Beauty And The Dragon King (Falling in Love With A Dragon: Book 2)

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Chapter 42: Preparations

Saumoux Household

A few weeks passed since Dominic proposed to me. Our planning was going great, a bit stressful but it's going great. We agreed to have our wedding outside of Krotolas because it wouldn't feel right having all of our friends, families and old classmates not there to witness it.

We decided to have our wedding at Whitebrook Castle now that it has been restored. Dominic decided to have Leon as his best man while I made Sarah as my maid of Honor.

Right now, Sarah, Leila, Kassandra and I were at my house looking through wedding magazines to sort out my wedding dress, the bridesmaid dresses and of course the catering including the wedding cake.

"How about this?" Sarah asked me while showing me a picture of the wedding dress.

"'s beautiful but, it's not me."

"You said that about the last 20 dresses I've shown you."

"Sorry, I know I'm being picky but, I want it to be perfect."

"That's understandable. Don't worry, Amelia, you'll find the perfect dress," Kassandra told me with a confident smile.

"I hope you're right."

"Look, forget about the dress for now, what do you think about this cake?" Leila asked me as she showed me the picture of a wedding cake.

"A wedding cake with a Dragon?" I asked her with a surprised look.

"Think about it, you're having the wedding at Whitebrook Castle and it would make sense since there's a legend behind it."

"I guess that's true."

I spoke with a smile before Grandmother came into the room with some shopping bags.

"Hey ladies, so, how is it going with the planning?"

"Well, so far, we've got an idea for a wedding cake but, little miss-picky over here can't decide on her wedding dress. She's turned down at least 20 of them."

"I told you, I want my dress to be perfect."

Grandmother thought for a moment and then her eyes lit up.

"I've got just the thing, I'll be right back!"

We looked at her confused as she left the room.

"What was that about?" Kassandra asked me.

"I don't know, anyway, what kind of flowers do you think we should go for? Lilies or roses?" I asked them as I showed them the picture of the flowers.

"I have an idea, why don't you have lilies for your bouquet and have the red and white roses for both the decorations."

"Sounds good to me, thanks, Leila," I spoke with a smile.

"I'm back."

Grandmother spoke before she came down the stairs with a large box. We moved the magazines out of the way so there's space on the coffee table.

"Grandmother, what is this?"

"Let's just say it's a little gift from your mother."

I was surprised when she told me this. Grandmother sat next to me and she said to me.

"When your mother was pregnant with you, she said that if you turned out to be a girl, she wanted you to have her wedding dress."


"Of course, go on, open it."

I opened the lid and I smiled at the sight of it. I stood up and I picked up the dress at the same time before holding it against my body.

"Grandmother it's beautiful."

"Beautiful?! it's gorgeous!" Sarah spoke with a smile.

"Why are you still standing there?! go up stairs and try it on!" Kassandra told me as she shooed me out of the living room.

I headed upstairs with Leila at my heels so she can help me and then got to my room. I took off my casual clothes and then I tried on Mom's dress.

I looked at myself in the mirror and I looked beautiful. The top has opened shoulders with thin straps sitting on my shoulders. The sleeves were long and see through and the skirt was long.

"Oh Amelia, you look beautiful."

Leila told me before we headed down stairs. The girls were shocked and then they smiled afterwards.

"Oh wow! Amelia! you look beautiful!"

"It's like that dress meant to be for you," Kassandra spoke with a smile.

Grandmother covered her mouth before she had tears in the corner of her eyes.

"Oh, my baby look so beautiful..."

"Grandmother, don't start you're gonna set me off in a minute."

I told her as I wiped away my tears while the others chuckled.

"Sorry, it's just that you look so beautiful and you look just like your mother."

"I do, don't I?" I spoke with a smile as I held up the skirt while looking down at myself.

"Now all we need is some accessories for the dress and you're good to go," Sarah spoke with a smile.

"Hello," Grandfather spoke as he and Dominic came through the door.

"Dominic don't look!!" Leila shouted before she teleported to him and she quickly covered his eyes.

"Hey! what are you doing?!"

"Amelia is trying on her wedding dress and you should know it's bad luck to see your bride's dress before the big day!"

"Sorry, I didn't know."

I giggled a little before I headed back upstairs to get changed back into my casual outfit. Grandmother placed my dress back in the box before I headed back downstairs.

"Sorry about that, how did you get on with your suits?"

"All right, I guess, Dominic was being very picky."

"Well can you blame me? some of them made me itch while others, felt tight."

