Beauty And The Dragon King (Falling in Love With A Dragon: Book 2)

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Chapter 28: Become My Mate


Xaldin was showing me around the dark realm until we came across some Kelpies. I petted and played with for a while until Xaldin decided we go for a ride. We rode on their backs on the surface of the lake and they also took us underwater to show us where they lived before taking us back for air, well, I meant Xaldin since I had the mermaid's scale to help me breathe underwater.

Right now, the Kelpies carried us back to shore and we were next to the castle. Xaldin got back onto shore first and then he said to me.

"Come on, I'll help you, but be careful. It's a little slippery up here."

Xaldin warned me before I got off the Kelpie's back and then I grabbed his hands. Xaldin pulled me up but, I was struggling a little until the Kelpie that was riding on decided to give me a shove from behind. I squeaked when he did this and then I fell on top of Xaldin.

"Are you okay?"

"I'm fine, no thanks to that Kelpie."

I said as I looked at him and his friends. They neighed at us and then they swam away and dived back underwater. I chuckled afterwards and then I spoke up.

"Good grief, from the folklore legends they're supposed to be evil demons who play with their victims before drowning them but in reality, they're very mischievous and playful."

"I guess those guys are misunderstood creatures like the glowing pegasuses."

I looked at Xaldin and what I didn't realise until now was that I was on top of him with one of my legs in between his legs. I blushed a little and I scrambled off of Xaldin.


"*Chuckle* don't worry about it, I don't mind."

I blushed a little and then Xaldin helped me onto my feet and he said to me.

"Anyway, let's get back to the castle so we can get warmed up."

"Sounds good to me," I said as I wrapped my arm around Xaldin's arm and then we headed back to the castle.

Luxas Castle

I was in Xaldn's office and I was trying to find something that can tell me what kind potion Amelia drank and so far I haven't found anything until I found something in his trench jacket. I pulled it out and it was an empty potion bottle. Luckily, there was a small amount of potion for me to examine. I opened the bottle and I sniffed it for a moment.

"Oh no, it's an emotion elixir, I gotta make the antidote for it and fast before it's too late."

I mumbled before I closed the bottle and placing it in my pouch. I heard footsteps and then I used my invisibility spell to hide. I watched Shadow entering the office and he looked around for a moment before mumbling.

"Must be my imagination."

I watched Shadow leave the room and then I teleported out of the realm before he came back.


Xaldin and I got back to the castle and then he took me back to the room where I slept last night and then I went for a hot bath. After I got cleaned up, I got changed into some warm nightclothes. I put on my robe and then I sat on the sofa, curled up in a ball trying to warm myself up. Xaldin came back with a mug of hot chocolate.

"I've made some hot chocolate for you. Sorry if it's not like your Grandmother's."

"It's okay, I don't mind."

I told him before I took a sip of the hot chocolate. It tasted great and I said to him.

"Thanks, Xaldin. That's actually warming me up nicely."

Xaldin smiled at me before he sat next to me.

"So? what do you think of the dark realm?"

"It's amazing. I know Krotolas is amazing too but, I had no idea that the creatures around here are friendly, well, except for those who turn out to be a threat to them. The kelpies were adorable and playful."

"I'm glad you like it here. Amelia, do you wish you could live in one of the realms?"

"What do you mean?"

Xaldin looked sad for some reason before I sat up properly on the sofa.

"I never told anyone this but, ever since I became a dragon shifter, everyone has always been afraid of me and my dragon form because of my nickname as the 'Devil Dragon.'"

"Well, to be fair, your dragon form does have eyes of the devil that look into your soul."

Xaldin looked at me with a small frown and then I chuckled nervously.

"Okay, shutting up now."

I told him before he continued.

"As I was saying, since I became a Dragon-shifter, I couldn't find my mate. I searched and searched everywhere for her but, she was nowhere to be found. I thought after living for so many centuries I would have found her by now but, eventually, I gave up. Just like how I gave up on Elizabeth when Dominic won her over."

I never seen this until now, Xaldin looked sad and lonely.

"Amelia, what I'm trying to say is, I've been alone for alone time. I know I have my dragon spirit with me and a few of my servant's not enough. I want my mate."

"If you want her so bad, then why come after me?"

