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The Almighty Voyage

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The almighty voyage is about how a king and his Royale knights go on a voyage to attempt to find a Divinely Garden of fable with the hopes of attaining supernatural/Divinely powers/abilities. When a member of the Royale guard isn't chosen to go on the voyage, he teams up with a member of the kingdoms council and they form a pact acquiring supernatural/Divinely powers another way. leading to a civil war within the kingdom. Along the way the king and the Royale knights will meet Templars, members of the order of the assassin's and uncover many truths as well as legends that this world holds.This is the Almighty Voyage

Fantasy / Adventure
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The Death and Rise of a King

Opens 5 years in the past

It's late into the evening on night in the Kingdom of Obadiah the residents have flooded the streets to enjoy a mari gras type festival The residents are drunk and the Royal army are patrolling the Kingdom grounds. Royale knight 1: the annual kingdom festival he says to a fellow knight, taking a shot outta a wooden mug. Ahhhhhh. Gotta love it eeh. Royale knight 2: yea, I love this time of year, it allows the entire kingdom to come together and have fun. Royale knight 1: not to mention the free booze! Royale knight 2: cheers to that brother. The knights are interrupted suddenly, by A loud high pitched cry. It echoes across the night sky. All the knights of the Royal Army look up into the night sky. Royale knight 1: what was that? Royale knight 2: I dont know, but I don't like the sound of it. Just then sounds of a horn rings throughout the kingdom. Royale knight 1: i know that sound, Royale knight 2: yea looks like we're going to find out, common he says as he gallops away on his stead. Royale knight 1: I'm right behind you. All the Royale knights rush towards the Castle of Obadiah

As they enter the castle, the King and his Council sit before the Royale knights. One of the Councilmen has tarot cards in his hand. On them is a Dragon and a castle up in blaze,

Looks like Fate has dealt us our cards men, the king says. Councilmen the king cries out; do you have a visual of the dreaded beast we must slay! Working on it my lord the Councilmen says..... here got it my lord! Excellent Councilmen. Now let us see what this demon serpent looks like Obadiah says as he peers into the ball. So this is the beast huh. Yes my lord the Councilmen says. He sure is a ugly one ain't he, the knights begin laughing. Alright men listen up The king says projecting his voice. Today fate delivered us a demon in the form of a dragon! The beast is massive and breathes fire. Just by looking at it size I can tell that this is no regular dragon but I believe it to be the king of dragons. If left alone who knows how much destruction this great beast will cause. May the gods watch over us in this day of reckoning, FOR TODAY WE SLAY THE DRAGON KING!! King Obadiah shouts boastfully. Yeyyyyy all the Royale knights shout.

Just then, all the Royale knights head out towards the stable to hop on their chariots, there's about 300 of them in total. Once mounted, they all head out towards the woods under the directions of their king. While headed out to woods, many of the knights begin talking about the dragon king. Royale knight 3: once we slay the king of dragons, the Royale knights of Obadiah will be talked about in every kingdom till the end of time. Royale knight 4: dont get so far ahead of yourself. They don't call him king of dragons for nothing. Royale knight 5: you killed one of these filthy beasts, then you killed them all he says with a very serious face.

Minutes later they arrive at the area and they see it: A Huge Dragon with wings standing 15ft tall and on two feet breathing blue fire causing destruction to the forest starting forest fires. It then cuts to the Royale knights, They are stunted. Royale knight 6: so, this is the dragon king huh? Royale knight 5: spits doesn't look all that big to me. I was expecting bigger. Royale knight 7: WHAATTT Bigger? Are you mad ?! Just look at the thing how much bigger do you want.... Royale knight 5: shut up. Royale knight 8: hahaha you to crack me up every time hey my prince you think your still up for this? Prince Orion: are you serious he says in an hyped tone. It then shows the prince orion standing beside KING Obadiah, the king then begins to give a speech: Listen up men he says loudly staring down the beast.

On this day, the king of demons was delivered to the kingdom! This demon threatens not just the kingdom, but the lives of the people who dwell inside the inner walls of the kingdom as well! So throw away all fear that you many have, clear your mind so it is sharp and clear, and shed any ounce of doubt form your hearts! For today, you're not just the Royale knights of Obadiah! The dragon king then breathes fire. But you are the Royale protectors of the people of the kingdom of Obadiah. The knights all let out a huge cheer. Now, the king continues on; for throughout our years we have been tested in our endeavors and through our skill we were victorious. May our skill once again be our aid and help lead us to victory once more. For today men win or lose, we make history! The Royal army Cheers as they charge in to slay the veil beast.

