Beauty And The Dragon King (Falling in Love With A Dragon: Book 2)

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Chapter 48: Baby Shower


It had been five months since I told Dominic I was pregnant. He was over the moon and he got to work in the baby room but, I kept telling him to wait for gender reveal before chose any colours for our baby's room. We already had the necessary furniture since most of the furniture was supposed to be mine when mom found out she was pregnant with me.

We also told the others the good news and they were over the moon as well. They couldn't wait for the baby to come and my grandparents were excited too. Right now, I was having my baby shower in the mansion since we wanted to keep it low profile and I wanted to spend it with the other supernatural since there's every chance the baby might be a hybrid if she has the dragon DNA. That's right, Dominic and I are having a baby girl and I already let Grandmother know so she can get everything ready for the baby shower.

Scorch flew the mansion with me on his back and he was being extra careful since he knows that I'm carrying his and Dominic's baby. Once we got the mansion, Scorch lowered himself onto the ground and I carefully got off his back. Scorch stood up a little and then he carefully nuzzled my bump which made me chuckle.

"Scorch, it's all right. I'm okay and so is this little one."

Scorched hummed a little before he pulled away and then he turned back into his human form. Once Dominic turned back to normal, he walked over to me and he gently touched my bump.

"Good, I was worried the flight might have done something."

"Relax, honestly, ever since I got pregnant you and Scorch have gotten very overprotective of me."

"Well, can you blame us? we dragons are very protective of our mates when they're pregnant with our offspring and we just want to make sure they're safe and sound."

I shook my head as we entered the mansion and then Leila greeted us.

"Hey, we heard the good news. So you're having a baby girl?"

"We sure are, oh that reminds me," I reached into my pocket and I got the scan picture of my baby.

"Aw~ she's so cute."

"Isn't she?" Dominic spoke with a smile as he placed his hand on my bump.

"I can't wait to show the others the scan, come on, they've been waiting for you for ages."

Leila spoke with a smile as she took my hand but, Dominic growled at her.

"Oy!" I shouted at him before smacking his head.


"Stop being so protective! it's only Leila!"

"Let me guess, he's been overprotective of you since you got pregnant?" Leila asked with a smirk on her face.

"In a nutshell."

"I can't help it, this is our first child we're having and Scorch is making me overprotective of Amelia and her bump," Dominic told her as he rubbed the back of his head where I smacked him.

"Yeah, well, tell him to stop it because you've hogged enough of her attention today. Now, it's time for the baby shower."

Leila spoke with a grin before she took my hand again and this time Dominic didn't snap. We got to the living room and I went first but, Leila stopped Dominic.

"Not you."

"What?" Dominic asked in a shocked tone.

"Sorry Dominic, women only," Grandmother spoke with a smirk.

"But, can I just wait for her-"

"No," Leila spoke with a frown.

"Surely, I can stay qui-"

"No!" Alexa shouted.

"Can I at least wait out-"

"No! no! no! and no!" Kassandra shouted before she used her wind magic and then she sent her flying.

Dominic crash-landed onto the wall and he glared at her.

"Anyway, we've got a baby shower to get to, bye-bye!"

"Now wait a minute-"

Kassandra and Leila slammed the door in his face.

"There we go, now we've got some peace for a while."

Leila spoke up as she wiped her hands making us laugh.

"I feel bad, but, he deserved that," I spoke with a smirk.

"Too right he did," A familiar spoke in a happy tone.

I turned around and I saw Sarah.

"Sarah!" I shouted in a happy tone before she came over to me and she hugs me tightly.

She then pulled away from me after feeling my bump.

"Oh sorry, almost forgot about that."

"Don't worry about it, it's good to see you. Does Jason know that you're here and weren't you supposed to be in university?"

"I was but, when I got the news that you were gonna be a mom, I had to come over here and see you. I'm only here for the weekend and then I'm heading home on Sunday night."

"Well, it's good to see you."

I spoke with a smile before we started the baby shower. The girls had brought along so many gifts for me and we had some treats and Grandmother also made a cake that says 'it's a girl!'

"Here you go, Amelia. I made this your little girl and I hope she likes it when she gets here."

Kassandra spoke happily before rubbing my bump making me giggle. I opened her gift and it was baby dresses.

"Oh Kassandra, they're beautiful."

"Made from the finest silk," Kassandra spoke with a smirk.

"Here you go Amelia, I didn't know what to get you so..."

I took the gift from Sarah and she gave me a box of my favourite chocolates.

"Oh Sarah, you're a diamond. I've got a massive craves for these, speaking of which, I suddenly feel like having a tuna sandwich with peanut butter."

"Gotcha covered," Grandmother told me as she held up a plate of sandwiches that I was craving for.

