Demon Gates (Helena Hawthorn Series #2)

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Confessions pt. 2

“Let her do it,” she whispered.

The blue glow of his irises intensified, and his gaze travelled to her neck. Helena peeled one hand away, covering the spot he was eyeing. “I can’t let you feed on me again, Lucious.”

His lip curled. “I am not weak enough to drink from you.”

Her heart contracted painfully at his sharp words. She studied the ground. Why did it matter if he didn’t want to drink from her? He already took as much as he could without hindering her physical ability, yet why did such heaviness settle in the pit of her stomach? Did he prefer drinking from the women Alexander sent over?

Perri hissed when Hans bit into her wrist, snapping Helena back to reality. It seemed like Hans had caved into her demand and had his mouth pressed against her flesh. A blush crept to Perri’s face, and Helena’s cheeks flushed red from the memory of Lucious’ lips on her neck.

“Are you unwell?” Lucious asked, concerned.

Helena shook her head and glanced at Laura. Her friend was preparing coffee on the bloodstained kitchen island as if it was normal. Upon closer inspection, Laura’s hands were quivering as she lifted a heaped teaspoon of instant coffee and let the brown crystals fall into her green mug.

“Want some?” Laura asked with a strained smile.

Helena walked up to her. Laura did not belong in the dark. She was normal. No matter how hard she pretended to be unaffected by everything that happened here, the signs of nervousness were there. She may regret it later, but Helena made up her mind. She had to keep Laura away from here.

“Are you sure you’re alright?” Helena asked.

“Fine, why?”

“Look, I want you to leave for a while,” Helena added, “or until we sort something out.”

Laura scowled at her. “Did you think I would abandon you? You can’t make friends at college, how are you going to mediate with those two when they get back?”

Lucious drew to a halt behind Helena and placed his hand on her shoulder, sending a delicate current through her system. She fought not to close the one-foot difference between their bodies that felt like a bottomless cavern of no return. Remaining in his presence was unbearable. Her attention jumped to the faint musky scent of his cologne.

“You should leave, human. There is nothing you can do for anyone here. Unless you are willing to be food for the Council’s hound.”

Laura’s mouth fell open. She seemed to be at a loss for words.

Helena whirled on the spot and speared him with her strongest, soul-crushing glare. “Don’t be rude to her.”

“Make her leave while her limbs are attached. She will only be in the way,” he retorted and peeled Perri away from Hans.

Once Hans released his hold on her, Perri swayed, and Lucious caught her. He let her go when Hans let out a possessive growl.

“It is not as if I was going to feed on this child,” Lucious said to him.

“Nonetheless, do not touch her if you want to remain alive.”

Helena rolled her eyes. They were fighting among themselves when they had bigger things to worry about. That, and Lucious was right, Laura had to go. She glanced at her friend who was holding her mug of freshly made coffee in her hands and sighed. “Laura, you have to stay with your parents for a bit.”

“What about her?” Laura pointed at Perri. “Why does she get to stay?”

Hans cleared his throat. “I must contact Master Vincent. It is not safe for Perri to remain here much longer either.”

“I’m fine,” Perri protested.

Lucious chuckled. “Be a good girl and listen to the old man on the floor. Take the blonde and go. Leave the hunters to us. Or do you wish to continue this dispute?”

Hans struggled to stand using the kitchen island for support. He clamped his hand over Perri’s and nudged her in the direction of the front door. “We are leaving.”

“But, Helena…”

“I’ll be fine,” Helena replied and gave her best reassuring smile. She faced Laura. “You too. Go.”

Laura lowered her mug and planted her hands on her hips. “This is my father’s building.”

Lucious slammed his fist on the counter. The action made Laura yelp in surprise, and Helena’s heart rate skyrocketed.

“Get out, all of you!” he shouted.

Blood drained from Laura’s face as she scrambled past Helena and ran for the door. Hans grabbed Perri’s hand and dragged her protesting form out of the apartment. The door slammed shut after them, and Helena released a shaky breath.

