Beauty And The Dragon King (Falling in Love With A Dragon: Book 2)

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Chapter 47: We're Gonna Be Parents

Saumoux Household (Amelia's parent's home)

It had been a few weeks since our wedding and went away on our honeymoon he next day. We went to Hawaii for our honeymoon and we were there for a week and now we had just returned to our new home. Dominic was kind enough to take the suitcases up stairs to our new room and then the door bell ring. I opened it and revealed my grandparents.

"Hello honey!" Grandmother shouted before hugging me tightly.

"Hi Grandmother, grandfather."

I told them before pulling back from them and then Grandmother spoke up.

"Wow, Amelia. I see the Hawaii sun has done your skin some good."

I looked down at myself and she was right, I did get a little bit of a tan while we were at the beach.

"Yeah but, surprisingly Dominic didn't get sunburn."

"He didn't?" Grandmother asked in a surprised tone before Dominic came down the stairs.

"Well that's because I've got dragonskin. I'm fireproof and I don't get burnt that easily."

Dominic explained before wrapping his arms around me be from behind. I giggled a little when he did this and then Grandmother spoke up.

"I guess that's true."

"Hey, what about Sarah and Jason didn't they come along with you?"

"They wanted to but, they left shortly before you came back. Sarah did say that she's sorry she couldn't be here to see you but, she's starting university soon so..." Grandfather explained.

"That's okay, I'm happy for her and Jason. I just hope she doesn't forget to message me or anything."

I spoke with a smile and then Dominic rested his head on my shoulder.

"Don't worry, how could she ever forget about her sister? isn't that what she called you during her little speech as Maid of Honour?" Dominic spoke with a smirk on his face.

"I guess that's true," Grandfather spoke with a smile.

"Anyway, we better get going, we promised that we'd head back to Krotolas after we dropped our stuff off here."

"Okay, say hi to the others for us."

Grandmother spoke before we left the house. We got to Krotolas and it feels great to be back here. I glanced at Dominic and I smiled a little because I have a little surprise to give for him but, I won't reveal anything yet.

Dominic took my hand and then we got to the mansion.

"Hey! there they are!" Leon spoke with a smile before the other dragons showed up.

"Welcome back, Mr Saumoux," Leila spoke as she appeared out of nowhere.

"I see the sun has done some good to your skin Amelia."

"Thanks Leila."

"What did you guys think of the honeymoon suite I suggested?" Ryan asked with a smile.

"It was brilliant but, for some unknown reason, Amelia has been avoiding alcohol since we got back. She refused to drink anything."

"Really? why's that?" Leon asked me.

"Oh, nothing unusual, I just wanted to watch what I eat and drink. I'm trying to be nice to this body."

"If you say so," Dominic mumbled before I turned to look at Leila.

"Hey Leila, can I have a word with you? alone!" I spoke louder to the guys.

"Message received, come on Dominic, you can tell us all about your little honeymoon in Hawaii."

Once Leila and I were alone, we went outside to avoid any evasdroppers and then she asked me.

"So what was so important that you wanted to tell me that you couldn't tell in front of the others including your husband?"

"Listen, can you keep a secret?"


"Well, I'm not 100% sure yet but...I think I'm carrying Dominic's child."

Leila looked at me with a shocked expression and she squealed in excitement.

"You are-" I quickly covered her mouth and hushed her.

"I told you, I'm not sure if I am pregnant. I haven't told Dominic and I don't know if Scorch has noticed yet."

Leila understood this before I removed my hand from her mouth.

"I see and you're telling me this because...?"

"Well, I just want to know how long I'll be pregnant for and what my child could be like once it's born."

Leila had a little think and then she said to me.

"Well, there's every chance your child could be half human and half dragon once it's born and as for how long you'll be pregnant for, I'd say between 7 and 6 months."

"Really?! that long?"

"Hehe, your face. If you don't believe me, ask my mother."

"Ask me what?" Kassandra after teleporting out of nowhere.

"Oh hey, mom. Guess what? Amelia is-"

"I MIGHT be pregnant but, I'm not hundered percent sure yet."

Kassandra looked surprised and then shs smiled at me.

"Well, that is good news. Haven't you told Dominic yet?"

"No, not yet. I just wanted to check first and make sure everything is all right before I say anything."

"I guess that's understandable. If you're not sure, then why didn't you buy a pregnancy test?"

"Because I wanted to make it a surprise for Dominic and I don't wanna spoil it in case he sees the stick."

"Well, luckily for you I came prepared."

Kassandra told me before she clicked her fingers and then she got a box that contained a pregnancy test.

"Where did you-"

"Let's just say Drago's soldiers hate protection."

"Ew!! Too much info!" Leila shouted making us laugh.

"Come on, let's go inside."