"*Gasp* Grandmother, I love you! come to mommy!"

I took the plate from her and I ate the sandwiches while the other chuckled at me. Alexa came over to me and she gave me two gifts.

"Here you go, this one is from Adrienne and the other is from the fairy Queen."

"Oh, that was nice of them."

I spoke with a smile before opening Adrienne's gift which was a crown made from pink seashells and it was the perfect fit for a princess, well, a small one anyway.

"Oh it's beautiful, tell Adrienne I said thanks the next time you see her."

"I will."

I opened the Fairy Queen's gift next and she had made me a mobile for the baby's room which was made from flowers that the fairies used in my hair that time when Dominic and I had that picnic in the enchanted forest.

"How lovely, I'm surprised those fairies remembered the flowers they used in my hair the last time I saw them."

I told the others as I admired the work they've done on the mobile.

"So how much longer until you give birth?" Sarah asked me.

"Well according to Kassandra, I should be giving birth in another...2 or three months I think."

"That long?"

"When you're mated to a dragon, their pregnancies in their mates do tend to get shorter than humans. Usually, it depends if they're royalty or not and since Dominic is a Dragon King, Amelia's pregnancy won't last for much longer."

"Yikes, I'm just glad I'm not mated to a dragon," Sarah spoke with a smile on her face.

I chuckled at her reaction and then Grandmother gave me her gift next.

"Here you go, darling."

"Thanks, Grandmother."

I spoke with a smile before I opened the box and she had made me a baby blanket, she also bought some baby clothes saying mommy's girl on the front and she also gave me a photo of my parents and the frame was personalised. The top of the frame says 'Grandparents forever and always' along with a note on the bottom saying 'we're no longer in this world but, we'll always watch over you, our granddaughter.'

"Oh grandmother, it's beautiful," I spoke with tears in the corner of my eyes.

"Oh come on, Amelia. It's only a photo frame," Kassandra told me.

"I know and it means a lot to me but, I can't help shedding a tear or two...stupid hormones..."

The girls chuckled when I told them this before someone knocked on the door. We looked up and it was Leon and Ryan.

"Oh hi boys, you do realise this is a woman only event right?"

"We know but, surely you can make an exception?" Ryan asked with a puppy eye look on his face.

"Go on then," I spoke with a smile before Leon and Ryan came into the living room with two gift bags.

"Here you go, we didn't know what to get you-"

"Uh excuse me? we? don't you mean you?" Leon asked with a smirk.

"Okay, sorry, I meant me, anyway, here you go."

I took the gifts from them and then I opened them. Ryan bought a unicorn onesie along with a baby basket and Leon bought me a stroller along with a pink dragon toy.

"Thanks, boys."

"I figured she would like a dragon toy, a little something she can play with when you take her in the stroller," Leon spoke with a smile before I felt something in my bump.

"Oh! ow!"

"What? what's wrong?" Sarah asked in a worried tone.

"*Chuckle* Dominic! come quick!!" I shouted in a happy tone and then Dominic came rushing over to me.

"What? what's wrong? is the baby-" I cut him off after grabbing his hand and placing it on my bump.

Dominic's eyes widen when he felt our little girl kicking.

"Was that?"

"Yep, she's kicking."

The other sighed in relief after I told him this.

"Jesus, Amelia, don't do that again. You almost gave me a heart attack," Grandmother told us after holding her hand on her heart.


"Hey budge over! let me have a feel!"

Ryan shoved Dominic out of the way before he placed his hand on the same area where our little girl kicked. Our little girl kicked again and he smiled when he felt it.

"Hello there, it's your uncle Ryan."

I chuckled when he started talking to the baby.

"You know that reminds me since you two know you're having a little girl, what are you gonna name her?" Leila asked us.

Dominic and I looked at each other and then I told them.

"Well, we had a split decision for the baby names. Dominic decided the names for a boy and I decided for a girl. Now that we know...well, that's gonna be hard. I've thought of a few names but, I can't decide."

"Well, I have thought of a name," Dominic spoke with a smile before he gently touched my bump.

"We can call her Anna."

My eyes widen when he mentioned my mother's name.

"You want to name the baby after my mom?"

"Yeah and we can combine it with my mother's name as her middle name. Anna Maria Saumoux."

I smiled when he told me this and then Grandmother spoke up.

"Anna Maria Saumoux? I like that name."

"Me too, it sounds nice. Your baby will be named after both of your mothers."

Leila spoke with a smile before I hugged Dominic.

"I love it, thank you, Dominic."

"You're welcome, now all we have to do, is to wait for her to arrive," Dominic spoke with a smile before he placed his hand on my bump.

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