Beauty And The Dragon King (Falling in Love With A Dragon: Book 2)

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Chapter 32: The Final Battle


I watched Dominic and Xaldin fight each other. Dominic bites Xaldin's neck and pins him down and then Xaldin swiped his claw at Dominic's face. Dominic released his neck and then Xaldin spotted me. He growled at me and he stalked towards me. Suddenly, Xaldin pulled away from me thanks to Dominic who had a hold of Xaldin's tail. He dragged him away from me and then he threw him to the side.

I had to think of a way to get passed those two without getting in the way. Just then, I heard a horse neighing but, it wasn't a horse it was the glowing pegasus from before. I smiled at him and then I looked back at the two dragons and they were still fighting. I bowed to the glowing pegasus and then he came over to me before rubbing his head against me.

"Can you help me get away from Xaldin? he tricked me and made me hate my true mate. Can get me back to the castle?"

The pegasus nodded his head before he lowered himself to help me get onto his back. He stood up properly and then he flapped his wings before taking off into the sky. I held onto the glowing pegasus' mane before looking over my shoulder to see the two dragons still fighting each other.

"Come on, buddy, fly as fast as you can!"

The glowing pegasus neighed in response before increasing his speed.



Zara and I teleported onto the roof of the castle and we were glaring at one another.

"You should have stayed out of this, Leila."

"Sorry, but as a dragon keeper it's my job to make sure that people like you don't interfere with a dragon's mate including their bond with them."

"Oh please! I could care less how the dragons find their mates but, Xaldin asked me to. Heh, mind you though, it is very entertaining to watch."

I growled angrily before I threw one of my fireballs at her but, Zara dodged it in time. She leapt into the air by using her wind magic and then she used her lighting magic. I used my shield to protect myself and then I summoned my staff. I spun it in my hands a few times before I used my dragon magic against her.

Zara dodged them and then she used her dark magic. She used her purple lighting against me. I protect myself with my light magic before I breathed out fire. Zara's eyes widen and then she used her water magic to shield herself. Once the smoke cleared, Zara looked at me with a shocked expression on her face.

"'re stronger than your mother?"


"Not likely! however, my dark magic is stronger than yours!!"

Zara shouted before her body glowed. I watched as dark markings appeared onto her skin and then I realized what she was doing.

"No! Zara stop! that's a forbidden spell!"

"I don't care! I will finish you off once and for all and this time no one will stop me!!"

I was about to attack her until someone cast a spell to hold down Zara. We were surprised by this and then I heard a familiar voice speak up.

"No one touches my daughter and gets away with it."

I looked who it was and I smiled when I saw her.


"You!!" Zara shouted in anger.

Mom frowned and then she opened both of her hands and then purple flames appeared.

"You tried to use the cursed marks to make yourself stronger but, I hate to break this to you. Your dark magic is no match against a dragon sorceress' magic and for trying to use that spell, your punishment, is death."

Mom's body glowed brightly and then she shifted into her dragon form. She growled angrily before opening her jaws and then she grabs Zara with her mouth. Zara screamed in pain and then she swallowed her whole.

"Ugh...what a way to go..." I mumbled after watching that display.

Mom shifted back into her human form and she smirked at me.

"Well, it's like what your father used to tell you, we hunt for our prey and when we do catch our meal, we swallow them whole."

I giggled when she told me this and then I asked her.

"So wait, if you're here then that means the rest of the horde-"

"Are already here."

Mom finished my sentence before our horde charged into the fight to take down the werewolves and Xaldin's warriors. I smirked at this and then I heard Amelia shouted.



I got back to the castle and I spotted more dragons and I didn't recognise them until I spotted Leila and a black-haired woman standing next to her. I called out to her before the glowing pegasus hovered above the roof.

"Leila! thank goodness you're all right."

"Same to you, how did you get away from Xaldin?"

"You can thank the King of vampires for helping me. He knew something was wrong when we first met so he followed after us and he saved me before Dominic showed up. Anyway, I managed to escape from the abandoned building he took me and this guy helped me."

I said as I patted the glowing Pegasus' neck.

"Sounds like you had a rough time of it," the black-haired woman spoke to me.

"Who are you?"

