Beauty And The Dragon King (Falling in Love With A Dragon: Book 2)

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Chapter 33: I Will Always Love You, My King


I held my shoulder in pain and I got to the others after Zara’s ambush and then I saw Amelia on the ground and she bleeding. Zara stood next to her and then Mom shouted.

“You heartless bitch! first, you got in between my parents and now you’re messing with this couple’s life and all for what?! revenge for what Scott did to you?!”

“Maybe, but, all I know is that love makes you crazy and it’s a sickness that can get out of control like a virus.”

I frowned angrily when she said this and then I spotted the herd of Kelpies and they looked angry when they saw Amelia. I had a feeling she would have become friends with the creatures around here before we got here. I got in front of Zara in time and shouted.

“We’ll see who’s crazy you old hag!!”

I used my dragon lighting power against her and then she was sent flying into the lake. Mom and I watched Zara surface and then she smirked at us.

“Heh, did you really think that stupid trick was going to work? did you expect me to melt like in that children's TV show?”

“No, Zara. I am not the one who's going to finish you off but, those guys will and they look very hungry for flesh right now."

Zara looked at me confused before looking at the kelpies who were stalking towards her. Zara panicked and then she tried to swim to shore but, before she can climb out of the lake, one of the kelpies jumped out of the water and grabbed her by the shoulder with its mouth. Zara screamed in pain and then she got dragged underwater before the rest of the kelpies dived to join the fest.

It was all quiet for a moment until Zara surfaced with a few injuries on her and she tried to climb out of the lake and she shouted.

"Please! help me!"

"After what you put me and my family through? not a chance in hell!"

Mom kicked Zara in the face and then she was dragged underwater again and this time she didn't surface as her blood was spilt in the lake.

"Ugh, death by kelpies, what a way to go."

"Yeah, I know..."

Mom and I spoke before we heard Amelia groaning in pain.


I called out her name before rushing to her side. I looked at her injury and then Mother said to me.

"Zara stabbed her with a deadly poison."

"We've got to make an antidote for the poison!"

"There's no time and there's no way we can use our healing magic on her. If we do, then the darkness will take over her body and kill her."

"Can just remove the poison?"

"No, it's too risky."

We had to do something and fast. Just then, my mother's eyes widen and then she said to me.

"You told me she's the reincarnation of Queen Elizabeth of Whitebrook, correct?"

"Yeah, why?"

"There is another way we can save her. It's a long shot but, it might work."

"What will?"

"If we can revive Elizabeth's soul then her light magic will be more than enough to get rid of the poison entirely."

"But, that's a powerful spell. I can place curses and adjust them but this is beyond my magic."

"Not unless you're a dragon sorceress, my dear."

She did have a good point there.

"All right, what do we have to do?"

"Place your hands on top of mine and concentrate your magic into Amelia's wound and repeat the incantation several times until the soul is fully awakened."

I nodded my head and then we both closed our eyes and we concentrated our magic into Amelia's body.

"I call upon you, the soul who once walked among the living. Come back to us and live once again. Queen Elizabeth, we call for you, come back to us and live!"

We shouted before we starting speaking in dragon tongue to bring back Elizabeth's soul.


Xaldin and I were fighting with our fists and it felt like the old days when we fought like this. We both jumped away from each other and then we began to circle each other.

"Heh, feels like the old days...when we fought like this...remember?" Xaldin spoke with a smirk on his face.

"Of course...I can never forget how we fought to win Elizabeth's hand and her attention..." I told him as we continued to fight.

Xaldin tried to punch me but I dodged it in time and I punched him under his jaw. Xaldin growled and then he tackles me onto the ground. I placed both hands on my neck and tries to strangle me. I struggled to breathe and get him off me but, I grabbed a rock and I slammed it on his head. Xaldin grunted in pain before he got off me. I growled and then I charged at him before tackling him. I held him in the chokehold but then, he stabbed my leg with a dagger he hid in his trouser pocket.

I shouted in pain and then we got away from each other. I held my leg in pain while Xaldin glared at me with his head bleeding where I struck him with that rock. Scorch then said to me.

"Are you okay? how are you holding up?"

"I'm fine."

"You don't look it, you're getting exhausted. Let me take over."

"No, you need the rest and so does Diablo. We already took him out before we crash-landed."

Scorch growled in response and then I glared at Xaldin. He stood up and he held the dagger at ready. I tried to get onto my feet but, a sharp pain shot through my leg where Xaldin stabbed me.

