Beauty And The Dragon King (Falling in Love With A Dragon: Book 2)

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Chapter 38: A Family Reunion

Saumoux Household

After watching Amelia rush up the stairs, I felt her sadness through the mate bond and that also made me feel sad because I couldn't do anything to help her heal her broken heart. I sat in the living room and I said to Mrs Saumoux.

"Isn't there anything we can do to cheer her up? I know she's upset today is the anniversary of her mother's death but..."

"I was asking myself that the same thing but, as Johnny told us, let her cry it off for a few hours and then she'll be back to celebrate her birthday."

"But still...I feel helpless when I see her upset."

"Me too, honey, me too," Mrs Saumoux told me as she gently rubbed my shoulder.

"Can I go and check up on her?" I asked her.

"Of course, and be sure to give her that hot chocolate that I made for her. I know it's not much but, she's gonna have to eat and drink something."


I told Mrs Saumoux before I took the mug and heading upstairs with it. I got to Amelia's room and I could hear her sobbing on the other side of the door. I gently knocked on the door and I spoke up.

"Amelia, it's me. Can I come in? Your Grandmother has made you some hot chocolate."

"...Yeah..." Amelia spoke sadly before I opened the door.

When I came into her room, I saw her lying down on the bed in a fetal position while holding a pillow close to her chest. I put down the mug on her bedside table before I sat next to her on the bed. I gently stroked her blonde locks before asking her.

"Amelia...are you okay?"


Amelia didn't say anything as she stared into space while holding on her pillow. I hated seeing her like this and then I said to her.

"Amelia, talk to me..."

I spoke softly as I stroked her head. A few tears escaped her eyes before she spoke up.

" you think I'm a murderer...?"

"What? where's this coming from?"

"I've been thinking about this every year on this day...when my mother died, a part of my father died too...Grandmother always told me that my father felt like he lost the other half of his heart when Mom died...but...when Grandmother told me he killed himself...I wondered if it's because he didn't like me because I was responsible..."

"Amelia, don't you ever say that. You're not a murderer. These things happen and we can't control them. Remember when I told you how I lost my mother? I couldn't stop that disease from killing her but, it still happened anyway."

"I know but...I can't help but feel like this..."

I didn't want else to say to her except stroke her blonde locks to comfort her.

"Scorch, isn't there a way to help her? I hate seeing her like this."

"I don't know..."

I knew he wouldn't be much help but, I know someone who can help. I closed my eyes and then I mind linked Leila.


"Hello Dominic, how are you?"

Leila asked me.

"I'm fine but, my mate is not happy."

"Oh boy, what did you do now?"

"I didn't do anything except, she's feeling a bit depressed today. It's supposed to be her birthday today but, she doesn't feel like celebrating because today is also the day her mother died."

"Oh dear, is she all right?" Leila asked in a concerned tone.

"No, I've been trying to cheer her up but, nothing. I was hoping you can help me out. Amelia feels like it's her fault that her mother died after giving birth to her and she also thinks her dad thought the same thing before he died. I've been telling her it wasn't her fault but, she's still blaming herself. Isn't there a spell that you can use to contact the dead or something?"

"Well, luckily for you, there is a spell I can use. I'll be around at her place right now."

Leila told me before she shut off the link while I sat next to Amelia to comfort her and wipe away any stray tears that fell from her eyes.

Just then, the doorbell rang and then I told Amelia.

"I'll be right back, I'm gonna go and see who it is."

"All right..." Amelia told me before she turned her back towards me.

I headed downstairs and I found Leila standing in the entryway with Amelia's grandparents and they were chatting happily. I smiled at Leila and I said to her.

"Leila, I'm glad you could make it."

"You know her?" Mr Saumonx asked me.

"Yeah, Leila is a friend of mine. I figured Amelia could use a friend right now. I would have suggested Sarah but, I think Leila is better for the job."

"Good idea, Dominic," Mrs Saumonx told me before I led Leila upstairs.

"Just to let you know, Amelia is a bit upset right now so, don't expect her to respond easily."

"That's okay, I understand."

"What do I owe you after this?"

"Nothing, besides, I'm a Dragon Keeper remember? It's my job to look after dragons and their mates."

"Come on."

I told her before entering Amelia's room and she was still laying on that same position where I left her.


I was staring blankly at the wall until I felt someone touching my shoulder. I looked up and it was Leila.

