Beauty And The Dragon King (Falling in Love With A Dragon: Book 2)

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Chapter 25: I Will Claim Amelia As My Mate

Krotolas Mansion

I walked back to Krotolas and then I got to the mansion. I opened the front door and I headed into the kitchen before grabbing a bottle of whiskey and a glass. I walked into the living room and I opened the bottle before pouring into the glass. Axel and Midnight came into the room and they were surprised when they saw me drinking.

“Dominic, buddy, what happened?”

I gulped down the drink and I sighed heavily.

“Amelia and I are finished.”

“What?!” Midnight and Axel shouted in a shocked tone.

“What happened?” Axel asked me.

“I tried talking to Amelia last night but she was still mad at me. I figured if I left her alone to cool off she would be fine but, that was a mistake. I went to the college to meet up with her but, she wasn't there. I asked one of her friends and they told me someone else had come to pick to her up. Scorch and I followed her scent and when we found her, she was hanging off of Xaldin's arm!"

Axel and Midnight looked shocked when I told them this. Sparx heard this and he said to me.

"And then what happened?"

"I tried to get her away from him but, she was having none of it. She hates me and now she's moved on. Xaldin's right, I've lost her and it's all my fault. If I had told Amelia about my curse and the method of breaking it, she wouldn't be in the enemy's hands right now."

I told them as I gulped down another glass of whiskey. Axel took the glass from my hands and I shouted.

"Hey! I need that!"

"Dominic, as your friend and fellow shifter, I'm telling you this right now. Drinking your problems away is not the answer!"

"Axel is right, you need to fight for her!" Midnight shouted at me.

"There's only one problem with that, I don't know where she is right now. I got back to her place and she wasn't there."

"I know where she is," A familiar voice spoke up.

Black smoke appeared and then Leila emerged.

"What are you doing here?" I asked her.

"I know where Amelia is, she's in Luxus right now. So far, Xaldin hasn't done anything to her and he hasn't claimed her as his mate, not yet anyway."

I was angry when she told me this.

"Tell me how to get there."

"Whoa, hold your horses, there's something else I need to tell you."

We listen to Leila when she held that serious look on her face.

"I sensed a fellow sorceress yesterday and after you guys told me it was Zara, I tried to follow after her but she suddenly disappeared. Why did she show up like that? well, I believe I have your answer."

Leila held up a crystal ball and then she showed us a scene with Xaldin and Amelia.

"What the hell? what's he doing with her?!" I shouted in an angry tone.

"I was asking myself that the very same thing, so after Xaldin escorted Amelia back to her place, I followed him back to his home. I was in disguise at the time and I found out that the handkerchief he used to clear away Amelia's tears was actually an ingredient for one Zara's potions."

"What?! are you saying Amelia is under some kind of spell?"

"I'm afraid so, the potion that Zara used is some kind of love potion. Basically, the two main ingredients are a piece of DNA from the one who you're trying to win over and a piece of DNA from yourself. Meaning Amelia's tears and Xaldin's hair."

"So then that means, Amelia doesn't actually hate me?"

"You'll be pleased to know, she's fine."

"Oh thank goodness," I mumbled.

"However, I wouldn't sigh in relief just yet. If Xaldin claims Amelia as his mate before you can snap her out it, there's no going back. She will see Xaldin as her lover and she will only feel hatred towards you forever."

"We can't let that happen! I'm going to rescue her!"

"Oh no, you're not!" Leila shouted before using one of her spells to paralyse me before I could leave the mansion.

"Leila! what the hell?!"

"Look, I know you want to help her but this is Xaldin we're talking about. If he's got Zara involved there's a high chance she'll stop you before you can even get into the dark realm. I know you don't trust me after what I've done to you but, at least let me help."

"Why? what can you do?"

"I can easily slip in and out of the dark realm before anyone can see me and I can make an anti-potion that can reverse the effects. Please, Dominic, let me help. It's the least I can do."

"And why should I let you help me? what do you expect in return?"

"Relax, this one is free of charge. Whenever I see a Dragon's mate in danger, it's my job as a Dragon Keeper to help my friends even if one of them was a killer in the past."

I had a little think and then Scorch said to me.

"Hate to say it but she's got a good point. If we go charging into the dark realm without a plan, we're in trouble. Especially since Zara is back."

I sighed in defeat and then Leila cancelled her spell on me.

"All right, you do what you have to do and let us know when it's time to make our move."

"Don't worry, Dominic. I'll do my best and I'll back with the potion that will reverse the effects as fast as I can."

Leila told us before disappearing on us again. From this point, I have no choice but to put my trust into the very person who cursed me but, I have to let her help.


Luxas (AKA Dark Realm)

After we had dinner and dessert, I was full and then afterwards we were having tea.

"Phew, I've never felt so stuff in my life."

"As I said before, I wasn't sure what you wanted and when I told my staff we were having a guest they kinda went overboard."

"That's okay, besides, I actually enjoyed meeting your people. They seem friendly."

"I'm glad you like it here."

I put down my cup and saucer and I told Xaldin.

"Anyway, I should be heading back home."

"Aw, do you have to leave?"

"Sadly I have to."

"Actually, it's kinda late back in the world. I don't mind letting you sleep in the spare room unless of course, you want to see your boyfriend on the way home?"

I had a little think and he did make a good point.

"You have a point, you sure you don't mind me crashing here?"

"Not at all, I already have a spare room ready for you."

"Thank you," I spoke with a smile.

Xaldin escorted me to one of the guest rooms which was next to his room and then he opened the door for me. I was impressed when I saw my room. It was a mixture of red and black and it has that modern look to it.

"If you need anything else, just call for my servant and of course, I'll be next door. Also, you can find your nightclothes in the wardrobe and the bathroom is over there."

"Thanks again Xaldin, good night."

Xaldin kisses my forehead and he said to me.

"Good night my dear."

Xaldin closed the door and then I went to the wardrobe to get changed. I got a long black silk nightgown and I got ready for bed. I placed my clothes on the couch before getting into bed. I looked out of the window and I didn't realise that you can lose track of time here. Before I fell asleep, a part of me wondered what Dominic was up to right now.


Once Amelia went to bed and I headed back to my office and I used the dark mirror to contact Zara the good news.

"Zara, good news, Amelia is starting to fall for me."

"Well, that's excellent to hear but..."

"But, what? don't tell me there's a time limit on the potion."

"Relax, it'll only wear off if someone makes an anti-potion for it which I doubt won't happen any time soon."

I sighed in relief before she continued.

"However, on a serious note, I should also warn you that Leila has already sensed something is wrong in the air. Let's not forget she's also a Dragon keeper."

"Dammit! I almost forgot about her."

"You better make your move on Amelia and soon because if you don't, you'll end up losing her. Just like what happened to Queen Elizabeth and back then, you couldn't have her either."

I growled when she said this and then Zara chuckled.

"Don't growl at me! I was just making a point!"

"Well, you better do something to make sure no one comes here and stops me from claiming Amelia as my mate."

"Me? no way! the deal was I help you bring Amelia here to the dark realm, I never said anything about helping you to stop anyone from claiming her as your mate."

"Yeah, well, consider this as your last job and then I won't bother you for a while, please?"

Zara rolled her eyes and then she sighed in defeat.

"Fine, let me know when you start the ceremony and I'll be there.


I told her before the dark mirror stopped glowing. I need to hurry, if I want to claim Amelia as my mate, I have to keep her here and when I finally ask her to be my mate, that's when we'll start planning the ceremony and this time, Dominic won't be around to win her back.

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