Beauty And The Dragon King (Falling in Love With A Dragon: Book 2)

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Chapter 19: I Will Protect You

Saumoux Household

I was in town shopping for my grandparents' anniversary that was coming up next week and they were also going away for their second honeymoon. Dominic decided to tag along with me to make sure Xaldin or his minions weren't sneaking in the shadows for any surprise attacks.

"I don't know what to get for my Grandmother, last year I got her a Yankee candle and a new bracelet."

"Why don't you get her another one and some chocolates?"

"I did that when I was sixteen but as I got older, she started telling me she was trying to watch her 'figure'. What figure?"

Dominic held back a laugh when I said that. He cleared his throat and then he said to me.

"Look, I have an idea, why don't you get her some flowers, a scented candle and a card for her. Besides, I'm sure your grandparents wouldn't mind whatever you give them for their anniversary."

He was right and so we continued to walk through the mall until we got the gifts for my grandparents' anniversary. Speaking of Anniversaries, the date of my mother's death and my birthday will be coming up soon.

"Is something the matter, Amelia?" Dominic asked me.

"Not really, I was just lost in my thoughts."

"Come on, tell me."

Dominic gave me that puppy eye look and then I said to him.

"Well, both my birthday and the anniversary of my Mother's death will be coming up soon."

"Oh...that's right, she died after she gave birth to you, sorry I asked now."

I smiled at Dominic and I said to him.

"It's fine, you were just concerned about me."

"Anyway, what are you up to after this shopping trip?"

"Not much. Sarah and I planned to go out tonight but, she told me that she had to buy the supplies for the university she applied for and then she was going to hang out with Jason afterwards."

"Oh, I see."

Dominic spoke with a smirk.

"In that case, why don't you come over to Krotolas and spend the night there again?"

"Sounds good to me but, what are you up to?"

"Nothing, but, remember to bring your swimsuit again."

"Are we going to see the you-know-what again?"

I told him this since we were out in public and I didn't want to say the word 'mermaids' out loud.

"Nope, even better, Krotolas has some hot springs and with your grandparents going away and with Xaldin back on the scene, I figured a little relaxation would do you some good."

"Oh yeah? you're not saying that so you can see my body again, are you?" I asked in a teasing tone.

Dominic blushed and he looked away from me.

"Absolutely not. I'm was just saying that's all."

I giggled when I saw his face and then I wrapped my arm around his and told him.

"I'm only teasing you, honestly, even I know you're such a gentleman."

"I wish I could say the same thing about the other unmated males."

"True, at least you'll be there to keep me safe."

Dominic smiled and then he wrapped his arm around my shoulders as we headed back home. Once we got back, I hid the presents under my bed since it was usually the last place they look. I got my duffle bag and I packed my nightclothes, my bikini and other essentials that I was gonna need since I was spending the night at Krotolas.

I called Sarah and I asked her.

"Hey Sarah, can you do me a favour? I'm spending the night at Dominic's and I don't want my grandparents finding out."

"Don't worry, I get the idea. I've got your back."

"Thanks, bud."

I spoke with a smile before hanging up. I put away my phone and then I grabbed my back. I headed downstairs and then my grandfather asked me.

"Where are you off to?"

"I'm heading over to Sarah's, Jason cancelled her date and she's a bit upset right now. She was looking forward to their date."

"All right, say hi to her for me."

I left the house and I sighed in relief. Dominic met me around the corner and he asked me.

"Did he suspect anything?"

"Nope, Sarah is covering for me again."

"Good, now let's go."

I nodded my head and then we got to Krotolas. After arriving to the mansion and getting into Dominic's room, I put my duffle bag on the bed and then he said to me.

"I'll wait for you downstairs while you get ready."

"All right."

I spoke with a smile before I got ready. Once I got changed into my tracksuit, I headed downstairs and then I spotted Dominic and he wasn't in his dragon form.

"So where are the hot springs?"

"I'll show you."

Dominic took my hand and then he led me through the forest until it started to get warmer. Dominic helped me walk through the terrain and then we got to the hot springs. I smiled at the scenery. I saw a few dragons including their babies. The adult ones were resting in the warm water while the babies were busy swimming through the water.

"This is amazing."

"I know. These dragons here are not shifters like us."

"So they're like ordinary dragons and they can't turn into humans like you?"

"Yep and these dragons are called Hot spring dragons because this is their terrain. They don't mind having visitors joining them as long as they don't see us as a threat."

I understood this and then I asked him.

"Out of curiosity, is there anything to drink that humans can consume?"

"Already ahead of you."

Dominic spoke with a smirk before pulling out a bottle of champagne with two champagne glasses.

"What are we celebrating?" I asked him.

"Having some alone time with you."

"Aw~ you're such a sweetheart."

I spoke with a smile while stroking his cheek making him chuckled.

"Well, are you just going to stand there and watch the dragons or going for a soak?"

"I'm going for a soak, do you mind?"

Dominic nodded his head and then he looked at the other dragons.

"What are you doing?! don't stare at my mate!!"

The dragons got the message and then they looked away while I took off my tracksuit. I carefully stepped into the water and I sat down and rested my back against the rocky surface. Dominic joined me after taking off his clothes and wearing his swimming trunks. He sat beside me and he got two champagne glasses for us. He opened the bottle with a popping sound and then he poured it into the glasses.

"Thanks for doing this Dominic, I really needed this."

"Good, I'm glad you're enjoying yourself."

Just then, one of the hatchlings swam over to me and then it purred a little before climbing onto my shoulder.

"Hey! what are you doing?"

"It's okay, whenever we soak in the hot springs the hatchlings get curious and they like to give us a massage."

"Do they?"

I asked him before I felt another hatching swam up next to me and then they both started rubbing on my shoulders. I was surprised by first but, then I started to relax.

"Wow...that feels nice..."

"See? not all of our talons are sharp and deadly."

"You can say that again..." I spoke in a relaxed tone while sipping the champagne.

"Hot spring dragons are non-threating dragons unless of course, they feel threatened. Just like the water dragons, they rule the warmer waters while the water dragons control the cooler waters."

I understood that much and the two dragons continued to massage my shoulders.

"So what these little guys names?"

"The one on your left is Thunder and the other is called Storm."

"Let me guess, twins?"


Thunder and Storm growled happily before Storm decided to lick my face making me giggle. Just then, we saw a medium-sized hot spring dragon popping its head out of the water before Thunder and Storm got off my shoulders and swam over to the dragon. I was surprised by this and then Dominic told me.

"That's their mother, Silver."

"She's beautiful."

"Not as beautiful as you."

I smiled at Dominic before I scooted closer to him. I rested my head on his shoulder as he wrapped his arm around me. Dominic kissed the top of my head making me smile and then I looked at him before he leans closer to kiss my lips. Dominic kisses me on the lips and then he pulls me onto his lap. Dominic held me close to his chest and he said to me.

"I promise...I will protect you from Xaldin."

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