Beauty And The Dragon King (Falling in Love With A Dragon: Book 2)

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Chapter 18: I'm Not Giving Up On You, Amelia

Saumoux Household

I had just got back from the library after Leila teleported us back here without Xaldin’s minion, Shadow, finding us but, when I got back home, the devil himself is here in my house. I was shocked when I saw him because I thought Leila placed a barrier around the house to protect my family so how did he get in here.

“What are you doing here?” I asked with a frown.

“Amelia, that’s no way to treat a guest,” Grandmother scolded me.

“Sorry, I’m just a little surprised that’s all.”

I lied to her and then Xaldin spoke up.

“Can’t say I blame her, I did show up unannounced after all.”

“Oh nonsense, it’s not every day Amelia has guests here. Well, except Dominic is her boyfriend and Sarah is her best friend.”

“Boyfriend?!!” Grandfather shouted.

I covered Grandmother’s mouth after she placed the tray on the coffee table.

“B-Boyfriend? oh no! Dominic and I are just friends nothing more! right?” I told Grandmother and she nodded her head.

“Uh, can you excuse me and Xaldin for a moment?”

I told him before grabbing his wrist and dragging him out of the room and into the back garden.

“What the hell are you doing here?!”

“Hey, hey, that’s a bit of a hostile attitude.”

“You showed up here unannounced! your words, not mine! listen, you’re lucky Dominic isn’t here because if he was, he would have torn you to pieces, Devil King!”

Xaldin smirked when he heard me say that and then he said to me.

“So, Dominic told you about me huh?”

“He had to warn me and I know why you’re here.”

I said as I backed myself into the wall. Xaldin rested his arm above my head with a smirk on his face.

“Is that so? then you know exactly what I want from you.”

Xaldin told me as he rubbed his thumb over my lips. My eyes widen in shock when he said this and then he leans closer.

“N-No! get away from me!”


I heard my saviour’s voice and then Xaldin was pulled off of me. I watched Dominic pin him against the wall with an angry look on his face.

“Amelia, are you ok?”

“I’m fine, thank you.”

Just then, my grandparents came out and then Grandfather spoke up.

“What’s going on here and where did you come from Dominic?”

“I was on my way to see Amelia until I heard voices from the back garden and what did I find? this guy having her pinned against the wall and making a move on her.”

“What?!!” Grandfather shouted in a furious tone.

“Wait, wait, it’s not what it looks like, honest.”

I glared at him and I told them.

“He’s lying! he backed me against the wall and tried to kiss me! I tried to tell him that I was taken but, he wouldn’t listen!”

Grandmother look horrified and then Grandfather told Dominic.

“Dominic, hold him while I grab my butcher knife to turn this stallion to a Gelding!”

Xaldin looked horrified when he understood that meaning.

“No! that will not be necessary!”

Xaldin got out of Dominic’s grip and then he got away from us.

“All right, I get the idea. I’ll back off, for now, however, I’m not giving up on you Amelia. I’ll see you around,” He spoke with a smirk before he threw a smoke bomb onto the ground and then we coughed.

Once the smoke cleared, he was gone. We were shocked and surprised by this and then Grandfather spoke up.

“Why that dirty little weasel! the next time I see him I’ll tear him limb from limb!!”

“Oh yeah? get in line,” Dominic commented before he turned to look at me.

“Amelia, are you all right? did he hurt you?”

“I’m okay, thank you so much, Dominic.”

I hugged Dominic tightly and he hugged me back. Grandmother rubbed my shoulder and she said to me.

“Amelia, I am so sorry, I swear to you I didn’t know he was one of those stalkers.”

“It’s all right Grandmother, it was my fault for not telling you or Grandfather about that creep. I didn’t want you guys to worry so much about me.”

“Hey, you’re our little girl, of course, we worry about you.”

Grandfather spoke with a smile before looking at Dominic.

“You know what? I guess I jumped to conclusions about you Dominic. I guess you’re a decent guy after all.”

I looked at Grandfather surprised and asked him.

“So does that mean you approve of me dating him?”

Grandfather frowned a little when I asked him this and then Grandmother touched his arm.

“Honey, she’s not little anymore. You have to realise that she’s all grown up now. Come on, she’s in college and she’s got a boyfriend and one day, a fiance.”

“Grandmother!!” I shouted with a red face from embarrassment.

Dominic chuckled and then he stopped laughing when he saw my Grandfather’s glare.

“*Sighs* fine, I approve, however...”

Dominic gulped in fear and then he said to him.

“If I find out that you have hurt my granddaughter in any way, I will not hesitate to hunt you down like a dog and I will kill you myself, am I clear?!!” He spoke as he backed Dominic into a wall.

Dominic nodded his head and he told him.

“Yes sir! very clear sir!!”

