Demon Gates (Helena Hawthorn Series #2)

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Lucious watched Helena running after the siren and out of sight. He cursed inwardly and lunged forwards, but one of Reaver’s guards stepped in, no longer protecting the vampire in the chair. Instead, they seemed to be covering for the witch, and the link between the Reaver-substitute and the siren finally fell into place.

The female hunter ran past them.

At least, Helena won’t be alone.

While Alexander struggled to take the gun away from the shooting vampire, a loose bullet grazed Lucious’ side. He ignored the burning sensation and grasped the vampire blocking him by the throat. With the other hand, he gripped the man’s wrist and squeezed it until he heard the bones cracking.

The young vampire let out a pained cry, and the thirst Lucious deemed to be under control reared its ugly head, urging him to tear this vampire limb from limb and drink his blood.

No. It can’t be. He had overcome the thirst. Why was it tearing at his sanity and at a time such as this?

Lucious’ fingers dug into the vampire’s throat until he grasped the trachea and yanked it out. Blood sprayed his tuxedo, driving him closer to the edge.

A few droplets landed near his mouth, and Lucious struggled not to lick them off. He shook his head, willing the thirst to subside before looking ahead at the doorway across the room.

“Alexander, keep an eye on things here. I have to find her,” Lucious said, searching the vampire for his gun.

“Do as you like. I’m almost done here, and the hunter seems to have captured Reaver,” Alexander replied.

Lucious let out a silent growl. “That is not Reaver.” He fleeted out of the room, letting the link guide him to the floor below. Nearing the only opened door on that floor, an overwhelming scent of blood tickled his throat. His eyes lit like beacons. He stalked into the room to find the female hunter resting against the wall and clutching her stomach.

“Where is she?” Lucious demanded.

The hunter glared at him. “Gone, along with…the girl.”

Lucious didn’t need another word. He climbed out of the window. On the street, he fisted his hands and closed his eyes, trying to concentrate on the link. It was dead.

The siren must have done something.

He punched a nearby wall, sending the plaster and brick raining onto the pavement. “Damn it!”

The hunter’s partner rushed into the room and assessed the situation. A second later, he was kneeling on the ground next to Maya and yelled to Lucious, “We need your blood to heal her.”

Lucious snorted as he climbed back inside. “Not a chance.”

The hunter’s jaw worked overtime, and Lucious heard his teeth grinding. “Your human wouldn’t be happy to hear that.”

“Ben, It’s…fine,” Maya forced out and coughed. “Just got…a punctured liver. I’ll…heal…eventually. Maybe with…surgery.”

Lucious rolled his eyes and strode over to the duo. Helena was, indeed, his weakness. A weakness he couldn’t refuse even if she was not in the room.

He bit into his wrist, offering it to the female hunter. “Drink.”

“How nice…of you,” Maya grumbled between coughs.

The male gently bopped her on the head and opened her mouth to let Lucious’ blood flow in. Red droplets ran down her throat, and she coughed again.

Lucious’ hands clenched at the sight of blood. His knuckles grew pale. He wanted to feed, and the delicious scent this wounded hunter was giving off caused his thirst to push him to his limits.

Standing abruptly, he jerked the sleeve of his jacket down, covering his wound and the blood. “She should be fine with that amount.”

“How did you get over your descent so quickly?” Ben inquired with narrowed eyes.

Alexander ambled into the room, gripping the neck of the Reaver-substitute who groaned in pain. “We don’t have time for chit-chat, the police will arrive soon. I told my driver to collect us around the corner.” He took a quick note of the three people present. “Wait, where’s Helena?”

Lucious looked at the window, his body radiating his irritation. “She’s gone. Let us leave for now. I will question the vampire.”

Ben helped his wounded partner up. “I will do the questioning. I’m trained for that kind of thing.”

“I will do it!” Lucious snapped and grabbed the captured vampire by the upper arm, forcing him out of the window. Briefly, he took note of the bullet holes the vampire was suffering from. There were two in the left thigh and one in a right shoulder. Soon, he would use them to get the truth out. That was the only thing he could do for her.

The others climbed out the window, and the limousine arrived around the corner as the police cars pulled up.

Lucious stole glances at the female hunter who fought to remain unemotional. He could see the stress around her eyes. She was brave, and fools like her died early. He bit back a curse, recalling the last time Helena was separated from him. She had a tendency to get into trouble. For some reason, that did not deter him from wishing to hold her in his arms again. He contemplated taking her away when this ordeal with the demon was completed and locking Helena in a cushy cell—where no one could touch her.

Alexander ended his phone call. “Since the real Reaver most likely knows about our current accommodation, I’ve made arrangements to stay elsewhere.”

“It would be best to have a room with soundproofed walls,” Lucious replied.

“None of that at a Porsche garage, but there is a basement you could use.”

Throughout the rest of the journey, Lucious tested the link. At first, her presence was on and off as if it was toying with him. But, once they reached the other side of the city, the soul-bond showed no signs of life.

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