Demon Gates (Helena Hawthorn Series #2)

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Friend Or Foe pt. 2

Helena opened her eyes. She lifted her head from the pillow, enough to see an arm draped across her waistline. Shifting, she found Lucious’ sleeping face behind her. Her hands covered her reddening face, trapping her surprise in her mouth.

She awkwardly lifted his arm with two fingers and scooted away. Luckily, he didn’t rouse from sleep. She carefully wriggled to the edge of the bed and observed his relaxed face. She had to admit, he was handsome. If they ever met in a nightclub, and he tried picking her up, she would’ve gladly gone with him. But, such a fantasy would never happen. Their lives were too intertwined with nightmares for them to have a normal relationship. Part of the reason was because he was undead and another was because of the warning from the doppelganger.

Was he really my enemy? She unconsciously shifted closer.

“Have you finished marvelling at my sleeping face?” Lucious asked, his eyes remaining closed.

Helena jumped and fell off the bed. She grunted as pain shot up her back and quickly dispelled after turning into a dull ache. With a groan, she climbed to her feet and massaged her backside.

Lucious was already sitting up, his full attention directed at her. Thankfully, he was wearing clothes. She found the sight of his dishevelled state on her bed to be captivating, especially in the skintight T-shirt that hugged every curve of his taut chest.

Helena’s brows drew together. “You stole Andrew’s clothes?”

He smirked. “Would you rather I walk around naked?”

Deciding not to engage in further argument, she bit her lip and migrated to her wardrobe where she selected a fresh set of clothes she would put on after the shower she desperately needed—preferably a cold one.

“Are you not going to talk to me? When you are so complacent, it makes me want to play with you more,” Lucious said directly behind her.

She stiffened, fighting the urge to relax against him. Her mind was battling between rationality and ripping his clothes off. It had to be the link’s doing. “I am not complacent. I just don’t think you deserved an answer.”

“Oh, that is disappointing, my dear,” he whispered next to her ear.

Helena bit her lip, tasting blood on her tongue.

It all happened in a mere second. Lucious embraced and kissed her. She didn’t have the time to blink, but she was already returning his passionate kiss as if she were the one starving for his attention.

As their tongues danced together, he groaned into her mouth, sending the pleasant vibration through her system. She dug her fingers into his hair. She wanted him, badly. Her knees were growing weak, and she slid her hands to his broad shoulders, using his solid form for support.

He withdrew from her, breaking the kiss, and studied her with glowing blue eyes that could suck out her soul. “Helena, if we do not stop now, I fear I won’t be able to stop at all.”

She clutched her heaving chest. “You’re right, we should stop.”

He took a step back. “Are you that eager to be away from me?”

Helena didn’t know what to say. She wanted his touch to continue, craved his lips to claim hers, and for his hands to roam her body. At the same time, she feared what it may bring. Did she possess the courage to love a man who could kill another and peacefully sleep at night as if it never happened?

“What is on your mind?”

She blinked several times. “It’s not a good idea for you to stay so close to me. The link—”

“Are you trying to say it is the link’s fault we are attracted to one another?”

“Yes. It has to be. You-you’ve killed people, Lucious. I don’t think I can accept that.”

He interrupted her by drawing close and lifting her chin. “You, my dear, have killed Andreaz, an elder, and you find it repulsive that I have used these hands to end countless lives of my enemies?”

At the mention of Andreaz’s name, a shudder reverberated through her. To this day, she could feel his hands on her body and his lips on her chest. She rubbed her exposed forearms and was enveloped in Lucious’ arms.

“What did he do to you, my dear?”

Tears stung her eyes. Forcing them closed, she buried her face in his familiar scent and the comfort he provided.

“Will you not share your burden with me?” he asked. “Remember, we are two parts of one.”

Helena clung to the material of his T-shirt as the awful memories tore at her sanity. They sank to the ground together. The three days she spent at Andreaz’s mansion left a scar on her soul which would remain there forever. So many souls faded because she couldn’t give in. Those women died because of her. Viola, Krista, Anya—none of them would see freedom or the light of day.

Her body shook, and Lucious lifted her off the floor. He carried her to the bed, taking a seat with her in his lap.

“All is well, my dear. Try not to dwell on it,” he said in a soothing tone and rubbed her back—something he did every time she cried her heart out to him.

She didn’t like the comfort she took from him. It made her weak. He knew her weaknesses, and she knew next to nothing about him. She didn’t even know his favourite colour.

Helena sniffed and rubbed at her eyes with the back of her hands. “What’s your favourite colour?”

“Baby pink.”

She studied him intently. “Seriously?”

“No, but I thought that answer would entertain you.”

Helena smiled. “You are a strange man, Lucious.”

He kissed her forehead and slid her off his lap, so she sat next to him. “Aubergine.”


“My favourite colour is aubergine. Most of the time, I wear black because it is practical. For now, I suggest you take a shower and eat something. You have lost weight again,” he said, displeased. “I will be taking a nap downstairs in the meantime.”

Helena watched him leave her room with a sense of fulfilment. For a vampire, Lucious was a good man. He took care of her and never tried to be something he was not. She admired that.

With a smile, she wiped away the remaining wetness on her cheeks and went to take a shower with relieved spirit.

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