Beauty And The Dragon King (Falling in Love With A Dragon: Book 2)

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Chapter 45: Wedding Day (Part 2)

Whitebrook Castle (Ballroom)

After the ceremony was over, we got to the ballroom where the reception was taking place. The last time I was here it was in a wreck but now, it’s in perfect condition and it’s all set for our wedding day. I was a little bit worried about how Dominic would have reacted when I first suggested this place but, he thought it was a great idea because technically this is where he first sensed his mate, which is me.

Before we went inside, Dominic and I got a few photos taken by a photographer we hired along with our friends and family. Afterwards, we arrive to the ballroom where the reception was taking place and then Dominic decided to carry me princess style as our grand entrance. It was embarrassing but, I didn’t care. The guests cheered and whooed at us and then Dominic puts me back down on the ground.

We sat down at the head of the table where we were served champagne and food. The first speech goes to the Best Man who is Ryan. He stood up from his seat and then he spoke up.

“I just wanna say, I’ve never done this before so I apologise to Amelia and Dominic if I embarrass you in anyway.”

The guests chuckled and we did the same before he continued.

“No but seriously, I want to say thanks for coming and Amelia, you’re one lucky girl. We’ve known each other since we first started Highschool and college. You’ve been like the sister I’ve always wanted even though you used to get angry with me whenever I dragged you and Sarah into trouble.”

“You still do! you big goof!” Sarah shouted making us laugh.

“That’s true, I still remember the time when I took Amelia and Sarah on one of my ‘crazy adventures’ Amelia’s words, not mine by the way. Amelia was never up for it, she’s always the good child in the family even though she still got into trouble afterwards.”

The guests chuckled when Ryan told them this.

“And as for you, Dominic. when you showed up I didn’t know what to think of you and I felt very protective of Amelia. I mean I didn’t know what to think of you until I saw how happy Amelia looked. When Amelia told me that she has no parents, you showed up and you gave her the love she deserves. I don’t think I remember seeing her so happy while having that sparkle in her eyes. Oh and by the way, I just want to let that you know, you better make sure you protect her with your life or else it’s not gonna be Johnny chasing you down like a rabid dog.”

We both laughed at his joke and then Dominic raised his hands and then he told him.

“I promised didn’t I?” Dominic told him before Ryan picked up his champagne glass.

“You certainly did and you married her to prove it after all. Anyway, let’s raise our glasses and have a toast. To the Bride and Groom.”

“To the bride and groom.”

The guests repeated before they drank their drinks. Ryan sat down and then it was Sarah’s turn.

“Oh boy, I honestly didn’t know what I was going to say when Amelia asked me to be her maid of Honor. Like Ryan I’m not good a speeches but, what I can say, Amelia is beautiful, creative and did I also mention beautiful?”

“Yeah, twice!” Xaldin shouted making us chuckle.

“Hehe, no seriously though, when I first met Amelia, she used to be this lonely girl who did nothing but, sit underneath the shade of a tree and she would either read or draw. I knew from that moment on, we weren’t gonna be best friends but, sisters. We did everything together. We had sleepovers, study sessions, shop until we dropped and so on. When Ryan came along that’s when things got a little crazy and I mean literally. Whenever Ryan tried to make us go somewhere on one of his stupid adventures, he would blackmail us.”

Ryan ducked under the table to hide from Sarah when she glared at him making us chuckle.

“However, she is one lucky girl and she deserves love and happiness in her life. As for Dominic, goodness...what can I say about the greek God she just married?”

The girls giggled when she called him that and then Dominic face palmed. I chuckled while rubbing his shoulders.

“When Amelia introduced me to him, I was shocked. I didn’t know where she found him or where she met him but, she looked so happy. For the first time, I saw a spark in her eyes that I’ve never seen before. I don’t know what was going on at the time but, everytime Amelia talked to me about Dominic, it’s like she had found her one true soulmate and here we are today. Amelia, I’m so happy for you and we’ll always be sisters no matter not matter what. Good luck to you, Amelia and Dominic.”