"Well, we managed to find one in the end."

"Anyway, Amelia, are you ready to meet up with the estate agent?" Dominic asked me.

"Yep," I told him before I grabbed my bag and then Sarah asked me.

"You guys are looking for a place to live?"

"Yeah, with graduation and our wedding coming up, I thought it might be a good idea to start looking for a place to live after they're done."

"Sounds like a great idea, but, why don't you guys live in Krotolas or here?" Sarah asked us.

"That's what I suggested but, Amelia wanted to stay near her family and she needs normality in her life. Her words, not mine," Dominic told them before the others chuckled.

"We should get going. We'll continue with the rest of the planning later, let's go, Dominic."

I told him as we left the house to start searching for a place of our own.

After long hours of searching and looking at different houses and apartments, none of them caught our attention. It looks like we'll have to try again another time. Dominic and I got back to my place and then we sat on the couch of the living room.

We both sighed in exhaustion and in frustration and then my grandparents came into the room.

"Oh boy, judging from the looks on your faces, I take it didn't go too well?" Grandmother asked us.

"I'm afraid not, Grandmother. We searched and searched and nothing," I told her.

"She's right. We looked at some of the apartments and the houses that were near here but, every single one of them turned out to be crap," Dominic told them.

"Got that, right. We checked out the apartments and condos but, they end up either too expensive for us or there was some wrong with them."

"Like what?" Grandfather asked.

"Do the words; rotting wood, a leaky ceiling, noisy neighbours and cracked walls ring a bell to you?" Dominic asked him.


"Exactly," I told him before sighing.

"So what are you guys gonna do?" Grandmother asked as she sat next to me.

"Well, if we can't find a place after graduation and after the wedding, we're gonna have to crash either here or in Krotolas, not that I have a problem with that but..." I told Dominic and my grandparents.

"Hey, it's understandable that you two want a place of your own and starts a family one day, but these things take time. It wasn't easy for your parents when they found out they were gonna be-" Grandmother stopped mid-sentence when she realised something.

"Gonna be what?" Dominic asked.

"That's it!!" Grandmother shouted suddenly making us jump in fright.

"What's what?!" Dominic and I shouted unison.

"I just remembered something, Johnny where's the paperwork for that house?!"

"It should be in the attic with the rest of Anna and James' stuff. Why?"

Grandfather asked before she rushed upstairs. Dominic and I looked at each other with confused looks before Grandmother came back a few minutes later.

"Found it!"

"What did you find?" I asked her.

"Let's just say the wedding dress wasn't the only thing that your parents left behind."

I looked at Grandmother confused before she gave me an envelope and a key.

"What's this?"

"Open it," Grandmother asked with a smile.

I opened the envelope and it was a document more like a will.

" this what I think it is?"

"It is."

"Before your parents died, they made a will in case anything happened to them. They left behind a document saying their house is left to you or rather us, once you become of age. It was going to be our graduation present to you but, I think now's a good time for you to have it now."

"Really?!" I spoke in a happy tone.

"Yep, want to check it out?"

"Of course."

I spoke in a happy tone before we headed to my parents' old home. Once we got there, it was a bit old and there were vines on the wall.

"Oh boy, you'd at least think the estate agents would have tried to take care of this place," Grandmother spoke as she looked at the state of this place.

"I'm pretty sure Leila can work her magic."

Dominic told us as we went inside. We looked around and even though, it was dusty, it still felt like home. I ran my fingers over the furniture and I mumbled.

"Dusty but, it could do with some work."

"Amelia," Dominic called out to me before he held up an old photo frame.

I took the photo from him and then I blew away the dust. I coughed a little before I saw a photo of my mother and father. They were in their teenage years and they were wearing formal attire along with some crowns.

"Oh, that takes me back," Grandmother spoke with a smile.

"Anna and James were the King and Queen of Prom. I still remember how happy they looked when they came home that night."

I smiled when she told me this before we looked around some more. I opened one of the rooms and what surprised me was a baby room. I knew this room was supposed to be mine as I looked around and then I picked up a teddy bear that was sitting in the crib. I held the bear close to my chest as I thought about what life would have been like if my parents were still alive.

"I know what you're thinking," Dominic told me as he wrapped his arm around my shoulders.

"But, don't let it bother you too much. You've got me, your grandparents and your friends. I know you wished they were here to see us get married but, they'll always be with you."

I smiled at him before I spoke up.

"What would I do without you?"

I told him before we hugged each other tightly.

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