Beauty And The Dragon King (Falling in Love With A Dragon: Book 2)

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Chapter 39: Birthday Treat

Saumoux Household

After Leila sent me to the afterlife to talk to my parents, I felt happy knowing my parents still love me even after death and I was also happy that they didn't blame me for their deaths. It also felt nice to have that mother and father bond with them, even if it was only a few moments.

After shedding a few tears of happiness and sadness, I pulled away from Leila after hugging her so tightly and I wiped away the last of tears.

"Leila, thank you so much for showing my parents."

"You're welcome, here, let's dry those tears," Leila told me as she got her handkerchief before wiping my cheeks with it.

"What does Dominic owe you for bringing you here and casting that spell?"

"Nothing, as I told him before, I'm a Dragon Keeper. It's my job to protect the dragons and their mates. It's also part of my job to make sure their mates are happy and safe."

Leila told me as she stroked my cheek making me smile.

"Thanks again, Leila. I feel a lot better after seeing my parents."

"That's good to hear, and now that you're in a better mood..."

Leila clicked her fingers and then a large black box with a purple ribbon appeared and it gently landed on the floor.

"Happy birthday."

"Oh, thank you."

I told her before I opened her gift and it contained an easel along with some new paintbrushes, a canvas, some new paints and other art tools.

"Oh my God, it's an art set, thank you so much."

"I knew how much you love art so I figured you should try out the easel set."

"I love it, thank you so much, Leila."

"You're welcome."

Just then, someone knocked on my door and it was Dominic.

"Hey, good to see you smiling again."

"Yeah, and it's thanks to Leila. She even got me a birthday present."

"Well, that's good because your grandparents are already waiting for you downstairs with your presents including mine."

"All right, Leila, do you want to stay over for some cake? call it my way of saying thanks."


Leila told me with a smile before we headed downstairs. Dominic covered my eyes from behind with a blindfold. I giggled a little as he held my hands and he led me downstairs and I think he led me into the living room.

"Okay ready?"

"Yeah, just uncover my eyes already."

"All right."

Dominic took off my blindfold and then Leila, Ryan, my grandparents, Sarah and Jason shouted.

"Surprise! happy birthday!"

I smiled when I saw the cake and the banner that said 'Happy 20th Birthday!' I also saw a lot of presents and I guess my friends and grandparents went overboard again.

"Thank you, guys. I didn't think you'd bother."

"Are you kidding? it's not every day my best friend turns 20," Sarah spoke with a smile.

Ryan came over with a photo album and he said to me.

"Here, I didn't know what to get you so I made this photo album. It's got all of our memories including yours and Sarah's since she'll be moving away for University soon."

"Thanks, Ryan, I love it."

I told him before flipping over a few pages and looking at a few photos of the three of us during our childhood until now. Sarah came over with a gift bag and then I opened it and then I closed it.


"What?" She asked innocently.

"What the hell is the matter with you?"

"Oh come, Amelia. You know it's not every day you get to bag yourself a smoking hot boyfriend like Dominic. I figured it'll help in the-" I quickly covered her mouth before she could finish that sentence.

"Don't finish that line!! my Grandfather is standing right there!"

Grandfather looked at me confused before I gave my present to Leila to hide it or burn it. I uncovered Sarah's mouth and then she giggled at me.

"Anyway, I knew you were gonna react like that, here, Sarah and I got you something else," Jason told me as he held up a gift bag.

I took the gift bag from her and this time it contains some perfume, a birthday card and some of my favourite chocolates.

"Ooh, my favourite, thank you, Sarah."

"You're welcome."

I placed the gift aside and then my Grandmother gave me a square present.

"Here you go Amelia, I know it's not much but, it's a little something that your parents wanted you to have."

I was surprised when she said this before I unwrapped her gift. I was surprised and then I smiled afterwards because the gift that Grandmother gave me is a family album which contained photos of my parents when they were kids, to teenagers, to their wedding day etc.