"I don't know where she is but, when I met you, it felt like I was meeting Elizabeth all over again. I mean, you look just like her, long golden hair, sky blue eyes and fair skin. Elizabeth had that same appearance as well."

Xaldin told me as he ran his fingers through my hair.

"Are you only saying this because I look just like the Queen of Whitebrook castle? just so that you can replace the lover you couldn't have?" I asked him as I put the mug on the coffee table.

"What?! no! Amelia, I would never do that and besides, Elizabeth was born from Royalty and you're not."

I frowned a little when he said this but, he scooted closer to me and then he stroked my cheek.

"Amelia, I didn't say those things because I'm using you as a replacement for Elizabeth, I'm saying this because you?"

I blushed when he said this and then I asked him.

"What do you mean? as a friend?"

"No," Xaldin leaned closer to me until our foreheads touched. "I don't want us to be friends, I want to be more than friends with you."

I gasped a little when he said this and then we looked into each other's eyes. I felt my heart beating quickly and then Xaldin leaned and kissed me on the lips. We pulled away for a moment but then he kissed me again but this time with more passion. I didn't know what I was doing, my head was telling me this was wrong but, my body had other ideas!

I tried to stop myself but, my arms wrapped themselves around Xaldin's neck before he gently pushes me onto the sofa so he was laying on top of me. Xaldin pulled away from me before kissing and sucking on my neck. I bit my bottom lip to stop myself from moaning.

'This is wrong! Xaldin's lips feel cold compared to Dominic's lips! I don't know why I'm enjoying this! come on! snap out of it!'

When I finally gained control of my body, I placed my hands on Xaldin's shoulders and I pushed him away from me.

"Stop it!"

I panted a little and Xaldin looked at me with a surprised look.

"S-Sorry...but, it's just that-"

"No, I'm the one who should apologise," Xaldin cut me off with a soft look on his face.

"It's my fault for rushing you like that. I have been alone for a long time and I...well, I guess I couldn't contain myself especially with the woman who I have fallen for.

I was surprised when Xaldin said this and then he said to me.

"Amelia, even though I have a mate who might or might not be alive and I also know that you have a mate of your own but, if it's not too much to ask, will you become my mate and become the Queen of the Dark realm?"

My eyes widen in shock when he asked me this and then I thought to myself.

'He knows I have a mate! it's clear this guy is tricking me but, I can't control myself! I don't know why I'm falling for this guy! oh God, please say no! please say no! please say no!'

My consciousness shouted at me but, my lips moved on their own.

"If it means getting away from that horrible King Dominic, then yes!"

"Really?! Xaldin smiled at me.

My head nodded on its own accord and then Xaldin hugs me tightly.

"Oh thank you! thank you, Amelia!"

"Anything for you, my King," my mouth spoke on its own.

'What?! hell no! Amelia! snap out of it! Xaldin is bad and Dominic is good! what's wrong with you?!'

I shouted in my head but, it was no use, I have no control of my mind or my body whatsoever. I just hope Dominic and the others find and rescue me before Xaldin does something to me.


I got the ingredients and mixed them together to make the antidote and it's nearly finished. All I need now is a piece of DNA from Amelia and Dominic and she'll be back to normal. I teleported to her room and I used my invisibility spell to hide my scent and appearance. Once I got into her room, I was shocked at what I saw, Amelia was in Xaldin's arms and she's not fighting back.

'Oh boy, I'm glad Dominic is not here to see this otherwise he would have killed him on the spot.'

I stayed in the shadows as I watched Xaldin pick up Amelia like Princess and he carries her to the bed. Xaldin kisses her lips and they smiled at each other.

"Get some sleep my-soon-to-be-Queen, tomorrow, we'll start preparing for the ceremony to welcome you into the horde and make you my Queen."

"I'm looking forward to it."

Amelia spoke with a smile before Xaldin kisses the top of her head.

"Good night."

"See you tomorrow."

Amelia spoke with a smile and then Xaldin left the room. I held back a gag and once Amelia was asleep, I took this opportunity to sneak up on her.

"It'll be over soon, Amelia," I whispered to her before I used a cotton bud to rub the inside of her cheek to get a saliva sample.

I put the cotton bud in a small tub before I teleported out of the realm.

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