Beauty And The Dragon King (Falling in Love With A Dragon: Book 2)

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Chapter 37: Not A Very Happy Birthday

Saumoux Household

A while had passed since the kidnapping incident but, I was so happy to be back with Dominic and we've gotten closer than before. My grandparents came back from their second honeymoon and they looked happy and poor Grandfather had a bit too much of the sun but, we made sure to put some plenty of aftersun cream on him.

I was happy to have my grandparents and my boyfriend but, I also sad because even though today is my birthday, which is supposed be a happy day for me but, it's also the anniversary of my mother's death as well.

It was early in the morning and I was in my room while Dominic was fast asleep on my bed. I was standing outside on the balcony with my arms resting on the railing as I watched the sunrise. I was supposed to be happy since it's my birthday but, I was sad because today is the day my mother died while giving birth to me. Even though I don't know her but, my Grandmother told me everything about her, however, I wish I could have met her and have that motherly bond that every child has.

I couldn't get back to sleep so I decided to get changed, not caring if Dominic was in the room. I got changed into my black T-shirt, my black leather jacket and grey jeans and black converse shoes. I left my hair down after brushing the knots out of it before fixing the locket around my neck. I quietly left my bedroom and I headed downstairs as quiet as possible without waking anyone up.

I left the house and I headed over to the graveyard. I walked along the pavement to reach the graveyard but, I stopped by the florist first to get a bouquet of flowers. I got Lilies for her grave before heading over to the graveyard. Once I got there, I looked for my mother's grave and then I found it. I crouched down and sat on my knees before placing the lilies on her gravestone along with some white roses for my father's grave.

I felt tears in the corner of my eyes but I did my best to hold them back before I spoke up.

"It's been 20 years, Mom...I've turned 20 today...It's supposed to be a big deal for some people but for me... it still hurts not having you or dad here with me to celebrate my big day...*sniff* I often wonder what my life would have been like if you were still with me..."

Tears started to spill out of my eyes as I stayed near my parents grave for a long while.



I woke up the next morning after spending the night with Amelia but, when I opened my eyes, she was not in her room. I got out of bed and I got changed and headed downstairs to find her grandparents in the kitchen making breakfast and they looked a bit depressed for some reason.


"Oh, morning, Dominic..." Mrs Saumoux spoke in a sad tone.

"What's the matter? why do you two look upset and where's Amelia?"

"She didn't tell you?" Mr Saumoux asked in a surprised tone.

"Tell me what?"

"...Today is Amelia's birthday," Mrs Saumoux told me while looking away from me.

"Well, isn't that a good thing?"

"It would have been but, today is also the anniversary of Anna's death."

My eyes widen when she said this and I remembered Amelia telling me her birthday is also the same day of her mother's death.

"Oh...sorry, I forgot."

"It's fine, we're a little depressed today but we'll be fine. But, it's Amelia who's taking it hard the most. I know I've been telling her stories about her parents but, she always feels sad that she never got to have that mother and father bond that every child has. Yes, she still has us her, it doesn't feel like it's enough."

"I know how she feels, I lost my mother when I was very young. I still miss her every day," I told Amelia's grandparents.

"Normally, I wouldn't say this but, Amelia's lucky to have you, even though you're a dragon-shifter."

I looked at Mr Saumoux with a shocked look and he said to me.

"Oh yeah, I know because my side of the family used to be dragon slayers. I already know when to spot one thanks to my old man's teachings. Don't worry, your hide is safe including your buddies."

"How long have you two known?" I asked in a surprised tone.

"Since Amelia introduced you to us," Mrs Saumoux spoke with a smirk.

I took a few steps back from them and I asked them.

"Does that also mean you know what happened to her while you were gone?"

"If you're talking about that Devil Dragon who came here before? let's just say I have contacts who also have dragon mates and they told me every detail about that battle," Mr Samuoux spoke with a frown on his face while wielding a knife.

"Dominic run!!" Mrs Samuoux shouted before I bolted.

"Get back here, you overgrown reptile!!"

Mr Samoux chased me out of the house but, I was faster and he was slower. After I lost sight of him, I panted in exhaustion and then I felt the presence of my mate and I could feel how sad she felt. Scorch spoke up.

"Our mate is sad..."

"Yeah...and I know why..."

I looked up and I walked towards the graveyard. I followed the scent of my mate and there she was, sitting on her knees in front of her parents' grave with her head down. I could hear her faint sobbing. I picked up some wild daisies before approaching her. I crouched down beside her before placing the small bouquet of daisies near her parents' grave.

Amelia snapped out of it and then she looked at me with that tear-stained face which tells me she had been crying for quite some time.

"Dominic...I didn't see you there..." Amelia told me as she wiped away the last of her tears.

"Well, let's just say your Grandfather finally snapped and I had to make a run for it."

Amelia looked at me confused before I told her.

"Your Grandparents already know that I'm a dragon-shifter but, I don't think they know I was the cursed King Dominic."

"What...? how did they find out...?" Amelia asked softly while looking at her parents' grave.

"Apparently, someone from your Grandfather's side of the family was once a dragonslayer. I don't know who but, he was taught well I can tell you that much."

"I see..." Amelia mumbled as she continued to stare at the gravestones.

'I've never seen Amelia look so sad before. It makes my heart break just seeing her like this.'

I thought to myself before I held her hand. Amelia squeezed my hand back and then she spoke up with a sad smile on her face.

"You know...if my parents knew about you and what you are...I think they would be either happy that I found someone who loves me and cares for me or...they would freak out because he's a dragon...either way...I'm just glad you're here."

Amelia spoke before resting her head on my shoulder. I rested my head on top of hers before I wrapped my arm around her shoulders to comfort her.

After a while, we stood up from the ground and we said our silent goodbyes to Amelia's parents before leaving the graveyard. I kept a hold of my mate's hand and then I hear her stomach growling loudly. Amelia blushed a little and she said to me.

"Sorry, I, uh...didn't get any breakfast this morning."

"It's all right, neither did I. Come on, let's go to a diner and get some food in you."


Amelia spoke softly before we got to a nearby diner where we got our brunch. Amelia ordered a chicken burger with fries while I had sausages, scrambled eggs, bacon and toast. Amelia took a bit of her chicken burger and she chewed it slowly.

"Amelia, have you thought about what you want for your birthday?"

"Not really, to be honest, I would have made a fuss when I was little but now...I just feel depressed about it because my mother's anniversary is also today."

"I see, would it make you feel better if I took you to Krotolas again?"

"Thanks, Dominic but, I much rather have a quiet one today."

"All right, if that's what you want."

I told her with a small smile on my face. Once we had our food, I took her back home and the moment we stepped into the house, Mr and Mrs Saumoux tried to talk to her but, she ignored them and headed upstairs to her room. I heard the door slam and then Mrs Saumoux sighed.

"When she was younger she never had a care in the world but, now..."

"I hate seeing her like this too. But, once she cries it off for a while, we'll get the presents and cake ready for her."


I got to my room and I closed the door behind me before I laid down on my bed. I clutched the pillow to my chest while I cried my eyes out.

I know some people would think that celebrating birthdays is supposed to be the happiest memory of your life but when it's the anniversary of a loved one's death especially if it's on the same day as your birthday, it hurts. My mother died after giving birth to me and my father killed himself a few days later because he was depressed and he couldn't bring himself to look after me.

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