Beauty And The Dragon King (Falling in Love With A Dragon: Book 2)

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Chapter 34: I Love You


After Elizabeth saved my life and saying her goodbyes to Dominic, we looked at each other before hugging each other tightly.

"Amelia, I am so sorry, it's my fault you ended up in Xaldin's arms."

"You shouldn't be sorry, I'm the one who should be sorry. I shouldn't have called you a coward because you're not."

"No you are right, I am a coward."

Dominic pulled away from me and he said to me.

"I should have told you how I was able to break the curse but, I couldn't bring myself to tell you because I was worried about how you'd react and look how that turned out. I drove you away and you ended up in the enemy's hands."

Dominic stroked my cheek and I placed my hand on top of his.

"Amelia, back in the forest, I was going to tell you after I said this to you."


Dominic was silent for a moment before he took a deep breath and then he said the three words that I've been waiting to hear since we became mates.

"I love you."

I smiled at him and I said to him.

"I love you too, Dominic."

We both smiled at each other and we were about to kiss until someone cleared their throat. We turned to look and it was Leila.

"Did you two forget that I'm still here?"

We jumped away from each other and then she started chuckling.

"You two make a cute couple but, Elizabeth is right about one thing, Dominic has turned over a new leaf and I have to agree with her. Thanks to Amelia's love for you, you've changed and you're no longer the man who I thought you were all those centuries ago, I'm convinced that you found someone who loves you for who you are and now, the curse can be lifted."

Leila summoned her staff and she then said to me.

"You know, Dominic. You can decide whether to become a human and live the rest of your life with Amelia or you can remain as a Dragon-shifter for all eternity but, that will mean Amelia will die of old age one day."

Dominic stood there thinking about his options and I know that he's having a quiet conversation with his Dragon spirit. I had a little think and then I asked Leila.

"Wait, is there another way for Dominic to remain a dragon shifter without becoming a mortal like me? I mean Dominic loves being a dragon shifter and let's face it, it's going to feel weird for him not having a dragon spirit anymore."

Leila thought for a moment and she said to me.

"Hmm... I do see your point. Perhaps there is another way for Dominic's curse to be lifted without losing his dragon spirit."

Dominic and I were surprised at first and then Leila said to me.

"I can use a spell to link Dominic's lifeline with yours and when this happens, Amelia can live an immortal life with you and you won't have to lose your dragon spirit."

Dominic looked happy at first but that was when he frowned a little.

"Wait a minute, what's the catch? what the condition?"

Leila giggled and she then said to us.

"The only condition is this, you two have to love each other for all eternity."

"That's it?"

"That's it, that's how the linking magic works and that is the only condition you have and I promise this time, I'm not tricking you."

Dominic glanced at me and then back at Leila. I answered for him.

"I'm pretty sure we can swear to that condition, what do you think?"

Dominic thought for a moment and he nodded his head.

"Sounds good to me."

"Okay then."

Leila smiled at us before she raised her left hand and touched my shoulder while she pointed her staff at Dominic. Two threads of light came out of our chests. We watched the two threads join together and they became one. Afterwards, the thread disappeared and then Dominic asked her.

"Is that it? Amelia is immortal like me?"

"She sure is but, I do have to warn you, like the werewolves' mating bonds, you will feel each other's pain but, don't do it on purpose, kay?"

Dominic nodded his head and then I wrapped my arms around his arm.

"Now that's over and done with, let's get out of here and head home."

"Sounds good to me," Dominic spoke in a slightly disappointed tone.

I chuckled at his reaction and then I said to him.

"I meant, your home Dominic. In Krotolas. I don't want to spend another night alone."

Dominic smiled at me and then he said to me.

"You know what, that's the best news I've heard all day."

I watched Dominic shift into his dragon form. Scorch growled a little and then he gently rubbed his snout against me. I giggled when he did this and then I kissed his snout.

"I missed you too Scorch."

I looked at Leila and I said to her.

"What about you? do you think you'll find your happiness with Xaldin?"

"Who knows...I don't know if I should give him a chance. Not after what he did to my friends and the other dragons."

Leila looked upset when she said this and then I said to her.

"Well, if I were in your shoes, I'd get him to prove he's willing to change for you. Despite being under his control, I did learn a few interesting things about him."

This caught Leila's attention and then I whispered in her ear about the things I learnt about Xaldin since I didn't want Dominic or Scorch to hear what we've been up to. Leila's eyes widen and then she said to me.

"Really? I didn't realise he was that desperate and lonely."

"All the more reason to give the poor guy a chance. Come on Leila, do you really want to let this guy suffer any more than he has to?"

I asked her before Kassandra came back with Xaldin who was now awake. His eyes landed on Leila and then he smiled at her. I take off the ring that Xaldin gave me from before and then I placed it in Leila's hand. She glanced at it before looking at Xaldin and then back at me.

"...I'll think about it after we have a little talk in the meantime, you head back to Krotolas with your mate."

I nodded my head before getting on Dominic's back. I held onto his spikes before Dominic opened his wings and flying into the sky. He flew through the portal and we headed back to Krotolas. We flew through the sky for a while until we got to the mansion in Krotolas. Dominic flew towards a balcony and then he lands on the edge before shifting back into his human form.

Dominic held me like a princess and he smiled at me before heading into the bedroom.

"You know, I have to admit, Xaldin did pick a nice gown for you."

Dominic told me as he glanced at the dress I was wearing. I nodded my head in agreement and I said to him.

"Yes, it is a pretty gown."

"It's a shame really."

I looked at Dominic confused before he placed me back down on the ground.

"Why do you think it's a shame?"

"Because even though you look lovely in that dress, it's a shame to take it off."

I blushed when he said this and then he spun me around so my back was towards him.


"Shh...allow me to help you to take it off."

I felt Dominic's hands on the back of my dress and then he unzips it. I was a little nervous when he did this and then I felt his hands on my skin. I shivered at his touch at first and then he slowly pulled down the dress. I was wearing a strapless bra and panties. I blushed a darker shade of red when he hugs me from behind.

"You're beautiful, Amelia."

I gasped when Dominic started kissing my neck and shoulder. I moved my neck to the side to give Dominic more room to kiss and suck on my skin. I moaned quietly when he touched a sweet spot.

"Dominic..." I whispered quietly to him while feeling pleasure from him.

Dominic spun me around and then he kisses me on the lips deeply. I gasped when his hand touched my behind and then he stuck his tongue in my mouth. I moaned when he explored my mouth with his tongue. I wrapped my arms around his neck and then he ran his fingers through my hair after untying the rest of my hair.

Dominic picks me up by the waist and then he carries me to the bed. Dominic laid me down on the bed and then he got on top of me before he held me close

"I love you, Amelia, I love you so much."

"I love you too, Dominic."

Dominic stroked my cheek with a kind look and then he said to me.

"Amelia...can I...make love to you?"

'What a gentleman, how did I get so lucky to have a soulmate like him?'

I thought to myself before I kissed his lips. I smiled at him and I said to him.

"Yes, Dominic...I'm ready..."

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