Beauty And The Dragon King (Falling in Love With A Dragon: Book 2)

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Chapter 4: She Will Be Mine

Orion City School of Art

The night after our little adventure, I had a bit of a scolding from my Grandparents for coming back so late but, they let me off the hook as long as I did the chores around the house for the next 4 weeks.

I yawned a little as I got to the art room and then Sarah sat next to me. She rested her head on her folded arms and she was tired as I was.

“Ugh...I’m so tired...why did we agree to go along with Ryan’s stupid plan last night?”

“I have no much trouble did you get into with your parents last night?”

“Bad, my dad has grounded me for a month and my mother has taken my phone so, I’m not allowed to speak to my boyfriend for a while.”

“Do they know about Trent?”

“No, not yet. But, if they see the text messages, I’m so dead!”

“Calm down, as long as you’ve got a good password and a fingerprint recognition, you’ll be fine.”

“I just hope you’re right...” Sarah spoke in a nervous tone.

Ryan came over with a smug look on his face and I glared at him.

“Here comes Mr Smug!”

“Hey ladies, did you escape from your scoldings yet?”

We glared at Ryan and then we smacked him upside his lumpy head.

“Ow! what was that for?!”

“For getting us into trouble! thanks to you, Sarah is grounded for a month and her phone got taken off her and I’m stuck doing chores for the next few weeks.”

“Oh come on, it could have been worse.”

“Don’t talk to us for the next week, jerk!”

Sarah shouted before we turned our heads and ignoring him.

“Oh ladies, don’t be like that. You know I didn’t mean to get you guys into trouble.”

“Did you hear something, Amelia?”


Ryan growled in annoyance and he tried to get our attention but, it was no good, Sarah and I ignored him for the rest of the day.

After classes were over, I headed straight home but, I couldn’t shake the feeling that I was being watched. I kept glancing over my shoulder a few times, but there was no one around except a few people going home from work. I figured it was properly from the lack of sleep after last night’s adventure from the castle.

Grandmother looked up from her magazine and she asked me.

“Amelia, honey are you okay?”

“Not really...” I told her after snapping out of my shock.

“Grandmother, do you ever get the feeling that you’ve got eyes on your back?”

“You mean if I have eyes at the back of my head?”

“No, I mean do you ever feel like someone is watching you from a distance and they might be a stalker? because that’s what I feel like right now.”

I told her as I looked through the window to see if there was anyone suspicious on the street. Grandmother came over to me and she did the same.

“Well I don’t see anyone, are you sure you feel like someone is stalking you?”

“Yes, I couldn’t shake the feeling since I finished my classes earlier. Grandmother, I’m telling you, after my little adventure in the castle, someone has been following me and I don’t like it.”

“Maybe it’s someone who’s got a crush on you and he won’t leave you alone, remember how I used to tell you about my old crush Robert?”

“Grandmother now’s not the time for that.”

“Fair enough.”

“AMELIA SAMUMOUX!!” Grandfather yelled angrily.

“Uh oh, what did I do now?” I mumbled.

I ran up the stairs and then Grandfather came out of my room and he told me.

“Why is your room in a mess?”

“What? what are you talking about? it was clean this mor-”

I stopped mid-sentence when I saw the state of my room. My wardrobe and drawers had been opened so my clothes were sticking out of them, my artworks were lying on the floor along with my paints that had been knocked over and the canvas that I had been working on for college was ruined.

“Oh my god, what happened here?” I asked him.

“Amelia, are you telling me you didn’t leave it like this?”

“No! Grandfather, you know I’m an organised person and a clean freak, I’d never leave my room a mess like this.”

“She’s right, look at this place, it looks like someone might have broken in here and made a mess when they were trying to rob it.”

I looked around and I was about to tidy up but, Grandfather stopped me and he told me.

“Don’t touch anything, let me call the police.”

“All right.”

I told him before Grandmother told me as we left the room while Grandfather called the police. We sat down in the living room and then the police finally arrived and they questioned us and they also asked me if they have taken anything valuable but, as far as I was able to tell no.

While the police checked my room, I stood by the doorframe and then the chief inspector told me.

“We’ve checked your room Miss Saumoux and it doesn’t look like anything is missing. However, do you remember locking your balcony door?”

“Yes, why? did they break through my window?”

“There’s a possibility but, there’s no sign of a breaking entry.”


I checked my balcony door and they were right. The balcony windows haven’t been forced open.

“That can’t be right, I was sure I locked it this morning before I left for college.”

“Well, maybe you might have forgotten this time, Amelia. You were running late for your classes this morning since you forgot to set your alarm.”

“I guess that’s true but still, why would anyone try and break in here and make a mess of my room if they weren’t trying to steal anything?”

“It’s probably kids or something but, I recommend fixing the lock on your window or better yet, get some security cameras around the house, just in case.”

“All right, thanks for the help officer.”

Grandfather told him before the police left. After cleaning up the mess and doubling checking the lock on my balcony window, I sat down on my bed and I sighed a little.

“First the stalker and now this? what else is gonna go wrong?”

“Don’t worry, honey. You’ll be fine, it was probably some stupid kids.”

“I just hope you’re right.”

Later that night...
The Saumoux Household

I hid in the shadows and I watched the lights go out in the house. I quietly snuck up to the young maiden’s balcony and I misted back into my human form. I looked through the window and there she was, fast asleep in her bed.

I tried opening her door as I did earlier when she and her grandparents were out but, this time it was locked. I frowned a little, but I didn’t let that stop me. My body turned into mist and then I went underneath the doors and I reverted to my human form once I got into the young maiden’s room.

I quietly approached her and she was even more beautiful the way she slept. I looked at her stuff and they had been put back in their place after my little visit earlier today.

I went into her room earlier today to find out more about this young maiden. Turns out this little lady is quite an artist from the artwork that she had created and she was into fantasy books. One book caught my attention was the history book about the Cursed King. I wasn’t expecting someone like her to have that book, she has a very curious mind.

I quietly and carefully leaned over to the young maiden and I took a lock of her long hair and I pressed it against my nostrils and I sniffed it. She smells so nice like strawberries mixed with yoghurt.

‘She smells so nice...why do I feel so attached to her?’

“It’s because she’s our mate.”

Scorch, my dragon, told me which took me by surprise.

“Mate? I remember you telling me that this why her scent is so strong now that I’m near her?”

“Yes. She’s perfect! she’s the one! she could be the one to break the curse.”

I was surprised by this and then I looked at the young maiden again. I gently stroked her cheek and then she groaned a little before turning her back towards me. Scorch growled in excitement and then he said to me.

“Take her! take her back to the lair! please!”

I thought about it and then I decide to go along with it. Right when I was about to pick her up, I heard someone coming. I quickly misted into the shadows and then the young maiden’s grandmother came into the room. I frowned a little while Scorch growled in annoyance.

“Talk about bad timing.”

“Tell me about it.”

I told him. I watched the old lady put down a warm cup of hot chocolate for the young lady and then she woke up.

“Oh sorry for waking you up, Amelia.”

"*Yawn* I’m fine Grandmother, I was having trouble sleeping anyway.”

“Well here, this will make you feel sleepy.”

“Thanks, Grandmother, good night.”

Amelia, the name of the young maiden, told her grandmother as she left the room.

“Amelia...what a beautiful name.”

"*Groan* why are you still standing there?! get her before someone else comes!”

“No, bad idea to do that now. Don’t worry, she will be mine soon. After all, I was the King of Whitebrook castle, I always get what I wanted in the end.”

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