Sarah spoke with a smile before she raised her glass.

The guests did the same when they toasted to us. Grandfather decided to speak up and then Grandmother left for some reason.

“I also want to add, I’m so happy for Amelia even though I didn’t like Dominic from the beginning. He just popped out of nowhere and all of sudden, they started seeing each other. I admit, I wasn’t expecting Dominic to appear in her life. As Ryan and Sarah told you, she’s always been the good child and she’s been like a daughter to us. Anna and James may not be here to see this day but, I know somewhere in the heavens they’re watching right now and they’re so proud of their little girl.”

“Aww...” The guests spoke.

“However, Dominic can’t be called a Saumoux yet because, we have a family tradition whenever someone becomes a member of this family.”

“Oh no...” I mumbled before face palming.

“What? what’s going on?” Dominic asked me before my uncle and Grandmother came back with an old box and I knew what’s in there.

“Some of you may not know this but, we, the Saumoux clan, have a family tradition. Whoever enters the clan has to do this one small ritual.”

“What’s that?” Dominic asked before my uncle brought out the Saumoux goblet.

The Saumoux goblet originally belonged to our ancestor and then it was passed down from generation to generation. The only time when we bring it out is whenever someone becomes a member of our family. We watched Grandmother poured beer into the goblet before Grandfather gave it to Dominic and he told him.

“Whoever becomes a member of this family has to drink it out of this goblet which was passed down from Sir Igor. I have to warn you though, we’ve got our strongest beer in that goblet and you have to down it in one go.”

“Seriously?” Dominic asked him.

“You gotta do it, Dominic, otherwise, you can’t become a member of this clan,” One of my Aunties told him.

Dominic chuckled before he stood up and then he took the goblet.

“Here we go.”

“Down it! Down it! Down it!” I shotued and then the guests joined in while they clapped as Dominic downed the drink from the goblet.

Once Dominic finished drinking from the goblet, he scrunched his face a little after drinking it while the other cheered for him. Grandfather chuckled and he patted his back after Dominic gave the goblet to one of my cousins.

“Dominic! what’s your surname?”

“Saumoux!” He spoke happily before the guests cheered for him.

Dominic sat down before he fell down and then Grandfather raised his glass.

“Haha! I can honestly say, Dominic you are now an official Saumoux!”

Grandfather told us before the guests cheered and then we had dinner. We had a three course meal and Dominic suggested that we have a buffet and it was going great.

“I still can’t believe Igor kept that goblet.”

“You already know about it?” I asked him.

“Of course, he told me his father obtained it when he was appointed to knighthood, I didn’t think he’d use to welcome new members to his family.”

“Oh you’d be surprised.”

I told him before taking a sip of the champagne. Once we had our starters and main dinners, it was time for desert and this means cutting the cake. It was shame really because I loved that dragon cake but, the photographers managed to take a picture of it before we cut. We cut a slice and we fed each other with the first slice before we served the guests the rest of the cake. After having dinner and waiting for our bellies to settle down, Ryan spoke up in the microphone.

“Ladies and gentleman, I’m glad you enjoyed your meals but now, it’s time for the newly weds first dance as husband and wife. I should also point out that Amelia was the one who chose this song, not me.”

The guests clapped for us and then Dominic led me to the dance floor where the music started playing. The music I chose for our first dance was Beauty and the Beast covered my Arianna Grande and John Legend.

I placed my left hand on his shoulder while the other held his hand. Dominic placed his hand on my waist and then we slow danced. I chose this song because it reminded me of my relationship to Dominic. He’s the Beast and I’m the Beauty who fell in love with him.

As we danced, Dominic spun me around and then we held each other again. Dominic smiled at me before he picked me up and spun me around making me smile and giggle while the guests whooed at us. Dominic puts me back down on the ground

As the song ended, Dominic dipped me and he kissed me on the lips which earned an applause from the guests.

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