Kassandra told us before she placed her hand on my shoulder and then we teleported to one of the guest rooms. I walked into the bathroom and I took the test. I came out of the bathroom and I placed it on the coffee table.

"How long will take it?" I asked Kassandra.

"About a few minutes, give it time."

"Kassandra, when you got pregnant with Leila, how did you feel?" I asked her.

"Well, I felt happy because I was gonna be mom and a part of me was also nervous because I was worried that something might go wrong or Drago wouldn't be happy about it but, he is. I'm sure Dominic would love to have a son or daughter. There's no way he can say no to being a father."

I smiled when she said this and then Leila said to me.

"Oh, it looks like the results are in."

I took a deep breath before I picked up the stick and it revealed the word 'pregnant' on it. I smiled when it showed me this result and then Leila spoke up.

"Well? what does it say?"

"I can honestly say, Dominic better start preparing a baby room because the results are positive."

I spoke with a grin and then Leila cheered a little while Kassandra chuckled.

"Congradulations, so ar you gonna tell Dominic? because the scent of a dragon's prengant mate will start kicking in soon."

"Oh I'm gonna tell him but, I want it to be a surprise. Can you two keep quiet about this until I spill the beans?"


"And can you guys come with me into town? I need you to come with me so I can buy a few things."

"All right."

Kassandra spoke with a smile before we headed down stairs. I found Dominic in the living room and I said to him.

"Dominic, Kassandra, Leila and I are heading into town for a bit. Is it all right if I met you back home?"

"Sure, have fun."


"Hold it! aren't you forgetting something?" Dominic spoke with a smirk.

I rolled my eyes before I kissed his lips and then the girls and I left the realm.


Once Amelia and the girls left, I sighed a little before Ryan asked me.

"What's up? you look a bit worried for some reason."

"I'm not exactly worried, except, Amelia hasn't been herself recently."

"Wanna talk about?" Ryan told me as he sat down on the couch and he patted his side.

I sat down across from him and I told him.

"Amelia has been acting oddly. When we got back from the long flight, she suddenly threw up in the women's bathroom and not only that, she's been having these weird mood swings. First she was happy when we got back and then she got upset when we were having lunch."

Ryan snickered when I told him this and I frowned.

"It's not funny Ryan."

"Oh, yes it is. Dominic, there's nothing to worry about. She's probably going through some woman thing or something."


"You know, mother nature calling?"

"Ohh," I spoke after understanding this. "Wait, if Mother nature is calling her then is it normal for her to be throwing up?"

"I guess it's normal for her not feeling well. Women tend to get a bit sensitive," Midnight told us before he gave us a bottle of beer.

"I suppose that's true."

"Oy!" We heard Alexa shouting before she tossed her shoe at Midnight.


"I heard that!"

"Sorry Alexa," Midnight shouted.

I chuckled when I watched them squabble.

A few hours later...


After doing some shopping with Kassandra and Leila, we organised the old baby room and I placed Dominic's present in the centre of the room. I waited for him in the living room after texting him to come back to the house. Eventually, he came back home and he looked relieved when he saw me.

"Hello Amelia, are you okay?"

"I'm fine, sheesh, you're being so fussy today."

"I can't help it, you've been acting very oddly since we got back."

"And I have a reason for it."

Dominic looked at me confused before I took his hand and I led him up stairs. I covered his eyes and he asked me.

"Amelia, what's going on?"

"You'll see."

I spoke with a grin on my face before I opened the door and I led Dominic into the baby room and I uncovered his eyes. Dominic looked around and he was a bit confused until he asked me.

"Amelia, why are we here and why is the baby furniture still here?"

"Look in that box and you'll see why."

I watched Dominic walk over to the box before he crouched down and then he opened it which revealed the baby clothes, the bottle and toys that I bought before he brought out a square box which contained a special photo I framed after my quick visit to the doctors earlier on today.

Dominic opened the box and his eyes widen when he saw the framed scan of our baby along with the pregnancy test and a text saying 'Hi Daddy'.

Dominic looked shocked before turning his attention to me.

" this...?"

I nodded my head and I told him.

"That's right Dominic, you're gonna be a father!" I spoke happily.

Dominic puts down the stuff before standing up and holding my hands.

"I'm gonna be dad?"

I nodded my head.

"I'm gonna be dad."

I chuckled when I saw his excitement.

"I'm gonna be dad!"

I squealed a little after he picked me up and spun me around. I chuckled when he did this and then he puts me down.

"I can't believe it, we're gonna be parents."

Dominic told me as he had tears of happiness in his eyes before he crouched down and then he rested his head against my stomach before he rubbed it.

"My son or daughter is in there..."

"Our child is in there, Dominic and we will love him or her."

Dominic ch

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