"Amelia, I'd like you to meet my mother, Kassandra. Mother this Amelia who is also King Dominic's mate and the reincarnation of Queen Elizabeth."

"It's nice to meet you, though, I wished we could have met under better circumstances."

I giggled when she said this and then said to Leila.

"I like her."

"Good to hear."

Suddenly, we heard roaring from above and it was Dominic and Xaldin. Dominic chased after Xaldin as he came towards me. I gasped in fear and there was no time to escape until Kassandra's body glowed and then she turned into a dragon. I watched her charge at Xaldin and then she head bashes into his chest.

"Whoa! your mother is a dragon shifter?!"

"Not just any dragon shifter, she's a dragon sorceress. Meaning she's a hybrid and I'm just like her."

"You are?! wait, how come I haven't seen you in your dragon form?"

"I just don't use it as often like the other Dragon-shifters."

"Oh, I see."

We heard the three dragons roaring and we watched them fight. I knew it was getting dangerous and then Leila said to me.

"We better get out of here before Xaldin comes after you, mind if we ride double? I'm a little out of juice from attacking Zara.

"Of course, you don't mind do you?"

I asked the glowing pegasus before nodding his head. Leila sat behind me and then the glowing pegasus flew us far away from the fight.


Scorch and I worked together to fight against Xaldin. I was surprised when I saw another dragon joining the fight, I thought she was working with Xaldin but when I saw her attack him I realised that she's a friend but, I've never seen her before.

"It's okay Dominic, it's Kassandra. Leila's mother!"

"What?! you mean that woman was the Princess of Cassina?"

"Yes but that was because she was under Zara's spell but, she's on our side and she's helping us. Besides, Leila is with Amelia right now so we don't have to worry about her for now."

That was all I needed to hear before I charged at Xaldin. Xaldin growled and he breathed out his fire breath but, Kassandra headbutts him in his side. Xaldin growled at Kassandra and he tried to attack her but, I bit his neck to stop him. Kassandra then bites his side and he roared in pain. We worked together to bring him down to the ground and then we crashed landed.

Kassandra and I shifted back into our human forms after Xladin crash-landed.

"Did we get him?" I asked her.

"I don't know, it's hard to tell."

Kassandra told me before the smoke cleared revealing Xaldin. He was shirtless and he has a few injuries from when we attacked him but, he was slowly healing. His eyes glowed angrily and he said to me.

"*Pant, pant* you've interfered with me....for the last time...Dominic...although...I wasn't expecting you to show up...Kassandra....the daughter the Dragon Lord Zonar..."

Kassandra growled and then Xaldin smirked at her.

"Don't think you and your daughter have won...because she's not the only one who is sneaky...and a trickster..."

I looked at her confused but, that was when I realised that glowing pegasus before was actually...

"Oh crap!!"

"Too late!" Xaldin shouted before Zara appeared with Amelia and he held a dagger near her neck.

"What?! how the hell are you still alive I thought-"

"The one you defeated was merely a clone. It was also the same trick I pulled when I saved Xaldin's life," Zara spoke with a smirk.

"Let her go!!"

"Ah-ah, I wouldn't," Zara held the dagger close to Amelia's neck to the point where it nearly pierces her skin.

I came to a halt when I saw this and then Xaldin said to me.

"I told you before, you lose Dominic. It's over. Just accept it, Amelia is mine and mine alone."

"She's not yours!"

Kassandra frowned and she glared at Zara.

"Zara! don't do this! let Amelia go!"

"Can't do that. Xaldin hired me for this job and I will make sure Amelia becomes his mate. I have to admit, I did underestimate Leila for sneaking into the castle and reversing the potion's effects but, no matter. There is more than one way to force a dragon's claim on their mate."

Zara moved the dagger to Amelia's stomach and then she stabs her. Scorch and I let out a roar when we saw Amelia getting hurt. Amelia grunted in pain and then she collapsed onto the ground.

"No! what have you done?!"

"Xaldin, if you want help Amelia, then make your claim on her before he does otherwise she will die. This dagger is filled with a very deadly poison, you better move quickly."

Xaldin smirked and then he walked towards Amelia who was very weak. I growled and then I tackled him onto the ground and we got into a fistfight. I hoped and prayed that Amelia held on while we finished this fight.

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