Demon Gates (Helena Hawthorn Series #2)

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Donors Not Hookers pt. 4

After getting out of the taxi, they entered the apartment building. They walked into the reception. The guard there was as always too busy with his magazine to care. Lucious pressed the button to summon the lift, and she tapped her foot as the numbers on the panel above their heads decreased.

The doors opened and two people moved to stand behind her. Helena glanced over her shoulder at the young girl, who was around her age, with a neon-red bob and green eyes that reminded her of fresh grass. Her skin seemed rough like she didn’t care for how she looked to others. To the girl’s right, stood a tall, older man with a few days’ worth of dark stubble on his face. His ebony hair was tied back into a firm, low ponytail.

Lucious’ hand grasped Helena’s pulling her into the metal cage. All the while, Helena couldn’t tear her eyes away from the strange duo.

The girl grinned at Helena.

Confused, she smiled and turned her head back.

Once the doors closed, Lucious placed his other hand on the small of her back. He kept his steady hand in place. Should I tell him to move it? When she looked up, his irises were faintly glowing blue.

“What’s wrong?” she asked through the link.

“Act normal, my dear.”

On their floor, the strangers followed behind them with soundless footsteps. Helena peered over her shoulders, taking note that both of them wore long, black leather coats. Their bodies populated the space around them with an intimidating presence.

Lucious paused in front of her apartment, and Helena fumbled in her pockets for the keys. When her fingers secured them in her bag, the door swung open, and Hans greeted them.

Lucious pushed him back and nearly threw her into Hans’ arms. Before she could protest, he was holding a gun in his left hand aimed at the two people who pushed their way inside with their pistols drawn.

Three almost-silent clicks later, Lucious was down with both of his knees bleeding. He clutched his gut and tried raising his gun.

The man stepped on his hand with his boot, summoning a grunt from Lucious before a bone-crunching sound echoed in the hallway.

“Hunters…” Hans moved Helena behind him. His large back created a barrier between her and the two strangers. Another few clicks came, and he doubled over in pain.

Helena’s knees stung and the pain quickly converted into burning. As if following a silent cue, her stomach flared like someone had set her innards on fire. Her eyes darted to Lucious.

“Bloody hunters,” he growled, trying to get back up.

The man above him kicked him full-force in the face, hard enough that Helena could swear his jaw cracked. She fell to her knees and cried out in pain when the agony hit her. Lucious was losing consciousness and, with it, his mental barrier that kept his pain at bay.

“Don’t bother getting up. With these silver bullets lodged in your kneecaps, you will be as immobile as a baby,” the girl said with glee. “To make sure…” She took out a portable UV lamp from her pocket. With a flick of a switch, it lit up a shade of purple, and she shined it in the direction of the vampires.

Both Hans and Lucious grunted in agony. Perri and Laura rushed downstairs and a piercing scream flooded the hallway. Helena glanced up and found Perri’s hand clamped over her mouth.

The red-head pointed her gun at them. “One more peep and you’ll both end up next to these two.”

Helena’s teeth ground against one another. She tried to reign in the pain Lucious was suffering. She crawled towards the girls who stood on the last step of the staircase. After lifting her gaze, her eyes bulged and her body temporarily froze at the sight of a gun that was pointed at her forehead. But, it didn’t stop her. She moved in front of Perri and Laura, grimacing in pain. Using the support of the railing, she climbed to her unstable feet.

“Stop this, please,” Helena begged.

Lucious rolled onto his back. “They’re human. Leave them.”

The female hunter’s expression grew grim. “One of them has to be our target.”

“Check their shoulders,” her partner replied.

The girl stopped next to them, grabbed Helena’s T-shirt, and yanked her closer. The barrel of the gun dug into Helena’s stomach, and she glared at the girl in front of her.

“If you move, you die,” the female hunter warned.

Helena clenched her teeth. Her legs were shaking and sweat beaded on her forehead.

The stranger lifted her top, revealing the demon’s mark to her partner.

The male hunter whistled. “Looks like she’s the one. I bet the one I shot is soul-bound to her.”

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