Beauty And The Dragon King (Falling in Love With A Dragon: Book 2)

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Chapter 20: Zara Returns

Dark Realm

I was in my office while trying to figure a way how to get Amelia until Shadow came into my office and he said to me.

“Boss, I’ve got the information you asked for.”

Shadow told me as he shifted back into his human form.

“What did you learn about Amelia?”

“See for yourself,” Shadow told me as he handed over the file that contains the information about Amelia.

I opened the file and I read it over. The file contained her name, where she lives, her birth date, who her parents are or were according to the death certificates her father killed himself after his wife died after giving birth to their daughter. I felt a little bad for her but, I couldn’t let that bother me right now.

I continued to read it over and I noticed that she’s a college student and no surprise, she’s into art, reading books etc and of course, her guardians/parents are her Grandparents since they didn’t want to see their only grandchild in care. What took me by surprise was her ancestor, Igor Saumoux.

“Igor...does that name ring a bell to you?” I asked Shadow.

“Yes it does, it took me by surprise when I found out that Igor, one of the Whitebrook knights, is her ancestor.”

“Strange, didn’t his wife claim that she couldn’t have children because some of the females in her family couldn’t have them?”

“That’s what I thought too but, when you think about it, Queen Elizabeth couldn’t have children until Igor’s wife finally gave birth. The question was, how did that happen?”

I thought for a moment but, that was when I realised why.

“Of course, why am I not surprised that Drago’s brat had something to do with this.”

“What did you expect? a dark sorceress? I don’t think so.”

“At least that explains a few things.”

Shadow looked at me confused and then I explained to him.

“Think about it, Elizabeth had the ability to give birth to an heir but, when Dominic got cursed, she couldn’t bring herself to love him anymore and what does she do? she gives up her ability to Igor’s wife so she can have children. A few centuries later, Amelia comes along and she looks just like her, why?”

Shadow eyes widen in shock and he said to me.

“Boss, are you saying...that Amelia is-”

“Yes, why do you think she looks like her? Amelia is the reincarnation of the Queen of Whitebrook.”

“I don’t get it, why did she want her soul to be reincarnated?”

“My guess is, she probably wanted to be with Dominic once again with a different body and a different personality.”

“Now I get it, that’s why you’re targeting Amelia.”


I spoke with an evil smirk.

“Well, I’ve also got some more good news for you, Amelia’s grandparents are going away for their second honeymoon. She’ll be all alone in that house.”

“Not quite.”

Shadow looked confused when I said this.

“Dominic will do whatever it takes to protect her and Leila also placed a barrier around the house. I got lucky when she lowered it for a moment but, it’s only going to get stronger now that she’ll be alone in that house, not to mention she’ll be spending all of her time in Krotolas. We need to plan this carefully before we can make our move, Shadow, watch her carefully and wait until I give the order to capture her.”

“Understood boss.”

Shadow told me before he left the office. I smirked and then I decided to contact the one person who can help me capture Amelia. I walked over to the dark mirror and I spoke in dragon tongue until she appeared.

“It’s been a while, Devil King,” Zara, the dark sorceress spoke.

“It’s been some time, Zara, I see you’re still looking beautiful and evil as always.”

“Hehe, oh you’re such a charmer, which I am not falling for!” Zara shouted in an angry tone.

“Crap, I forgot that she’s hard to please.”

“Especially after what she went through with King Scott.”

Diablo was right, after falling for Cassina’s previous King, Scott, she had a son called Leon but, she saw him as mistake after he traded her for Leila’s grandmother, Karen, to be his Queen.

“What do you want this time Xaldin?” Zara asked as she worked on a potion.

“I need a favour, I need you to help me capture someone.”


“There’s this girl I’ve got my eye on but, that Dragon King Dominic is in the way and he claims that Amelia is his mate. However, what he hasn’t realised, is that his little mate is actually the reincarnation of his beloved Queen of Whitebrook, Elizabeth.”

Zara stopped what she was doing then she looked at me.

“Is that so? sounds like a fellow sorceress used a reincarnation spell.”

“That’s exactly what I thought too. My guess is, Leila had something to do with it.”

Zara frowned in anger when she heard that name. No wonder she’s angry, it’s because she does look a bit like that half-bred Kassandra.

“And what makes you think she did this?”

“Well, she did curse Dominic after killing some of her father’s horde. She might have told her the bad news until Elizabeth wanted to be reincarnated.”

“Ooh...I see where this going, so you want me to bring Amelia to you huh?”

“I would have done it myself but, that bloody dragon King and that sorceress keep getting in the way. I’m running out of ideas here and you’re the only one who can help.”

Zara thought for a moment and then I told her.

“Tell you what, why don’t we make a deal. You help me capture Amelia and bring her to me and you can have whatever you want in return.”

“Anything?” She asked with a smirk.

“Anything you want.”

“In that case, I want Leila dead. Kassandra and Drago may not be around anymore but, I will get my revenge on their daughter.”


I spoke with a smirk and then Zara said to me.

“I’ll contact you again once I have captured your soon-to-be-mate.”

“Thank you, Zara.”

I spoke with a smirk before the dark mirror stopped glowing. I smirked evilly and then Diablo said to me.

“I keep telling you this is wrong!”

“Shut up! I will have Amelia and I do not need your approval!”

“You don’t get it, do you? Dragon shifters look for their true mates and if you try and make Amelia yours, who by the way belongs to someone else, the consequences will be bad.”

“I’m sorry, Diablo. The mind link”

“Hey! don’t shut me out!”

I chuckled after blocking the mind link. Very soon, Amelia will be mine.

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