"Oh, Hi Leila..." I spoke in a sad tone.

"Hi, Amelia...I would say happy birthday but, it doesn't feel like it does it?"

"Dominic told you huh?"

"Yeah, he's worried about you and he's not the only one. You grandparents told me that you feel sad on this day. You shouldn't feel like this."

"I can't help it...Leila, it always feels like it's my fault they're gone...I sometimes wonder if my dad hates me for killing her..." I told her as I stared at the ceiling.

"Maybe he doesn't hate you. If you want to know if they loved you or hated you, why don't you find out for yourself."

I looked at Leila confused before she placed her hand on my forehead and then she spoke in dragon tongue before I passed out.

I opened my eyes and I didn't know where I was. I had a feeling that Leila had sent me somewhere but, for what purpose. I looked around and I was in some kind of meadow filled with wildflowers and there were butterflies flying around them and the sky was bright and sunny. It felt peaceful here and then I heard someone call out to me.


I turned around and I saw a woman who looked a lot like me and there was a man standing next to her. I didn't recognise them for a moment until I placed my hand on my locket.

"Mom...? Dad...?"

Mom and Dad smiled at me before Mom opened her arms for me. I felt tears in the corner of my eyes before I ran over to her. I hugged my mother tightly and I didn't want to let go and she held me back. Dad hugged us both and I felt so happy as tears of happiness spilt out of my eyes.

"'s really you...Leila sent me here to see you guys..."

"She sure did...let me have a look at you."

We pulled away from each other before Mom held my face in her hands. She smiled at me and then she spoke up.

"She's got my hair and my eyes, James."

"And she's got my face as well."

Dad spoke happily as he ruffled my hair.

"Mom, Dad, there's something that I've wanted to ask you since you died...did you guys love me and do you also hate for causing your deaths?"

My parents looked shocked when I asked them this.

"Oh Amelia, of course, we don't blame you. You're our sweet daughter. My death couldn't be avoided and I hoped James here would have looked after you but, I was wrong."

I looked at Dad and he said to me.

"Amelia, I am so sorry for leaving you the way I did. I never blamed you for your mother's death. After she died, I couldn't bring myself to look after you. I tried my best but, every time you cried I couldn't work out what was wrong with you. I was worried I would've ended up hurting you because I was angry and sad. So, I decided to leave you with your grandparents until I was ready but, I fell into a deep depression."

I was shocked when he told me this and then he continued.

"When you lose someone who you love, you want to remain by their side until death. Anna was taken way too soon from me and I couldn't stand living in this world without her and that's when I took my own life and that meant leaving you without a mother or a father to look after."

"You never blamed me or hated me?"

"No, I'm your father, I could never hate you. When I found out I was gonna be a father, I couldn't wait to hold you in my arms and Anna couldn't wait either. We were both looking forward to being parents until..."

Mom gave him a small smile before placing her hand on his shoulder to comfort him before she looked at me.

"But, all is not lost. You're not alone. You've got your grandparents, your friends and of course, your mate Dominic."

"You know about him?"

"Of course, we're always watching over you, Amelia. We've been watching over you since you were an infant and now look at you. You've grown into a beautiful woman."

"I guess it's true what they say about the Samounx women, beauty does run in the family," Dad spoke before Mom and I laughed.

Just then, the wind picked up and then the sky darkened.

"Wait! what's happening."

"Looks like our time is up."

"No! please stay!"

"Sorry Amelia, but, this is the only time you'll ever get to talk to us. It was great seeing you again, sweetie," Mom spoke with a small smile on her face.

"Again Amelia, I am so sorry for leaving you but, remember, we'll always be with you in your heart."

"Before you leave, there's one last thing your father and I want to tell you..."

I stood there as I watched my parents disappear into the fog.

"We love you and Happy Birthday."

Mom and Dad spoke in unison before tears of happiness spilt out of my eyes.

"Thank you and I love you both so much."

I told them before the world around me turned white.

I opened my eyes and I found myself back in my room before I sat up in bed with Leila still sitting on my bed and Dominic was standing near the bed.

"Are you all right? did you see them?" Leila asked with a small smile on her face.

"I did, Leila, thank you so much!"

I told her before I tackled her into a hug.

"Whoa! you're welcome."

Leila told me as she hugged me back. I was so happy that my parents still love me even in the afterlife. I guess today can be a happy day for me.

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