Queen Elizabeth looked at me and she approached me.

"I know what you did was right at the time but...I can never look at my husband in the eye again..."

"I know. I'm so sorry your majesty, I wish I could have done things differently."

I explained to her and then Elizabeth held my hand and she said to me.

"There is one thing you can do..."

I looked at Elizabeth surprised and she asked me.

"Dominic needs someone who can love him. I can never give him that love again not after finding out that he's turned into a dragon now but, can you please place a spell on me so that my soul can be reincarnated into a brave young woman's body so that I won't have to be afraid of him or his dragon."

I was surprised by her request and so did everyone else. I knew what she was asking but, if I did this, there's a chance it will cost her.

"You do realise that if I do this, there will come a price. For my spells to work usually the person who asks me to perform a spell something could either go wrong or go right."

"I don't care about the cost, all I ask is to reincarnate my soul so I can be with my love without having to be scared of his dragon, please Leila."

I saw the look in the Queen's eyes and I knew that deep down she is scared of Dominic now but, if she wants to be with him as a different person and with a different body, then so be it.

"All right, Queen Elizabeth. I shall grant your request, however, there is a price to pay."

"What is it? whatever it is, you can have it."

"If you wish to be reincarnated then I'm afraid I have to take something from you that you will never regain."

"And that's...?"

"The ability to produce heirs and once this happens someone else will have that ability instead of you."

Queen Elizabeth looked at me with a shocked expression and then the knight, Sir Maxwell, ran over to the Queen's side and he told her.

"Queen Elizabeth! don't do it! think about Whitebrook's future! without an heir to the throne, Whitebrook will fall to ruin!"

"A bit late for that now, I heard some of the villagers have already left and they're beginning to think this place is cursed after hearing about their Kings," I told them this.

Some of the knights were shocked while the others didn't know what to say. Sir Maxwell looked down sadly and then Queen Elizabeth spoke up.

"She's right, it doesn't matter any more. This Kingdom has already fallen since Dominic was cursed. I've got nothing else to lose, please don't try and stop me."

Sir Maxwell looked down sadly and then Queen Elizabeth looked at me and she said to me.

"Do it, please give the ability to produce heirs to someone else."

"All right, now I need to pick a woman who is infertile-"

"Choose my wife!" Igor shouted.

I looked at Sir Igor and he explained to us.

"My wife, Lucy, she's infertile because of a health condition that's been passed down in her family. My Queen, if this sorceress picks my wife she can finally have the ability to have children. I'm not saying this because I'm desperate to have a son or daughter, I'm saying this so that I can tell to my children about King Dominic and his demise. Well, that and I also want to tell them about you, Queen Elizabeth."

Elizabeth smiled and she held Igor's hands.

"Thank you, Igor."

"Anything for you, my Queen."

I smiled at Igor and I nodded my head.

"All right, Igor, get your wife and bring her here."

Igor nodded his head and he left the throne room. He came back a few minutes later with his wife, Lucy.

"I told her about the plan," Igor told us before Lucy approached us.

"Your majesty, I cannot thank you enough for doing this for me."

"You're welcome, Lucy."

Queen Elizabeth spoke with a smile before looking at me.

"Do it."

I nodded my head before I told them.

"All right, hold out your hands to me and then I will begin the incantation. I should warn you though, once this spell has been cast it cannot be undone."

Both women understood this before I began to speak in a different language to cast the spell.


I smiled at this memory and then I thought to myself.

'After all these years, the spell has been successful, Queen Elizabe. You might have a different personality and a different body but, you're finally with the one you love.'

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