Beauty And The Dragon King (Falling in Love With A Dragon: Book 2)

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Chapter 21: A Love Confession Goes Wrong

Saumoux Household


Today is the day of my grandparents’ anniversary and they will be heading for their honeymoon soon so I gave my presents to them before they left. Grandmother opened her present and she was so happy when she got the bouquet of flowers that I got for her along with the card and the scented candle that I got for her.

“Lemon and lavender, my favourite, thank you, Amelia.”

“You’re welcome.”

I spoke with a smile and then Grandfather opened his present and it was a bottle of his favourite whiskey, a card and his favourite chocolates.

“Thank you, Amelia.”

“You’re welcome, Grandfather.”

Just then the doorbell rang.

“I’ll get it,” I told them before opening the door, revealing Dominic.

“Hello, Amelia.”

“Hi Dominic, come in.”

I told him as he went into the living room.

“Happy anniversary,” Dominic told them before giving Grandmother and Grandfather their presents

“Oh thank you, Dominic. You didn’t have to do that.”

“I don’t mind.”

Dominic spoke with a smile and then they opened their presents. Grandfather got a Swedish whiskey and he looked pleased.

“A Swedish drink huh? Can’t wait to try this later.”

“Easy on the drinks, Grandfather.”

I joked with him until Grandmother opened her present and she got her favourite perfume.

“Oh, thank you, Dominic. How did you know this was my favourite perfume?”

“Amelia told me.”

I giggled when he said this and then Grandmother spoke up.

“Looks like we’ve got nothing to worry about. Dominic will look after Amelia while we’re gone.”

Grandfather didn’t like the sound of that and then Grandmother patted his shoulder.

“Honey, you told her that you approve.”

“I know but, I want her to be my little girl forever,” Grandfather whined.

Dominic and I snickered his reaction and then I asked them.

“So, when is your flight to the Caribbean?”

“In a few hours, honey, we wanted to stick around with you until we’re ready to leave.”

‘And then, I can finally get some alone time with Dominic.’

I thought to myself as I glanced at Dominic and he smirked at me, almost as if he knew what I was thinking.

A few hours later...

I hugged my grandparents one last time before they got into the taxi.

“Look after yourself, Amelia. Remember, there’s some money in my room so you can buy some groceries, there’s also some takeaway menus in the kitchen and-”

“Grandmother, you told me this like a million times. I can take care of myself.”

“All right.”

Grandfather hugged me after putting his suitcase in the taxi.

“You look after yourself and no parties while we’re gone.”

“Yes sir.”

“And as for you!” Grandfather shouted as he glared at Dominic which scared him a little.

“You better make sure nothing happens to her while we’re gone. Because if I find out that something bad happened to her, I won’t responsible for the consequences!”

Dominic hid behind my back and he used me as a human shield when Grandfather said this.

“C-Consequences? mind if I asked what those are?”

“Trust me, sonny. You don’t want to know,” Grandfather spoke with a scary look on his face.


“Johnny! enough! don’t scare the poor guy!”

Grandmother shouted after yanking on Grandfather’s ear making me giggle at him.

“Ow! ow! ow! Sophia! I was just-”

“Enough! Dominic knows it’s his job to look after her while we’re gone! don’t you honey?”

Dominic nodded his head and then my grandparents went into the taxi.

“Take care of yourselves and Grandfather, make sure you put on a lot of sun scream while you’re there, kay?”

“I will,” He spoke with a smile.

“You take care of our little girl, Dominic,” Grandmother told him.

“Don’t worry Mrs Saumoux, Amelia is in safe hands.”

Dominic told her as he hugged me from behind me. I giggled when he did this and then we waved goodbye to them as the taxi drove them to the airport. Once they were gone, I turned to look at Dominic and I said to him.

“Finally...we’re all alone.”

Dominic chuckled before kissing me on the lips. We pulled away for air and then he asked me.

“So, now that your crazy Grandfather is away, what shall we do now?”

“Right now, I just want to spend some alone time with you.”

“How about another picnic in the enchanted forest? I’ve still got so much to show you.”

“Sounds good to me.”

I told him before we kissed again and then I told him.

“Let me go and get ready and then we’ll get going.”

I kissed his cheek before I headed back into my room to grab my black denim jacket.

Somewhere in the Dark Realm

I watched the loving couple together and it made me sick just watching them brings back memories of the time when Scott Daemon fell for me. However, I was given orders by Xaldin since he wants her. Why that devil dragon doesn’t want to wait around for his true mate, I have no idea but, I hope it comes back to bite him. As harsh as that sounds.

I continued to watch them and then I walked over to the dark mirror before talking to Xaldin.

“What is it?”

