Beauty And The Dragon King (Falling in Love With A Dragon: Book 2)

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Chapter 35: Aftermath

Luxas (After Dominic and Amelia left)

After Dominic and Amelia left, I looked at Xaldin and then he walked towards me.

"Are mate?" He asked in disbelief as he stared at me up and down.

"I am and if you don't believe me, ask your dragon spirit."

Xaldin's dragon spirit, Diablo, took over and then he sniffed me. His eyes widen and then he hugs me tightly.

"You're my mate! I thought you were dead!" Diablo asked me as he held me tightly in his arms.

"I'm very much alive."

Diablo or Xaldin, whoever is in control released me. Xaldin looked at me up and down and he asked me while stroking my cheek.

"All this time, the Dragon Keeper, Leila, is my mate and I didn't know. Why didn't you come to me when you first found out that I'm your mate?"

"How could I? you were cruel and ruthless and you killed and tortured my friends until you were cursed by that Devil Dragon. You caused a lot of destruction in your path! how could I approach someone like that and tell them that I'm their soulmate!"

I shouted in anger. Xaldin looked hurt when I said this and then he looked down sadly.

"Leila, I am so sorry I was that person. But, I swear to you, I will change."

"Can you? can you change? because after what I've seen today, you're still that cruel King that you once were and you almost made Amelia your mate! how do you think that made me feel?! huh?!"

I shouted in anger as my dragon eyes glowed. Xaldin took a few steps back and then my mother spoke.

"All right, Leila that's enough. You're letting your dragon spirit get the better of you."

I snapped out of it and then Xaldin said to me.

"Look, I know what I did to the dragons was wrong and yes, I deserved to be cursed by that Devil Dragon but, I can change."

"Talk is cheap Xaldin if you want me that badly then you're gonna have to prove that you're willing to change and you're not a bad person anymore. After tonight's performance, I can't trust you."

Xaldin looked heartbroken when I said this and then I gave him back the ring Amelia gave me.

"Leila! please give me a chance! I just found you and I don't want to lose you!"

I took a few steps back from him and I told him.

"If you want me, prove to me that you can change until then stay away from me."

I told him before I teleported out of the realm and then I got back to Krotolas. I sat down on the edge of the cliff and then the tears that I held back spilt out of my eyes.

'Dammit!! why do I have to be mated to that monster?! he might be desperate to be with me but, I will not allow myself to be with someone who abuses Dragons for fun unless he's willing to change. I just hope you are right about him Amelia.'

The next day...

Krotolas Mansion

"Hmm...." I groaned a little as I slowly opened my eyes and stretching my arms.

I thought I was going to wake up in the dark realm but no, I was in Krotolas. Last night's events came back to me and then I blushed a little. I smiled a little when I remembered Dominic whispering his love for me and how he was so gentle with me when we made love for the first time until he decided to keep going for another...three or four rounds? I don't know but, what I do know is that Dominic loves me and he didn't have to worry about losing his dragon spirit once the curse was lifted.

I looked to the side and there he was, my sleeping Dragon-shifter. Dominic was snoring away softly with his arms wrapped possessively around me. I smiled at his sleeping face and then I gently stroked his cheek.

'Aw...he's so cute and handsome...I love this man so much, I feel so lucky right now...'

I glanced Dominic's face and he didn't even flinch when I touched him except he groaned a little in his sleep. He must have been tired from last night and he wasn't the only one. My body didn't feel like moving until I needed to go into the bathroom to do my business. I quietly and carefully got out of Dominic's arms. I watched as how he tried to reach for me and then I used my pillow which has my scent on it so he can cuddle it. I giggled at this sight before heading into the bathroom.

Once I did my business, I looked at myself in the mirror and my hair was in a bit of a mess and I noticed the small red marks on my neck and collarbone.

'Oh boy, Sarah is going to tease me a lot if she sees them and that includes the other dragon-shifters.'

I decided to clean myself and I took a bubble bath since I couldn't be bothered to take a shower especially since I was still feeling a little sore. I brushed my hair while the tub was being filled and once it was full, I added the bubbles in the water and then I got in. I sighed in relaxation and then I laid back a little.

"Now that's a nice view."

I gasped in fright and I covered my chest and I looked who spoke up and it was Dominic.

"Oh, don't sneak up on me like that Dominic!"

"Sorry, I couldn't help myself."

Dominic told me before he joined me in the tub. I smiled at him as he sat beside me and holding me close to his chest.

"Are you okay? I wasn't too rough on you last night?"

"I'm a bit sore but, you were not rough with me."

"Good," Dominic spoke with a smile before he ran his fingers through my hair before he turned me around.

"Allow me to wash your hair."

I nodded my head and then Dominic gently pulled my head back before he soaked my hair. Once it was wet, Dominic grabbed one of the shampoo bottles and he started to wash my hair. Once my hair was cleaned, Dominic started to wash my back. I flinched a little at his touch and then I glanced down to hide my blush.

"Something wrong?"

"N-No not's just...I've never done this before...I feel a little embarrassed."

Dominic chuckled before wrapped his arms around me from behind.

"There's nothing to be embarrassed about besides, I, uh, made a bit of a fool of myself after that night when I saved you from that prick."

"Hehe, I couldn't forget, you were so cute when you were talking to me and trying to flirt with me, even though you were being a bit awkward with yourself at the time."

"Hey! you can't blame me for trying to flirt with you. It's has been a long time since I tried to court a woman especially after...*sighs* after Elizabeth."

Dominic rested his head on my shoulder and I could tell that he still felt sad about Elizabeth. I turned around in his arms so that I was facing him.

"Hey, don't give me that sad look, you've still got me, don't you?" I asked him with a smile while stroking his cheek.

Dominic smiled back and then he kissed my lips, deeply. I wrapped my arms around his neck and then he pulled away from my lips.

"I love you, Amelia."

"I love you too, Dominic."

We kissed once more before we got out of the tub and then we dried ourselves. I wrapped the towel around myself and then Dominic got some casual clothes for me. I put on my underwear and then I got changed. The clothes that I am wearing is a black leather jacket, a purple vest top, knee ripped jeans and combat boots.

I sat down at the dressing table and I tied my hair back into a ponytail and I noticed that I wasn't wearing my locket.

"Dominic, have you seen my-"

My sentence was interrupted when Dominic put something around my neck and it was my locket. I smiled in relief and then Dominic said to me.

"The clasp broke when you tried to escape from Xaldin. Thankfully, Adam, the vampire King found it for you and he fixed it for you before giving it back."

"I better remind myself to thank him for the next time I see him."

Dominic smiled at me before placing a kiss on my cheek.

"Come on, let's get some breakfast."

I nodded my head before he held my hand and then we headed downstairs. Once we got there, I was surprised when I saw the buffet breakfast that was laid out for us.

"Holy crap, what are we celebrating?"

"Oh, getting you back from Xaldin and of course, my curse being broken."

I giggled when he wrapped his arm around my waist and then he led me over to the table. Dominic pulls the chair out for me and then I sat down. Axel and the others joined us for breakfast and I enjoyed the atmosphere as we ate our food. I was so happy to be back with the one I love and I intend to cherish every moment with him.

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