Beauty And The Dragon King (Falling in Love With A Dragon: Book 2)

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Chapter 43: Graduation Day

Saumoux Household

"Amelia! you better get a move on! the ceremony is not gonna wait for you!" Grandmother shouted.

"I'll be down in a bit!"

I called back as Sarah and I made some final touches to our makeup. Today was the day of our college graduation. I bought a navy blue high-low dress with silver heels. I also had my curled and some of it was tied back.

Sarah is also wearing an off shoulder black dress which reached her thighs and she also wore black heels to match. She also had her hair striaghtened. We got our cap and gowns and we put them on before heading down stairs. My Grandparents saw us and she smiled at us.

"Oh wow! look at you two!"

"What do you think?"

"You two look beautiful, come on, one quick picture."

Sarah and I stood next to each other with smiles on our faces before Grandmother took the photo.

"Okay, let's go."

We got to the town hall and then I saw Dominic along with Jason, Leon and Ryan. Dominic looked at me and he smiled at me.

"Wow, you look beautiful."

"Thanks, I can't believe this is happening. After this is over, we've got our wedding next month."

"Sure is," Dominic told me before he kissed the back of my hand.

I giggled when he did this and then we headed inside. I sat with my classmates and I'm hoping that I don't trip and fall and land on my face. Eventually, it was my class' turn to walk on the stage.

"Amelia Saumoux," The announcer spoke my name.

I walked onto the stage and then we shook hands and then I took my diploma from him. We smiled for the camera before I walked off the stage. I turned to look at Ryan and then he did the same until he slipped on the steps as he landed on his butt. My classmates and I laughed at him and he laughed as well.

"Oh dear, you silly goofball," I told him as I helped him onto his feet.

"*Chuckle* there's always a slip up at the end of the ceremony."

Ryan joked as we left the building. After the ceremony was over, my grandparents and my friends along with our mates, headed back to Krotolas for an after party.

Once we got there, everyone was congratulating me, Sarah and Ryan. While some of us were eating, drinking and chatting, Dominic and I were in the garden where we would have a little celebration of our own.

"You were amazing out there and I was impressed when I saw all of the artwork that was hanging up on the wall too."

"Thank you, oh that reminds me. I've got a little gift for you."


I grabbed the gift bag that I asked Leila to bring over after the ceremony and then I gave it to him.

"What is it?"

"It took a while but, I've finally finished it."

Dominic took the canvas out of the gift bag and he was impressed and amazed when he saw it. It was a painting of Dominic during his days as the King of Whitebrook with Scorch and the castle in the background.

"Wow, Amelia, you made this for me?"

"Call it an early wedding gift besides, I think it would look good in the mansion or in our new home."

I spoke with a smile before sitting on his lap. Dominic smiled back before putting the cavas back in the bag and wrapping his arm around my waist.

"I think it look good on the wall of the mansion. At least that way the guys will remember who's the leader of the realm while we're living happily in our new home."

Dominic told me before pecking my cheek making me chuckle.

"Hey Amelia, do you think you want to have kids someday?" Dominic asked me.

"One day, maybe, why?"

"Oh, just thinking about the future after we get married. I never told anyone this but, I've always wanted to be father."

This took me surprised when Dominic told me this.

"Back when I was still human and married to Elizabeth, we made plans together. We planned to have a peaceful world where our kids and their future generation can grow up in. However, all of that came crashing down when I got cursed."

"And then Elizabeth asked Leila to be reincarnated and here we are."

"Here we are indeed."

Dominic spoke with a smile before kissing me on the lips. Just then, we heard someone clearing their throat. We turned to look and it was Xaldin

"I hope I'm not interrupting anything."

"Ah! Xaldin!" I shouted as I got off Dominic's lap and I sat back down on the bench.

"What are you doing here?" Dominic grumbled.

"I came here to congradulate Amelia for graduating today and of course, for you engament as well. Here, this is my way of saying sorry and thanks for helping me with Leila."

Xaldin gave me a small rectangle box and then I opened it. It was a silver charm bracelet which has a dragon charm along with a black dragon scale.

"It's beautiful, where did you get the scale from?"

"When Dominic and I fought, I did rip off a few of his scales and I was able to salvage a few of them.I figured you want to wear something on your wedding day."

"Thank you."

I spoke with a smile as Dominic puts it on my wrist for me since he was glaring at Xaldin and I don't blame him for being overprotective. Just then, Leila called out to him.

"Oh Xaldin~"

Xaldin looked up and he saw Leila standing near the doorway and she was smiling at him.

"Come here~"

"Excuse me."

Xaldin told us before he smirked at Leila and then he chased after her. Dominic and I chuckled after he left and then he wrapped his arm around my shoulders.

"Oh brother, he's so whipped."

"Have you been hanging out with Ryan? cause, I don't remember teaching you that phrase."

"Sort of, Leon taught me a few phrases including a few of your friends."

I chuckled and I shook my head at him before I rested my head on his shoulder. Dominic held my hand and he looked at the ring on my left finger and then he kissed the back of it before he spoke up.

"Hey, what do you say we sneak away from here and get some privacy?"

"Any suggestions where we should go?"

"I may have a few places in mind."

Dominic spoke with a smirk before he turned into his dragon form. Scorch hummed happily before he picks me up and then he flew into the sky. Scorch used his other hand to shield me from the cold and then we got to the enchanted forest. After Scorch landed carefully onto the ground, he moved his hand out of the way so he stopped shielding me but, he still kept a hold of me.

I smiled at Scorch before he nuzzled his snout at me. I chuckled as I petted his snout and then I kissed his snout. Scorch hummed when I did this and then he carefully laid down on the ground. Scorch held me close to his face and then I petted his face.

" feels like yesterday that I used to think dragons were a myth but, here you are. I still remember the day I met you Scorch. You scared the living daylights out of me when Dominic turned from a human into...well...this."

Scorched hummed a little as he rested his head on the ground so I can pet him.

"But, look at us now. We get along so well and I've gotten used to you and you've become a big softie."

Scorched growled a little when I called him that.

"What? it's true."

Scorch hummed happily before I chuckled a little and petting his face. I rested my body against his neck and then he curled his talons around me to keep me warm and protected.

"Scorch, let's stay like this a bit longer, kay?"

Scorch nodded his head a little before closing his eyes. I felt tired myself and then I got comfy before I closed my eyes and falling asleep with my soon-to-be-Dragon-shifter husband.

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