Demon Gates (Helena Hawthorn Series #2)

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A Simple Threat pt. 2

Sweat beaded on Helena’s brow, and her lungs demanded more air. She rolled her head to one side and forced her eyes open to find Lucious unconscious on the kitchen island. Maya held on to the ropes that bound his wrists, and her partner had his hand, up to his wrist, buried in Lucious’ stomach.

A strange sensation spread through her gut as if her muscles and flesh were being torn. She clenched her jaw. Hot acid climbed her throat, and she spilt her empty stomach onto the rug.

Perri’s muffled mumbles came from behind her. Helena had no energy left to roll over and glance in her direction. Instead, she laid there while the hunters continued with their unsanitary operation on Lucious.

Two minutes later, Ben’s hand emerged with a silver bullet between his fingers. He tossed it into the sink and cut open Lucious’ jeans from the knees to his upper thighs.

Ben spared a single glance to her and nodded to his partner.

Maya seemed torn in her decision. Finally, she tied Lucious’ rope to one of the drawers, picked up a glass from the counter and filled it with water. She rushed over and lifted Helena’s heavy head from the floor, pressing the cool glass against her dry lips.

“Drink,” Maya ordered.

Helena had no fight in her. She simply obeyed. The cold liquid rushed into her mouth and down her throat. More muffled grunts and mumbles came from the girls on the sofa, and Maya glared at them.

“I know you two want to be untied, but I don’t trust any of you yet. Sit tight and wait your turn,” Maya snapped.

Soft sobs escaped someone, and Helena shifted her head to see Perri, her cheeks wet with tears. Perri’s attention was elsewhere. Helena couldn’t figure out what it was on because Maya blocked her way.

“Let them go,” Helena pleaded in a strained voice.

Maya snorted. “You can’t be serious.”

“Please,” she whispered. It hurt too much to talk, and her stomach was already churning.

“Shit, you’re going to barf again,” Maya jumped up. She pulled Helena’s hair away from her face and held her head up while she heaved.

“I hope one of you is good at cleaning,” Maya said, cringing.

After her stomach was empty, Maya propped Helena up against the sofa and scrambled for the sink. She found another kitchen towel. Wetting it under the cold spray of tap water, she returned and dabbed it against Helena’s sweaty face.

“This would have been easier if we could kill the vampires. Why did you have to bond with one of them in such a way? Did they force you to?” Maya asked.

Through tired eyes, Helena studied her hardened face. She seemed truly worried. Perhaps things wouldn’t end up badly for them. Yet, she couldn’t be certain. Her gut feeling was wrong before.

Helena’s lips twitched, thinking of a time when she first created the link with Lucious. He was an ass, but he was also getting better. He seemed to care about her well-being, which surprised her occasionally. The fact that he left her for five months kept the anger burning. At the same time, she couldn’t fault him for it. He hadn’t seen his sire in over a century. He thought she was dead. The hurt and the torment he must have undergone would tear anyone apart.

“They are my friends,” Helena managed to say. Her vision was eaten away by the dark spots and the pain became background noise.

“You’re an idiot,” Maya said as Helena’s consciousness abandoned her.

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