"It's the Saumoux family album. It's got pictures of your Grandfather and me along with some photos of your parents. So when you do have some special moments whether it's with your family or with your boyfriend, you can add some photos here."

"Thank you so much, Grandmother. I love it, I'll treasure this forever."


She spoke with a smile before Grandfather gave me my birthday gift.

"Your old man was going to give you this if you turned out to be a boy but, I think you'll treasure this anyway."

I opened the gift and it was a tankard which has my name on it along with my Grandfather's and my Father's name on it.

"Oh Grandfather, it's so cool."

"And that's not all, look inside of it."

I looked at him confused before I looked inside of the tankard and there's a voucher for one of the expensive hotels in Orion City.

"No way, a free spa, a couple's bedroom and a free romantic meal for two?! And it's for three days?! Grandfather, you shouldn't have."

"Well, your grandmother had to convince me to do this since I couldn't figure what else to get you. But, I just hope Dominic doesn't try anything funny!"

Dominic whimpered in fear before hides behind Leila which made her laugh.

"Scaredy Cat."

"I can't help it! he scares the crap out of me whenever he threatens my life!"

Leila and I chuckled and then Grandmother spoke up.

"Okay, let's not talk about all of this killing business because it's time to have some cake."


I spoke with a smile before we lit the candles. After singing happy birthday to me, I blew out the candles and they cheered for me. We had a slice of cake each but, Dominic decided to spoon feed me which made me smile. I took a bite of Dominic's cake when he fed me until Sarah spoke up.

"Aww~ how cute. Dominic and Amelia sitting in a tree-"

"Shut up! I hate that rhyme! besides, it's not like you and Jason have any room to talk!"

"She has a good point," Ryan spoke with a smirk.

Sarah groaned and then I looked at Leila.

"Hmm...this cake is delicious, Mrs Saumoux."

"Why thank you, Leila. It was my Mother's recipe."

"Mind if I take a slice back for my parents?"

"Of course."

Dominic chuckled and then he said to me.

"Looks like Leila is enjoying herself."

"I know and Dominic, I wanna apologise if I wasn't myself earlier."

"It's all right, but, you're feeling better now. Which reminds..."

Dominic leaned closer to my ear and he said to me.

"After this and after staying in that hotel, I've got one little surprise for you back in Krotolas."

"What is it?"

"I'm not telling."

Dominic spoke with a smirk. I pouted a little when he said this.


Dominic chuckled when I mumbled this. After celebrating my birthday with my family and friends. I packed my bags for the hotel that Grandfather booked and Sarah decided to help me out before we left.

"How about this for the dinner?" I asked her as I held up another dress.

"'s cute but, there's no way I'm letting you show off those thighs."

Sarah told me before she rummaged through my wardrobe and then she held up a black dress which was knee length and she had some heeled shoes to match.

"Match this with some other accessories and you're good to go but, make sure to wear a strapless bra with it," Sarah spoke with a wink.

"Oy! behave yourself!" I shouted with a grin before she packed it away in my suitcase.

"I guess there's no need to ask how you and Jason are getting on."

"Well, I admit, he wasn't happy that I'm moving to another state to study at a university but, since he's serious about this relationship then we're gonna have to find a place of our own."

"That's great news, but, how did your parents take it?" I asked her as I packed away my toiletry bag.

"Let me put it this way; my mother was pleased but my father was like a mini version of your Grandfather but ten times worse."

I burst into laughter when she told me this and then Grandmother came into the room and she said to me.

"How's it coming along with the packing girls?"

"Great, Sarah's got a good fashion sense."

"Well, that's good to know. Anyway, Dominic is downstairs waiting for you."

"Oh right, tell him I'll be right down."

I told her as Sarah and I doubled checked to make sure I got everything for the three-day retreat. After feeling miserable this morning, I've certainly perked up after celebrating my birthday and I got to spend it with my boyfriend. Life couldn't get any better than this.

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