Demon Gates (Helena Hawthorn Series #2)

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Confessions pt. 3

Once he was out of sight, she placed her hand on her chest. Her heart hammered in its cage.

Alexander sauntered into the room dressed in another pristine cream suit with two women in tow and Lucious at his side. He pointed at the women while eyeing the room and Helena. “These are my most trusted donors. Feed and heal. You look like shit,” Alexander told him.

Lucious chuckled. “You must stop coming to my rescue, Alexander. You almost died when you chose to face Eliza with me.”

“And, you.” Alexander’s eyes speared Helena. “Why is it every time something happens, it is your fault? You’re like a walking catastrophe.”

“I didn’t know hunters would show up!”

“Leave her out of this,” Lucious said.

The women warily studied them. They shuffled to the sofa and took in the scene. One blonde paled, and the other covered her nose with her hand, mumbling, “Ew, someone puked there.”

Helena pinched the bridge of her nose. Where does Alexander get these bimbos? Was there some kind of application process they underwent to become vampire food? She berated herself for having become food, too, since she was the one to offer Lucious her blood. It had to be different in her case. She had no choice. His life and hers were tied.

Lucious settled between the girls, and they giggled.

“You’re pretty good lookin’,” a blonde on his left said.

“Even if you have blood covering your chest, it is somewhat sexy,” the second one added.

Lucious smiled at them. A smile she rarely received, and it gnawed at her heart to see him enjoying their company so much. Did his preference lie with women who behaved like Barbies, dressed nicely, and had a cloud of perfume surrounding them?

“Let us get better acquainted.” He buried his face in the first woman’s neck.

“If you glare any more, you will make holes in my guests,” Alexander said beside her.

Helena jumped. When did he move? Then again, not like she noticed anything other than the moans of ecstasy escaping the blonde’s glossy red lips.

She averted her attention to the apartment. There was rope scattered on the floor. The UV lamp the hunters left was unplugged from the wall. How long would it be before they returned?

“You should leave,” Helena said to Alexander. “They will return soon.”

“All the better. I can tear their throats out myself,” Alexander replied with a glint in his eyes.

“You can’t do that!”

“Have you sided with the hunters now? Is that why you let them shoot Lucious full of holes?” Alexander demanded, his expression a perfect blank, but she sensed angry undertones in his voice.

“This doesn’t involve you,” she spat out. “You’re not the one the demon is after.”

Alexander snorted. “I may not be the one, but I sure as hell am paying for everything.”

“I never asked you to spread your generosity around. You should take your whores and be on your way.”

“Apologise,” Lucious hissed from the sofa.

Helena glared in his direction. “For what?”

He separated from the women and wiped his mouth with the back of his hand as he rose from his seat. “Alexander is the reason I managed to get to you in time before Eliza had you killed. He looked after you in my stead in regard to your college fines and influenced the university board to permit you to do your retakes. He is even paying for this apartment’s rent. Can you not see how hard he works?”

All of a sudden, Helena felt inadequate. She never thought about Alexander in the good light. He was always someone who brought women into her home and snapped at her every time she was in his sight. He had, indeed, looked after a lot of things, but she never paid much heed to it. She was so busy trying to act normal, she forgot rent existed.

She lowered her head in shame. “I’m sorry, I didn’t know.”

“You never do,” Alexander replied, indifferent to her apology.

Rage sparked in her at his dismissal. Here she was, trying to sincerely apologise, and he threw it back in her face. Her hands balled at her sides, and Lucious’ hands wrapped around her as he sent calmness through the link. Now that he had fed, his energy was stronger, and she had to mentally fight against him to keep from relaxing.

“Don’t. Touch. Me.”

His hands fell away, and he observed her with concern. Because of that, she wanted to explode. He was treating her like a child. Every strong emotion within her was transmitted through the damned link, and she couldn’t do anything to counter it. The link was a mistake. It needs to be broken.

“There is a way…” a feminine voice whispered in her head.

Helena eyed Lucious. Did he hear it as well? His expression remained the same, making her assume he hadn’t. She stormed past the two vampires and marched into her room where she lay on her bed and closed her eyes, concentrating on her shields.

A minute later, she stood within the bounds of her mental barriers. The radiance she created above her was dim, and she couldn’t see much. It seemed the light was a reflection of her energy. The weaker she was, the less intense the luminosity was.

She squinted, studying the space around her and her link. As Michael had said, her string was grey. For a long time, she feared confirmation. Now that she had it, her shoulders sagged and her heart sank. Am I still human?

“You are human, Helena, do not doubt that,” the same feminine voice bounced around her shields.

“Who are you?” Helena asked, her eyes searching the surrounding space.

A figure emerged from the shadows—the doppelganger. She looked exactly like Helena only she wore a long white gown that brushed the floor as she glided across.

Helena remembered her from the time she formed the link with Lucious. She was the one to warn her that it would be a difficult path to undertake, yet she ignored this stranger’s warning back then.

“You seek to break the bond between you and the vampire, do you not?”

“Is it possible? Can you break it?”

The girl nodded and gave Helena a soft smile. “There is a way, but the time has not yet come. Right now, you need the undead to help you battle the demon.”

“How do you know this?”

“A day will come when we shall meet. That day is nearing, but you mustn’t forget that the undead are not your friends. They are the enemy of the living,” she replied and disappeared without a trace.

‘They are your enemy…’ the girl’s words echoed in Helena’s mind as she broke her concentration and awoke on her bed with Lucious by her side, stroking her hair. His tender touch was enough to make her question the words of the doppelganger.

Is he really my enemy?

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