“I have some good news, her grandparents are gone for a couple of weeks and that should give you plenty of time to snatch and grab her.”

“And you’re telling me this because...?”

“Because I know something about Amelia’s grandfather that you don’t.”


This caught Xaldin’s attention and then I told him.

“A couple of centuries ago, before Karen, Kassandra’s mother, killed herself to save her mate, there used to be dragonslayers but, after everyone found out that they were not dangerous they quitted their jobs.”

“And has this got to do with Amelia’s family?”

“What Amelia doesn’t know is that Igor’s father was once a Dragonslayer and from what I was able to sense from his aura, he has the abilities of a dragonslayer.”

Xaldin looked shocked and then he frowned a little.

“Now that think about it, when I met Amelia’s grandfather I did sense something off about him but, a dragonslayer? that’s a surprise. Does Dominic know about this?”

“No, not yet. I thought I should warn you about him before I made a move to bring your precious Queen.”

“Don’t screw this up, Zara. I don’t want to see a single mark on her body.”

“Oh don’t worry, I’ve got the perfect plan in mind.”

Xaldin looked surprised and then I told him what I was going to do.

Krotolas’ Enchanted Forest

We walked through the forest with a picnic basket in Dominic’s arm while he held my hand as we walked through the forest. We saw the fairies again and they flew around me. They giggling and they say how happy they were to see me again. A few of them also started playing with my hair again but, Dominic had to chase them away a few times. I was beginning to think he was jealous.

“Here we are.”

I looked straight ahead and we came across a river and on the other side, we saw unicorns and pegasuses. There were some white unicorns but the rarest ones were the black, blue and golden. The same can be said about pegasuses.

“Oh wow, Dominic, this is amazing.”

“I knew you’d like this place, this is why I chose this spot for our date.”

“It’s perfect,” I spoke with a smile on my face before we sat down on the blanket.

We ate our sandwiches while watching the beautiful creatures from a distance until one of the pegasus’ babies trotted over to us. The baby bucked playfully and it neighed at us.

“Aw, how cute. Is it safe to approach them?”

“Of course, just be careful though. Female pegasuses get very protective of their young.”

I nodded my head and then I approached the mother. The mother stood still as I gently patted her mane. She liked the feeling before she started rubbing her head against my side. I giggled when she did this and then her baby came over to me and she did the same.

“I think they like you, Amelia.”

“You think so?”

“Of course, in fact, I think she will let you ride her now.”

“What?” I asked in a surprised tone.

Dominic came over to me and I said to him

“Ah! wait a second Dominic! I’ve never been ridden a horse before!”

“Don’t worry, just think of it as riding on the back of a dragon only this time you’re on the ground,” Dominic told me before he picks me up from behind and placing on the back of the unicorn’s back.

“Oh, and don’t pull out any of her feathers. She won’t thank you for that.”

Dominic warned me before smacking her behind. I held onto the pegasus before she reared up and started galloping with her baby following us. The pegasus opened her wings and she started flapping them. We took off into the air and then she flew out of the forest.

I held onto the pegasus’s mane for dear life when we flew out of the forest but, I started to loosen my grip as we flew above the forest. I smiled at the view and I leaned back a little while feeling the wind in my face. The baby caught up to us and it neighed at me happily. I giggled when the baby reacted like this and then we flew above the lake. I was worried that we were going to dive in the water but, she carefully lowered her hoof into the water.

I giggled a little before I sat up and spread out my hands. I laughed and shouted cheerfully.


I leaned forwards when the pegasus flew upwards. I giggled afterwards and then we flew back to the forest where Dominic was waiting for us. The pegasus flew downwards and then she lands on the ground and canters a little before coming to a halt.

“That was amazing, Dominic!”

“Glad you enjoyed the ride, sorry about forcing you onto her back.”

“Don’t worry about it, I loved it.”

Dominic helped me off her back and I said to the pegasus.

“Thanks for the ride girl, I can’t wait to try that again sometime.”

The pegasus whinnied in response before nuzzling my face. I giggled and I patted her face before she walked away with her baby.

“Can we come back here again some time?”

“Of course,” Dominic told me as he stroked my cheek.

We looked into each other’s eyes before Dominic spoke up.

“Amelia, there’s something I’ve wanted to say to you since we started dating but, I couldn’t find the right words until now.”

“What is it?”

Dominic held both of my hands and then he was about to tell me.

“Amelia, I-”

“Aw, how romantic."

Dominic and Scorch growled when they heard that voice. He turned around and he hides me behind my back before we saw a woman with red hair, green eyes, pale skin and she was wearing a purple steampunk corset with a pouch hanging around her waist, black leggings and black knee boots. Dominic growled at the woman and he grumbled.


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