She finished Laura’s coffee to stabilise the tremors inside her. “You didn’t have to go that far.”

“They would not leave otherwise.” He slumped against the counter. Lucious caught it before falling and groaned. “It would seem I am weaker than I thought.”

She helped him stand upright. “You should leave as well, Lucious. You’re hurt.”

He chuckled, and the sound vibrated through his chest. “Since when have you become brave enough to face two hunters by yourself?”

“They must be here to help. Otherwise, Michael wouldn’t have sent them.”

His expression darkened. “Your angel is gone. How long will you cling to his existence?” He grasped her sides and trapped her in place between his broad frame and the counter. “You only have me left, my dear. I could drain every last drop of your blood, and he will not show. I could put you in a cage, and he would not rescue you. I have come to understand that his kind is unable to have a physical form here, or he would have saved you at The Rift or from Andreaz’s clutches. For months, I’ve pondered this information, and I can see by your expression that I have hit the nail on the head.”

Her eyes watered. She didn’t want to admit it, but Michael couldn’t help her. Although he was her guardian angel, he couldn’t interact with anything physical in her world. Yet, his moral support throughout her life kept her sane. He gave her strength when she was weak and urged her to study harder when she was failing in her studies.

“Please, don’t speak ill of him.”

Lucious lifted her face, and a tear escaped her, wetting her cheek as it raced downwards. “I will not hurt you. Do not fear me.”

“I’m not crying because I’m scared,” she admitted. “I’m crying because you’re right.”

He lowered his head, and his lips found hers.

Stunned at the sudden contact, her body froze, unable to comply with any further commands. He tilted her head back, and his tongue teased her lower lip open.

Against her better judgement, she permitted his entrance, and his tongue darted inside her mouth, spreading heat through her body. As their kiss deepened, she let out a soft moan which was drowned in the sudden burst of passion as he crushed her body against his. The soul-bond between them trembled with anticipation, tickling her gut. Helena’s hands found their way to his shoulders, and she buried them in his silky raven hair.

He smiled against her lips before everything she was doing caught up with her. It was the link’s fault. She was doing something so outrageous because it was trying to bring them together. With her thoughts swirling in her mind, the link quietened, and Lucious broke the kiss.

“What is the matter?” he asked.

Irate with her lack of restraint, she couldn’t believe it was so easy for him to make her give in. She raised her hand in an attempt to slap him. He caught her wrist mid-air and raised a dark brow.

“I do not believe I deserve a slap,” he said.

“Move, Lucious. Don’t touch me again.” She pushed him with her free hand, trying her best to ignore the smooth, muscled chest under her fingertips.

He edged closer, crushing her hand between their bodies. His mouth was a few inches away from hers. “Why do you resist me?”

Biting her lip, she focused her attention on his pink lips that were dangerously close. Because, if she looked into his blue-brown eyes, she knew she would be caught in them. “It’s the link’s fault. I shouldn’t—I don’t have any feelings for you.”

Lucious released her wrist and, from his back pocket, retrieved Vincent’s necklace she had lost in Andreaz’s mansion. Her eyes widened with recognition.

“Where did you find this?” she asked, studying the familiar amber stone.

“It was among the items Vincent’s servants recovered from the incident. He told me to return it to you.” He raised the necklace to her eye level. “May I?”

She pulled her hair to one side, letting him secure it behind her neck. His deft fingers brushed her skin, and she pressed her lips together to prevent embarrassing noises from leaving her mouth as she revelled in the tiniest of touches and craved more intense ones.

“Done,” he announced and took a step back, seemingly unaffected by their closeness.

Although she should have been happy with the renewal of her personal space, every cell in her body screamed for his touch to return. She clutched the counter to stay in place.

“It appears that against my warning, Alexander chose to come along,” Lucious grumbled and went to open the door.

Once he was out of sight, she placed her hand on her chest. Her heart hammered in its cage.

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