'Oh crap! Dragon's bane!!'

"Heh, it's true we were fighting like the old days but, you seem to have forgotten one little thing about me...I always come prepared for a fight. You may have won Elizabeth's hand in marriage back then but, I will not allow you to win Amelia's heart. Once I have gotten rid of you, I will claim her for myself!!"

Xaldin kicked me in the chest and he stomped his foot on top of my chest. He smirked at me and then he raised his dagger ready to stab me but, someone shouted.


Xaldin came to a halt and for some reason, we sensed a familiar presence. We looked to the side and we saw a bright light for a moment and once it died down, Amelia stood there and the injury wasn't there anymore.

"Xaldin, please stop this."

'That voice! is that?!'

"Elizabeth...?" Xaldin asked in a shocked tone before dropping the dagger.

We stared at her for a few moments until she walked towards us.

"Xaldin, please stop fighting Dominic."

Xaldin wasn't listening, he just stood up and he had a stupid smile on his face.

"Elizabeth, my love! you're back!"

Xaldin was about to hug her but, she stepped to the side and he missed her. Xaldin looked at her confused before she spoke in a harsh tone.

"You're an idiot."

Xaldin looked at her surprised and then she said to him.

"You were too blind and drunk with power to even realise that your true mate was under your nose this whole time."

Xaldin looked at her confused before Leila appeared behind and then she covered Xaldin's mouth and nose with a cloth. Suddenly collapsed onto the ground and then she smirked proudly.

"Chloroform. Works every time."

Elizabeth chuckled when she said this and then Kassandra said to her.

"Allow me to take care of this man for you honey, you can deal with your mate later."

"Thanks, mother."

Kassandra took the knocked out Xaldin and then she teleported away from here. I was surprised by this and then Elizabeth turned to look at me.

"Dominic, my love."

I stood up from the ground while ignoring the pain in my leg.

"Elizabeth, is it really you?"

"It's me, Dominic. Even though I'm in a body but, it's still me."

I didn't know whether to smile or cry right now because Elizabeth my beloved Queen was standing in front of me. I hugged her tightly in my arms and I said to her.

"I've missed you so much. Ever since the day I cursed and when you were afraid of me...I've thought about you almost every day."

I pulled away from her and I cupped her cheeks in my hands.

"But here you are."

"Here I am."

"But how is this possible? how can you still love me after what you did and how on earth did your soul get reincarnated?"

Elizabeth giggled before she explained to me.

"That day when you tried to come home after finding out you were cursed, the dragonslayers were waiting for you. They knew that you wouldn't stay away from Whitebrook for very long so, I did what I had to do. I sent our men on you to keep you away not because I was afraid of you but, it was because I was trying to protect you."

"That never hated me?"

"I admit, I was afraid back then but, when Leila told me what she did, I wanted to be with you again but, I couldn't start a search party to look for you, the dragonslayers would have waited for you so, I asked Leila to reincarnate my soul even if that meant becoming infertile."

I was surprised when Elizabeth told me this and then I looked at Leila.

"Is this true?"

"Yes, I warned her it was going to cost her but, she didn't care. Elizabeth loved you so much that she wanted to be with you once again, even though her soul is in a different body."

Elizabeth realised this and then she closed her eyes before her body stopped glowing. I caught Amelia's body in my arms and then I called out to her.


Amelia blinked a few times and then she looked at me before smiling at me.


Amelia flung her arms around my neck and she held me tightly.

"Amelia, thank goodness you're all right! I thought I lost you."

"I thought I'd never seen you again."

Amelia told me before she planted kisses on my cheeks, my forehead and then she kissed my lips. We both chuckled and then we looked at Elizabeth. She looked beautiful and she was wearing her favourite golden gown.

"Thank you for saving my life, Queen Elizabeth," Amelia told her with a smile.

"I should be thanking you, my dear, if you hadn't shown up in Dominic's life, he would still be all alone."

I smiled at Elizabeth and then she started glowing brighter.

"Wait! what's happening!"

"The heaven's are calling out to me, Dominic. It looks like my role has been fulfilled. I'm so happy I got to see you one last time before I go."

"Please don't leave."

"I'm sorry my love, but, I can't stay. I'm already dead and besides, you've already got someone who loves you."

I looked at Amelia and she was right. I looked at Elizabeth and then she slowly floats into the air.

"Goodbye, my love," I whispered to her.

"Farewell my love, I will always love you, my King."

Elizabeth told me before she disappeared completely while leaving glitter particles behind her.

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