The dragon keens in on the charging mob. He then gets on all 4 legs and lets out a roar so intense, that it intimidates many of King Obadiah's men for a brief second stopping them dead in their tracks, while others aren't affected by it, and continues to change in. The dragon king then shoots a fireball at the mob. The king, quickly teleports to in front of the ball. He then quickly casts a spell that reflects the ball back at the beast, striking it on the side of its face.

Royale knight 9: yay, take that vowel demon. Royale knight 5: it was a direct hit Royale knight 8: many thanks my lord. King: be weary men, for this is unlike any other dragon or beast you fought before. Do not let your pride be your downfall today. Royale knight 5: right my lord. Men he yells, ready the giant crossbow he yells. Just then a huge crossbow is rolled up, pulled by 6 horses and men pushing it in the back. Once in position, the 3 men then load the crossbow with a giant flaming bomb. The men report back in. Crossbow ready Sir! They yell. Fire! Royale knight 5 yells. Just then the bomb is shot at the beast. The dragon sees the bomb coming towards him, he stands up and wards it off. Damn he blocked it. Quickly reload the bow for the second shot! Royale knight 5 yells.Yay the men yell as they ready the bow.

It then cut bat to the battlefield. The Royale knights Knights begin to shoot their rifles, crossbows, and arrows at the Beast, but its skins is so thick,that the attacks are doing nothing except bounce off, angering the beast. The dragon let's out another high pitch roar. He then begins to try and snatch up the Royale knights. Many knights get snatched up and are killed, but the knights don't let up. King Obadiah steps in once again. This time he says a spell, and just then roots from underneath the earth ensnares the dragon, constricting his movement. Using this opportunity the knights continue their assault. Fire the bow! Royale knight 5 signals. Firing the men yell as they pull the trigger launching another fire bomb. This one connects, hitting the beast dead center of the chest. Royale knight 5: it hit. Nice work men, now our chance quickly load the bow once more! Yay the men say as they again ready the weapon. Not letting up, the other knights begin to climb on the Dragon and begin to pound it with their weapons. the beast begins to get overwhelmed, look says prince Orion, I think that its feeling the attacks now my chance he says as he goes to head towards the beast, but he's stopped by his father the king.

Father, why must you stop my hest every time. How am I ever supose to grow as a warrior an prince. My son says the king although you are very skilled, one thing you must learn is how to oversee. This is your biggest weapon of all. But father, for I dont posses magik like you so I can not do the things that you can the prince says to the king. My son the king says, everything I can do was taught, I first had to observe before I could preform. Always remember, the limits to this world are the ones that you set. Just then the king is interrupted by a knight. My lord sir, we have trouble.

It then cuts back to over at the battle field. The dragon has began to regain a little movement. As he tosses and turns, he is able to break free tossing many guards off him. King Obadiah: the beast is strong, he then smirks I expect no less than the king of dragons. But he was hit in the chest by that last attack and it seemed to hurt him. I think i have an idea. It then focuses on the dragon king, The beast has taken to skies an hovers in place. It then blows blue fire downward upon the crew. But King Obadiah recites a spell that creates a giant barrier to cover the Royale army.

Obadiah yells, Now, While the beast is distracted! Aim for its chest with the crossbow. You heard the lord Royale knight 5 says. Fire! In an instant the flaming fire ball is shot, striking the dragon king in the chest once again grounding the beast.

Another direct men good work men royale knight 5 says. Looks like we really hurt this time around. It then cuts back to the King and the prince. Yes, direct hit we got him! the Prince says, looks like the dragon king isn't so tough after all. When the Dragon doesnt fall King Obadiah steps up, save your praises till the end my prince, never underestimate your opponent, even an injured beast can still deliver a fatal blow. A battle is only over when your opponent is Incapacitated. King Obadiah then steps to the dragon king.