“Good, glad we have come to an understanding,” Grandfather chuckled while patting Dominic’s shoulder.

“Anyway, shall we have some of that hot chocolate before it gets cold?” Grandfather spoke as he went back into the house.

Once he was gone, Dominic looked at me and he hugs me tightly.

“Amelia, I never thought I’d say this but, I’m scared.”

“Oh there, there, Dominic. You’re okay,” I soothed him as I stroked the top of his head.

“Don’t mind that grumpy old man, he’s not happy about the idea of his little girl all grown up. One day, you two will understand when you have kids someday.”

Dominic and I looked at her with shocked expressions on our faces and we told her.

“One day yes, but, not right away. Besides, we want to take these things slowly, aren’t we?”

I asked with a smile on my face and he nodded his head.

Dominic released me and then we headed back inside the house. Dominic and I sat by the fireplace while drinking hot chocolate.

“What was he doing here anyway?”

“I have no idea, Dominic I’m really worried what if he decides to hurt my grandparents when I’m not around.”

“Don’t worry, I promise you, nothing bad is going to happen to them. I’ll get some of the shadow dragons to keep a watchful eye out on the house. Just in case.”

“Thanks, what would I do without you?” I told him before kissing his cheek.

Dominic chuckled before wrapping his arm around my shoulders. Just then, someone placed a blanket around us and it was Grandmother.

“Grandmother, what are you doing?”

“Making sure you two are nice warm.”

‘Meaning, she wants to make the setting more about being desperate.’

I thought to myself before Grandmother knelt beside us and she said to us.

“Listen Amelia, your Grandfather and I are going away for a while.”

“Where to?”

“We’re going for our second honeymoon for our anniversary.”

“It’s your anniversary?! when is it again?!”

“Next week.”

I was shocked by this and then I told her.

“Oh no, Grandmother, I am so sorry, I’ve been so distracted I’ve completely forgotten all about it.”

Grandmother giggled and she said to me.

“Don’t worry, I don’t blame you for being so forgetful.”

She commented before winking at Dominic. He looked away for a moment and then she said to me.

“As I was saying, your grandfather and I are going to the Caribbean for our second honeymoon. Do you think you’ll be okay on your own for a few weeks?”

I nodded my head and then Dominic said to her.

“Don’t worry, Mrs Saumoux, I'll look after your granddaughter."

"Aw thank you so much, Dominic, what a sweetheart."

Grandmother spoke as she pinched his cheek. Dominic rubbed his cheek that Grandmother pinched and then she told him before leaving the room.

"Well, now that I know I have nothing to worry about, she's in your capable hands."

I covered my face with my hands and groaned in annoyance.

"I am so sorry about that..."

"*Chuckle* it's all right, Amelia."

Dominic wrapped the blanket that Grandmother gave us and I rested my back against his chest as I sat in between his legs.

"You know, your grandparents are not that bad. Even though one of them threatened my life, they're cool."

"You're just saying that."

"I am not, I'm serious. I can't remember the last time I felt that family bond."

I understood what he meant and then I kissed his cheek.

"I don't blame you for feeling like that, but you know what, in some ways, it feels like you are a part of this family."


"Yeah, my grandmother likes you and I know it's going to take some time but, I think my Grandfather secretly likes you. He just doesn't want to admit it considering..."

Dominic chuckled and he held me close to his chest before kissing the top of my head.

"I told you, it's fine. Besides, with your Grandparents gone for their second honeymoon, it means that I get to spend more time with you. But, please don't tell your Grandfather I said that, otherwise...ugh, I hate to think about the consequences."

"Hehe, I won't tell him if you won't."

Dominic smiled at me before kissing me on the lips. This moment felt perfect and I also feel like nothing can go wrong at this point.


Dark Realm
King Xaldin

I got back to my castle and I was furious since Dominic stopped me again from taking Amelia. I knew that witch Leila was protecting the household with her magic but, she didn't realise that I had someone to take it down temporarily while I tried to take Amelia but, that stupid Dragon King had interfered again!

I had to think of another way to get her without that stupid King getting in involved.

"Just give it already! she's not meant to be ours!"

"Oh shut up, Diablo! I didn't ask for your opinion!"

"I'm just telling you what I think about this situation! hasn't it occurred to you that our mate could still be out there?"

"Mate? what mate? I have no idea where she is or how I can find her! I've been alive for almost a decade and I still can't find her until I spotted Amelia."

"Ugh, you stupid human! don't you get it?! she's already taken! what's it going to take to get it through that thick skull of yours?!"

"I'm not listening to your crap anymore!"

I shouted at him as I shut off the link with him. Honestly, sometimes I think that Dragon spirit of mine has a mind of his own. Wait, am I saying that for? of course he has a mind of his own!

'Just you wait Amelia! I will make you mine one way or another!'

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