Demon Gates (Helena Hawthorn Series #2)

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Sis pt. 2

“And you smell so good,” he mumbled against her neck. “ Just one taste…” his thought escaped through the link.

Helena relaxed against her better judgement. His comforting energy hugged her body and mental shields with pleasurable tingling in all the areas that mattered.

“Lucious…” she protested weakly as he sank his teeth into her neck.

Fireworks exploded in her mind, and she moaned her pleasure out loud. Every time he had bitten her, she felt the rawness of his bite as if a wild animal was taking a chunk out of her, but not now. Now, she struggled to keep upright. Her knees grew weak and her breaths raced with her heart’s happy flutter.

The more blood he drew, the higher she climbed—her mind a complete blank.

“Helena, we’ve found—Oh, shit. Ben!” Maya’s shouts broke through his control, and Helena blinked before she stomped on his foot.

Lucious sank his teeth deeper into her flesh, and she cried out in pain. “Let go. You’re hurting me!”

He turned to face Maya who was holding a gun pointed directly at them when Ben burst into the room with his weapon drawn.

“His eyes…” Maya gripped her gun. “He’s descending.”

“Can’t we shoot him?” Ben offered.

Maya shook her head. “We’ll hurt Helena.”

“Wouldn’t you rather she was hurt than dead?”

Helena couldn’t understand what they were talking about. The more she looked at them, the harder it became to concentrate on their splitting image.

“I’m yours, so don’t stay in the dark anymore,” Helena told him through the soul-bond, and he lifted his face from her neck.

“I’m sorry, my dear,” Lucious whispered so only she could hear him. He stepped away and received a bullet in the shoulder from Ben.

Helena waited for the pain to resonate in her, but it didn’t come. Tears rimmed her eyes, and she was pulled into Maya’s arms.

“It’s alright. I got you,” Maya said.

Ben aimed his weapon at him. When Lucious glared at them, his eyes were not the blue-brown she remembered. Scarlet saturated his irises and the whites of his eyes appeared bloodshot.

“Don’t move!” Ben snapped, his gun pointing at Lucious’ head.

Lucious growled at the hunter, and his eyes found Helena’s frightened face. Pain and sorrow flooded the link, and she grasped her shoulder, clenching her jaw from the burning sensation that roared through her. His emotions got the better of him and everything he felt in that moment tore at her heart, body, and mind.

Taking this chance, Ben hit Lucious on the side of his head with the back of the gun, sending him to the ground. He injected something into Lucious’ neck and retreated a safe distance away.

“What’s wrong with him?” Helena asked in a shaky voice.

“He’s descending,” Maya replied as if it explained everything.

Helena’s head snapped in Maya’s direction. “What does that mean?”

“Vampires who feed too much and too often succumb to their thirst. If he can’t control it after this, he will turn into a beast, driven by an instinct to kill.”

A heavy rock settled in the pit of Helena’s stomach as she rose to her unsteady feet. If he hadn’t used his energy to protect her, if he didn’t have to heal so much in the past week, he would have been fine. This was her fault, and it hurt worse than when Lazarus was trying to tear her soul out of her body by force.

“How can we help him?”

“We don’t know,” Maya said. “We don’t exactly go around befriending the undead.”

With an unsteady hand, Helena pulled out her phone. She unlocked the screen and found Alexander’s number in her contacts. Regardless if they saw eye to eye on most matters, this was important. Alexander had to have a solution.

“I’ll get the rope and tie him up, just in case,” Ben added and left the room.

Alexander accepted the call, and barked, “What is it now?”

Helena held back a sob that pressed on her throat. She lifted her hand to her mouth, covering it in an attempt to restrain more sorrow from escaping her.

Alexander’s tone changed to serious. “What happened?”

“It’s Lucious. His eyes are red,” she whispered.

He let out a curse in Russian. “When did this happen?”

“Just now. He bit me and…”

“Alright. Keep him restrained. Also, don’t go near him or feed him any more blood. Once I get there, I’m taking him with me.”

“I will come, too.”

“No. You have done enough. Leave him in my care from now on,” Alexander snapped and hung up.

Helena stood by the bed, clutching the phone to her ear even after the call had ended.

Ben burst into the room and asked Maya to help him. She immediately complied. They made quick work of restraining Lucious’ unconscious body with rope, and both hunters straightened in perfect unison.

“What did the vampire say?” Ben asked.

Helena studied him with the lack of emotion. She felt numb. Worse than that, she felt empty. Her legs gave out, and she fell like a puppet whose strings had been cut.

“Helena, how much blood did he take?” Maya asked and brushed her hair aside. “This needs to be treated. Get some of that vampire’s blood—”

“No!” Helena shouted. “Don’t touch him.”

Maya scowled at her. “Stop being stubborn. This will leave a nasty scar if you don’t heal using his blood.”

Helena shook her head and buried her face in her hands. “I don’t care. I did this to him. It’s my fault.”

“Stop whining. He did this to himself. No one other than the vampire knows his limits, and he obviously ignored his. Shut up and do as you’re told!” Maya ordered. “Ben, get the blood.”

She stared blankly at the ceiling of her bedroom while Maya rubbed vampire blood on her neck. Her wound stung every time Maya’s fingers brushed her raw flesh, but Helena didn’t move or react in any way. Why didn’t he tell her he had passed his limit? She wouldn’t have relied on him as much. Instead, she would have figured out a way to combat the demon. She snorted inwardly. She had no strength or power to fight him. As Alexander had said, she was a hindrance.

“Don’t look like the world has ended. I’m sure his vampire friend will sort this out,” Maya assured her.

Helena turned her head, observing the delight in Maya’s eyes. Lucious was important to Helena. How could Maya not see that? Then again, to these hunters, he was nothing more than a creature that needed to be eradicated.

“What’s your blood type?” Ben asked her.

The cogs in her brain moved slowly. “B positive.”

He picked up his phone and became engrossed in a conversation with someone. Once he was done, Ben shoved the device into his front pocket and nodded to Maya. “I ordered some blood from a friend of mine. I’ll be back shortly.” He pointed at Lucious. “Can you manage with that?”

“As long as he plays dead I won’t shoot him.”

Helena glared at her. “Don’t joke about such matters.”

“Seriously? I remember telling you to loosen up. Like I said, his buddy will come by, do some vampiric stuff, and he’ll be bitching again in no time. Everyone’s happy,” Maya said, grinning. “Also, before the shit hit the fan, Ben found a place where the demon slaying blade might be. Isn’t that great?”

Even with such colourful reassurances, Helena’s worry did not dissipate. She hugged her knees closer to her chest and patiently waited for Alexander to show.

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