This ends now fow l demon! For I! Refuse to let you harm or take the lives of anyone else in this kingdom land! The dragon king then keens in on king Obadiah roaring at him. Your devilish cry doesn't scare me demon! Obadiah yells as he then creates blue fireballs with his hands and hurls them at the Dragon king. After smacked with about 4 fireballs the Dragon shakes it off and lets out a Huge cry. "I Think its mad" the Prince says. Just then beast blast a huge flame of fire at the king. But the king blocks using a water shield to shroud himself. Nice move dad Orion says as he watches his dad take on the dragon king. Men, Fall back" Obadiah commands. He then begins to say a chant, in attempts to summon a meteor shower. Suddenly huge rocks begin to plummet to earth from the sky upon the beast stoning it with fiery rocks and burying it underneath the rubble. Obadiah then drops to his knees due to him being excused.

You did it my lord! a Royale knight screams out. All the knights then let off a cheer and let out a sigh of relief. They then begin to relax and take off pieces of their armor and chat among themselves. So its finally over a squire says so that's the power of a dragon king. A Royale knight then speaks up. Yey, squire, for today you witnessed a true monster. The squire then looks at the knelt king Obadiah and that's the true power of or king huh. It then cuts to king Obadiah.

DAD! Prince Orion cries out, as he rushes over to a very weak King Obadiah. Father arent thou alright? Yeh, son for its just my body, a temporary setback for using that much power. that was one of my most powerfullest attacks The king says to the prince. Yes father, but it looks like you did it with that last attack. He's down for good. The prince says. Obadiah says nothing as he stares at the rubble, when suddenly his eyes widen. It then cuts to the pile of meteors, small rocks begin to fall off it. What a knight yells out. I think were in for a surprise Royale knight 8 says. Just then the dragon king erupts outta the meteor pile with a loud scream sending meteor rock everywhere. All their faces change. With only a couple soldiers left they prepare for the final round.

Men man the crossbow!! Royale knight 5 orders, the Dragon cries and blows its breath, torching almost the rest of the Royale army.

This isn't good Orion says as he looks at the battlefield. He sees all the dead and wonded knights. He then looks at his dad and sees the weaken state that he is in. No this can't end like this, I won't let it!! He then draws his sword. It then cuts back to the battlefield, bow ready sir! Alright on my mark we shoot. We got one last shot at protecting the kingdom. Steady, steady he says.

It cuts back to prince Orion staring down the dragon king with his sword drawn. Demon king, you will atone for what you have done today, all the lives you taken an people you injured, he tightens the grip on his sword. You shall pay WITH YOUR LIFE!! He yells as he charges at the dragon king. Orion wait Obadiah says. It then cuts to the crossbow unit. Fire!! The bomb lands again dead center in the beasts chest knocking him on his back.

It then cuts to prince Orion. Now's my chance, imma decapitate this monster. But as Orion charges in, he is blinded by rage and doesn't see the dragons tail. The dragon raises it tail to crush the prince when just then dark clouds begins to form and the clouds are charged with the electrons.

It then cuts to king Obadiah. I cast thee to Damn nation for eternally fowl devil" King Obadiah shouts as he rises his palms towards the skies. He points his right hand at the dragon and The Clouds send down a huge Bolt of lighting striking the dragon in the chest killing it.

Father i think its over, you did it. the Demon hast been slayed and casted to damnation. Orion says. But as He turns around, he sees that his father is back on the ground once more. He then drops everything and rushes over to the king. father Orion cries out. Are you ok. Orion the king barely gets out. carry me back to the Kingdom, i need to rest in my royal chambers he says in a dying state.

Orion then whistles and a flying magic carpet shortly arrives. Orion loads the king on it and takes flight. While the king be alright the remaining Royale knights ask, but Orion says nothing as he files toward the kingdom. Once back and in the King's royal chambers. Orion tucks his dad in before he passes on. The king tells his son a few words. Son, the king starts out. Ive used to much mana, an As you probably figured I'm not gonna make it. No father you must, not just for me; but for your kingdom! The people of Obadiah still need their king, I still need the king, the prince passionate says to his father. For the kingdom of Obadiah is now in your rule, for you are the new king of the kingdom of Obadiah. The dying king says to the prince. But father it's so much more that you must teach me so much I need to learn Orion says to his father. Always remember Orion, the limits to this world are the ones that you set.

Obadiah hands Orion the crown and he then dies, and Orion is left crying at his side.

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