Demon Gates (Helena Hawthorn Series #2)

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Sis pt. 3

Thirty minutes later, Helena heard Alexander arriving at the apartment. He fleeted into her bedroom. His black suit was in disarray and the top four buttons of his shirt were left undone. He glanced at the state of Lucious’ body and a loud growl escaped him. Facing the girls on the bed, he glared their way. “You, hunters, are savages.”

“Oh, boo hoo. It’s a flesh wound. He’ll heal once you dig the bullet out of his shoulder,” Maya countered.

Alexander sneered at her. “Shall I give you one of those to see how long it takes for you to heal?”

Maya’s knuckles turned white as she held on to the butt of her pistol. “You sure you want to dance with me?”

“Enough!” Helena shouted, drawing their attention. “Alexander, what can we do to help him?”

He ran his hand through his dishevelled platinum hair. “I will have to keep watch over him for however long it takes him to regain control. Since he was a late bloomer at mastering his thirst, I fear it may be a lengthy process…”

“How long?”

“I don’t know,” Alexander snapped at Helena. “He’s wounded, too, and without drinking blood it will take a long time to heal from a silver bullet. You must thank your hunter friends for their appalling first aid skills.”

Helena stood and swayed on her feet, seeing the world spinning around her. She closed her eyes, willing the dizziness away. Once it receded, she met his stare. “I’m coming with you.”

“Do not test my patience,” he barked.

“But Maya said they found the weapon to kill the demon!”

Alexander eyed the hunter with curiosity. “Is that true?”

“It’s in a vault of some private collector named ‘Reaver’,” Maya explained. “Have you heard of him?”

Alexander snorted. “He resides in Vienna. I had made a call to him, but he denied any knowledge of the blade.”

“We keep track on the Black Market movements, and he is listed as the last man who purchased it from Cairo in 2006. He’s either lying through his teeth or doesn’t wanna share it,” Maya replied.

“I will look further into the matter. For now, I’m taking Lucious out of this hellhole.” Alexander threw his friend over his shoulder, holding on to him with an iron grip.

“Well aren’t you testy about your boyfriend,” Maya said with mild humour lacing her words.

Alexander’s eyes narrowed. “If you are implying that I sleep with men, you are gravely mistaken. I fuck women, but you would be an exception.”

Maya raised her thin, dark brow. “Oh, is it because I’m a hunter?”

“No, I do not fuck redheads, natural or otherwise. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m leaving.” He fleeted out of the room.

Helena didn’t get a chance to protest when the sound of the front door slamming was carried up the stairs. She glanced at Maya with a scowl. “Gay, really?”

“Hey, it was only a question. Plus, I never understood the whole bromance thing.”

Helena rolled her eyes and settled back on the bed. She fell backwards onto the soft sheets. The events and her light-headedness from blood loss had drained her of energy. “This is ridiculous. Everything is a mess.”

“Tell me about it. One minute you’re fine, tailing a vampire that you believe is a Class 1 youngling, and, the next, he whips out a shotgun from under his coat and starts shooting at you,” Maya said dreamily.

Helena eyed her, unable to counter such a sudden change of topic. “Do you ever talk about anything other than killing vampires?”

The hunter seemed to think about it and, after a solid minute of silence, she grinned and clapped her hands. “I can talk about my arsenal, too!”

“I’d rather you didn’t.”

Maya’s face fell, and she seemed much older than the girl who constantly joked about death and murder. Her eyes reflected years of hard training and tough experiences. “I don’t have anything else to be excited about, Helena. My life is about survival. If I don’t have this”—she lifted her pistol and looked at it with her cold, green eyes—“I’m as good as dead, and my family will never be avenged.”

“Vengeance isn’t everything.”

“It is when that’s what keeps you going.” Maya climbed off the bed. “Get some rest. Ben should come back in an hour or two. Once we give you a blood transfusion, you can kick off with your training.”

Helena sat up abruptly. Her head spun, and she clutched her forehead with her hands. “What training?”

Maya grinned. “I’ll teach you how to fight the monsters you keep by your side.”

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